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Zombie Survival Kits
There are two schools of thought regarding the best way to survive a zombie Apocalypse. One school will tell you that the best way to survive is to store up bottled water, batteries, canned meats, and the like, and to hide yourself away until it's all over. While the second will steer you towards the nearest sports or hardware store, where blunt instruments can be purchased, fueled by the ideology that ‘the best defense, is a good offense’. And that's the school of thought that we subscribe to.
The dead returning to life and trying to eat you, is not the sort of revelation the average person is forced to accept on a daily basis, but it could occur any day now, and it is only the wise who will be ready, and only the brave who will survive.
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 1. - The Baseball Bat.
Perfect for caving in the skull and destroying the brain of zombies, the baseball bat is a staple part of any decent zombie survival kit.  Perfect for close-combat battering sprees, those who wish to survive the zombie Apocolpyse, should always keep a baseball bat (or two) close to hand. Buy Now
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 2. - Body Armor
Effective against both the ravenous jaws of crazed hungry zombies, and the stray bullets of fellow survivors, should folks start to lose their cool in a fire-fight. Body armor is another essential element of any well thought out zombie survival kit.
So whether Kevlar, chain-mail, or even tough leather, if you’re wading into the path of an oncoming zombie horde, baseball bat in hand, like a sailor in a Bangkok bar, you’re going to want to go in protected. Buy Now
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 3. - The Chainsaw
If you're the kind of person who likes to slay zombies for sport, then there really is only one weapon of choice, the 'chainsaw'. Whether facing a lone zombie or a group intent on consuming your brain, the chainsaw will chew through flesh and bone alike, making any zombies unlucky enough to come up against its mechanical teeth, wish that they’d never died, and then come back to life again. Buy Now
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 4. - Protective Face Mask
Zombie drool contains nastiness, and is not something that you'll want to get in your mouth while grappling at close quarters, with a zombie you foolishly let get too close. It is possible that zombie fluids entering your body via the mouth (or any other orifice) could cause infection, and as such steps should be taken to minimise this risk through the wearing of a full face mask. An item that not only protects against zombie contaminants, but that can also be effective at intimidating any unfriendly fellow human survivors, who may have their eye on your lot. Buy Now
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 5. - Armored Gloves
Wrestling with zombies mano-a-mano should only ever be attempted as a last resort. Should your chainsaw have run out of gas, and your baseball bat have been knocked clean out of your grasp in the onslaught, then there’s little choice left but to go hand-to-hand, until a new weapon can be procured. At this point armored gloves will give your fingers the protection you need, as you desperately try to push the zombies slavering jaws, away from your throat. Buy Now
Zombie Survival Kit Essential 6. - The Crossbow.
But before things get that bad, you’re going to want to take a little time out to enjoy yourself, perched high on a rooftop, with crossbow in hand. Remember, to kill the zombie, you must kill the brain, so aim for the head, and make each shot count. Buy Now
"This is a public emergency broadcast - the recently deceased are returning to life, and attacking the living..."
Now is not the time to panic.
"All Zombies Must Die!"


  1. Most useful information! This is a well written guide for shopping, my fave. sport. Since I am a girl, and not that big, I really like the chainsaw tip. I think I will have to attach several to my truck somehow w/ remotes and go for a zombie free for all derby! Thanks bunches :)

  2. hey hows it going man thanks for the tip we'll be needing soon and...Google my name and see what pops up

  3. the machette is also very usefull.

  4. I recommend a copy of the "Zombie Survival Guide" by Max Brooks

  5. This is great! You will definitely be prepared!

  6. Adapting motorcycle gloves for zombie defense is pure genius. Zombie hordes are probably massing outside your seemingly abandoned farmhouse, planning retribution.