The Best Demon Movies List - Exorcisms, Demonic Attacks, and More

Demons go by many names.  But whatever name they choose to go by, you can be sure that should you find yourself unlucky enough to have attracted the attention of one of these unholy entities, that you’re going to be in for a very rough ride indeed.  As the fallen angel that plagues your existence, does all in its power to corrupt, and ultimately consume, your tortured soul.

Twisted malevolent spirits of supernatural origin, Demon have appeared in hundreds of movies over the years, as the heinous primary antagonist, and predator of terrified human prey.  And the following, are a selection of some of the best Demon movies ever made.
The Evil Dead

The 1981 ‘Sam Raimi’ directed classic of horror cinematography ‘The Evil Dead’ follows the story of a group of youths vacationing in a cabin, in an isolated woody area, who, to their later repentance, set a horde of Demonic spirits free from their trap.  Following which all manner of gruesome paranormal carnage ensues...

The movie ‘Constantine’, follows the adventures of ‘John Constantine’, as he attempts to make favor with God, and earn his way into Heaven, by exorcising, and banishing Demon back to hell.  Saving his soul from the eternal damnation brought upon him, by a suicide attempt in his youth.  Angels, Demon, Dragon breath, and screech beetles a’plenty.  In this comic-book inspired, big-budget Hollywood style horror.
The Exorcist

Arguably the most powerful, and disturbing Demon movie ever made, ‘The Exorcist’, is said to have been based upon a real Demonic possession, and tells the tale of ‘Regan MacNeil, whose soul is fought over by Father Lankester Merrin, and the Assyrian Demon ‘Pazuzu’.  In a movie featuring some of the most memorable scenes of Demonic activity ever recorded.
Paranormal Activity
Without doubt being the most successful ‘documentary-style’ Demon based horror movie made (to date), ‘Paranormal Activity’, is the home camcorder recorded account of an obsessive Demon, that taunts and terrorises, a young couple with increasing intensity.  Leading to all manner of unthinkable nastiness, as the unseen predator tests the bonds that bind the young couple, and attempts to tear them apart.
The Amityville Horror

Another supposedly true tale of Demonic possession is ‘The Amityville Horror’.  A classic Demon movie that tells the tale of the ‘Lutz’ family, and the destructive paranormal occurrences they experience following the move to their new home, at ‘112 Ocean Avenue, Long Island’.  A house that comes with more history than the Lutz’s, and those who attempt to come to their aid, could ever have prepared for.
The Last Exorcism
The Last Exorcism, documents the undertakings of a self-proclaimed ‘fraudulent’ Exorcist, on what is to be his final exorcism. After receiving a letter from a distraught farmer concerning the possession of his young daughter, Reverend Cotton Marcus, sets out with camera crew in tow, to expose exorcism as being fake once and for all, by proving that such things as Demons, don’t exist...
Drag Me to Hell

Another Sam Raimi Demon filled action Spectacular, ‘Drag Me to Hell’, follows the misadventures of loan manager, ‘Christine Brown’, who cursed by an old gypsy woman, falls foul to the unforgiving pursuit by a ‘Lamia’, a child consuming Demon of Greek folklore. And a powerful goat formed monstrosity, intent only on carrying out the old gypsy woman’s revenge, by dragging Christine’s soul kicking and screaming, back with it into Hell.
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