The Best Ghost Hunting Equipment for Paranormal Investigation

Real Poltergeist?

Welcome to the world of ghost hunting and ghost hunters, today we’ll be taking a look at some of the best ghost hunting equipment and tools available to the paranormal investigator.
Whilst some are lucky enough to be able to see into the realm beyond and converse with spirits without the need for high-tech gadgets and gizmos the rest of us may require a few tools in the form of ghost hunting equipment in order to pin-point and prove the existence of life after death.
Typically, a ‘ghost hunting party’ will involve four to eight individuals who work as a team in an attempt to collect evidence of paranormal activity. Ghost hunters often employ electronic equipment of various types, such as EMF meters, digital thermometers, infrared, thermographic, and night vision cameras, handheld video cameras, digital audio recorders, and computers. Organized teams of ghost hunters are also called paranormal investigation teams.
Ghost Hunting Equipment:

EMF Meter
The EMF meter also known as an EMF detector or ghost detector is a scientific instrument used for measuring ‘electromagnetic radiation’. EMF meters come in many different forms the two most common of which are the ‘single axis’ and the ‘tri-axis’. A common piece of ghost hunting kit the EMF meter is able to identify normal sources of electromagnetic energy emitted from electrical appliances etc. and by doing so is then able to detect electromagnetic energy spikes emitted from unexplained sources. Buy Now

Ghost Hunting Equipment:
Digital Thermometer
Another essential piece of ghost hunting equipment for successful paranormal investigation is the digital thermometer. ‘Cold spots’ have for a long time been associated with the presence of paranormal activity and digital thermometers are commonly used by paranormal investigators to detect and analyze areas of localised cold spots and sudden drops in temperature.
Digital infrared thermometers are the most commonly used type of thermometer for ghost hunting and paranormal investigation due to their ability to detect both surface temperatures and/or localised ambient air temperatures. Buy Now

Ghost Frank's Box

Ghost Hunting Equipment:

Franks Box (Ghost Box)
One of the latest additions to the world of ghost hunting equipment for the paranormal investigator is ‘Franks Box’ which is also known as the ‘Ghost box’. Invented and created by ‘Frank Sumpton’ Franks ghost box is a tool that is designed to allow for instant communication with the supernatural world.
Franks ghost box utilises the phenomenon of ‘white noise’ and ‘electronic voice phenomena (EVP)’. Franks box creates white noise by scanning through the AM, FM and shortwave radio bands and this creates the raw audio source through which ghosts, spirits and other paranormal entities can be heard.
Frank’s box is sometimes known as the 'telephone to the other-side' and is said to offer instant results in the form of electronic voice phenomena in a way that previously would have required far more effort and analysis to achieve, and with newer models often resembling the look of the Apple iPod in appearance, Franks Box is very much bringing ghost hunting equipment up to date. Buy Now 

Ghost Hunting Equipment:

Infrared / Night Vision Camera
And finally last but not least, probably the most important piece of ghost hunting equipment necessary for any successful paranormal investigation is a decent camera. People have been capturing unexpected images from the other-side for almost as long as cameras themselves have existed. So whether you go with a disposable 35mm camera or a state of the art top-spec digital camera there is always the chance that you just might be lucky enough to capture your own ghostly photograph.
Two particularly useful camera types for use as ghost hunting equipment are ‘infrared’ and ‘night-vision’ cameras. Infrared cameras are able to capture infrared radiation (IR) which is otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic radiation has a wavelength that is longer than that of visible light which makes it useful for capturing images that can not be seen by the human eye. Whilst a night vision camera of course provides the ability to see or take pictures within a dark environment by enhancing the spectral range. Buy Now 

Ghost at the top of the stairs


  1. Seems incredible to me that people actually go looking for ghosts. I've had a few spooky encounters of my own, and I would never dream of going ghost-hunting. I wonder how accurate all this equipment actually is.

  2. Have a pretty open mind and I beleive there are ghosts about. Programmes like Most Haunted however have given paranormal investigators a bad name since Most Haunted has been proven to be fake.

  3. Just had to comment about Franks box or the TTTD box. I don't think it's a useful in the ghost hunter arsenal. Not by any means. I've see it work, yes but I don't think that it should be brought on investigations. Could give false hopes to clients.

  4. I agree on the Frank's Box. I feel like it's more or less like matrixing - seeing a face in everything. Our brains are programmed to recognizes faces just as our ears are wired to recognize words or phrases. I think it's too easy to read what you want into what you hear.

  5. Franks Box, Ovilus, there toys, there is no hard data to prove that these devices can communicate because there is no hard data that proves Electromagnetic energy is a reliable measurement for spiritual energy. The problem is our entire universe is flooded with electromagnetic radiation, and random fields can occur in cities because of the frequency of electronic devices. Even going light out and cutting power to building will not risidual energy. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only be converted , so i am intrigued with paranormal research, because the idea of someone leaving their life for behind is entirely possible. But using this technology should be done with great scrutiny

  6. Great post! Great tips for something interested in investigating the paranormal.

  7. One piece of tech that no one has ever heard of before is the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet with adapter and low light camera. There are just too many uses for this thing.

  8. Franks box or ghost boxes are very hard to prove they work cause your essentials just scanning radio waves frequently and you are contantly getting radio chatter, how are you suppose to know what is a spirit and what is yor local radio station

  9. Hi,

    I have been a ghost hunter for two years have ghosts in my own home! My parents live with my husband and me and I love having them here. It kind of like they never past away. I talk to them with my K11 meter all the time day and evenig. Ghosts are great people too!


  10. To skeptics:

    You tell me to prove that ghosts exist. I tell you to prove that ghosts don't exist :P.

  11. Just saw this article, wonderfully informative and interesting! Thanks for doing this!

    P.S TOTALLY agree with comment about "prove it"! lol