Black Magic – Real Black Magic Spells, Curses and Hexes

You probably know somebody that practises some form of white magic, tarot card reading perhaps, or palmistry, most of us accept white magic either for what those who practise it claim it to be, or as a form of entertainment and a great party trick.
But what of the other side of the coin, the dark side of the moon, black magic, where intent changes from the urge to aid and assist into the need to punish, condemn and seek revenge.
Welcome to the world of ‘Black Magic’.
If you’re here out of more than just interest, and are actively looking for a black magic spell with which to inflict untold nastiness upon an enemy then before you begin I feel you should be reminded of the powers of ‘karma.’
Karma essentially is the force of ‘what goes around comes around’, with regards to witch craft it is generally believed that the casting of black magic spells results in the caster receiving the same negative effects back (somewhere along the path) three fold. You have been warned.

Hoodoo Voodoo Black Magic Spells

These days black magic has gone cyber, there’s nothing you can’t buy on eBay and that includes powerful black magic spells, curses and hexes.
Tired of playing the game by the rules and always getting rejected, tired of trying your best and having the object of your desire laugh in your face over and over again, forget buying chocolates and flowers as gifts in a bid to win their affection and simply take over their mind.
How about a little hoodoo voodoo mind control spell, forget wooing and courting and simply turn the object of your obsession into a mindless zombie love slave. The ‘Spider bones mind control black magic love spell’ promises to seduce, enchant and capture the one you desire in an irresistible web of desire. Unable to sleep, tossing and turning your victim will be unable to think of anything but you, driving them crazy with longing until you literally possess their mind.
‘WARNING’ – this is an extreme mind control black magic spell (supposedly).
Using a powerful herbal mixture ‘Snake Bones’ will enter a long conjuring session involving spirits on your behalf to harness ‘dark and intense’ energies that will enable you to control the mind of your chosen loved one (victim) for an entire year.
Ancient Black Magic Revenge Spells
Perhaps you’re not looking for love; perhaps you desire something with a little more kick to it, maybe you’re looking to get your own back on somebody who has done you a great injustice. Or perhaps you’re just a seriously twisted individual who gets off on casting curses left right and center upon those who least deserve them. Well whoever you’re looking to punish the ‘LibraWitch’ can make them pay (supposedly).
The ancient black magic revenge spell
With the aid of ancient black magic the LibraWitch will on your behalf unleash a shit-storm upon the target of your hatred, through the powers of dark witchcraft she will ‘make them wish they had never been born, and inflict upon them a combination of physical and spiritual pain’.
You can choose for your target to suffer only a little or you can go all out and curse your victim with great agony and hardship.
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Who seeks out black magic?

Of course this is all for entertainment purposes right? After all, how twisted and bitter would you have to be to ask the following question on Yahoo answers?
‘I need black magic spells ones that are easy to do at home so that my ex's new girlfriend will have a miscarriage. But I want to use a voodoo doll that I made of her.’
Dark I know, however try not to judge too harshly as love at times makes many of us do terrible things, and as disturbed as this girl seems, I’d much rather she tried to cast a little black magic upon her love rival (and felt a little better for it) than take a knife or gun and go on a psychotic killing spree.


  1. no matter the road just remember karma.....

  2. ...white magic is far more powerful than black magic if it's done by the right person, plus it does not come with the heavy bad karma like black magic does. I do practice white magic with great results for years and being born in Transylvania and practising my powers for clients from all over Europe, USA and Canada, I know what I am saying here...God bless you all!

  3. You guys I need a book on black magic. Any idea on how to get a cheap one that's good?

  4. Really quite interesting. Yet again, one of your great posts, blows me away with your fantastic writing style!

  5. Both forms of magic white and dark coexist with out one the other does not exist in my experiance it comes down to strength of mental will and belief....

  6. i am Efraim ;and i am christain pakistani,shaukat Masih is my Papa,and he is a senior pastor in pakistan,few years ago my papa sufering very bad.i request you please do something for my papa.

  7. There is no history or reasoning behind the threefold return nonsense.

    There is no white or black magik, just like there is no white or black soldier. A soldier has a gun and uses it as instructed (usually) the same applies to magik.

  8. I would like to remind you that we {humans}are stupid, someone could just use black magic for revenge and regret it. don't get it so Lightly

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  10. i need to do black magic, or white magic to get the girl i love back, its a while now and nothing is changing, someone please help me, and let me know if des a guarantee that things would work.. Thanks

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