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While some believe that ‘Thomas Edison’ inventor of the moving picture camera, and the first ‘practical’ light-bulb (amongst other things) first came up with the idea for a ghost box, the invention of the modern ghost box (often known simply as Franks box) was invented by one ‘Frank Sumption’, and it is based upon the principles of ‘white noise’, and ‘electronic voice phenomenon’.

After working with electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) software and obtaining positive results back in 2000 Frank Sumption was inspired to build the very first Franks box, and its use has become quite the hot topic within the paranormal interest community, with this modern take on the ghost box quickly finding both champions, and opposition.
Like a modern day Ouija board Franks ghost box is said to allow two-way communication with the spirit world. And it does this by scanning through the AM, FM and shortwave radio bands, creating a raw audio source through which ghosts, spirits and other paranormal entities are said to be heard.  With short-sharp bursts of semi-coherent radio and static mixing together to deliver messages from beyond the grave.
While there are certainly those who would point out that radio being scanned and played at random as a medium for EVP is fraught with issues, with the main one being that random vocal bursts can easily be construed into something more meaningful by those who wish to believe, in the same way that with ‘matrixing’ people will often see faces in clouds and smoke, etc.  But then there are also those who have experienced results over and above what they believe random chaos could ever be held accountable for.
Sometimes known simply as the 'telephone to the other-side' Franks Ghost Box is said to offer instant results in the form of electronic voice phenomena in a way that previously would have required far more effort and analysis to achieve, and with newer models often resembling the size and look of devices such as the Apple iPod, Franks Box is very much bringing ghost hunting equipment up to date.
But do ghost boxes work?
Well, there's really only one way to be sure.  And that's to hear it for yourself.


  1. People can be so quick to dismiss something they have never experienced. Others will believe anything, maybe even convince themselves something is there when it isn't. Your right, only one way to be sure.

  2. Some of us don,t need a ghost box to hear them. When the need to say something, they say it , sprits or demon. If you listen you can hear them clearly with the 2ears you have. But for thoes who can a Franks box would work just like a hearing aid for them.