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I remember as a child occasionally seeing a small boy running around our home, a boy I didn't know, and as far as I was aware, a boy who shouldn't have been there. He never tried to communicate, and paid no interest in me, but would on rare occasions go running through the lounge, and hurtling up the stairs, only to seemingly vanish, and that was essentially all that he did. And being a generally uninterested child I paid little attention to his antics not even connecting it with anything paranormal or unusual, except for on the one occasion when whilst giving chase just quickly enough I managed to get to the bottom of the stair just in time to see him turn the corner at the top, and was surprised to see that he appeared to take the corner at the top too early, and seemingly ran directly through the banister.
But since those days much has happened, and apart from some recent episodes of sleep paralysis my mind has been far from the world of ghosts, and as such these memories of the small boy who ran through our house with unknown cause had been long buried, and forgotten about. Until recently, when discussing the topic 'can dogs see ghosts' following the witnessing of some unusual K9 behavior, the topic of small children also being able to see ghosts was raised.
And then the memories came flooding back.
Why Can Children See Ghosts?
If such things are true (because I'm not entirely sure that these recent memories of mine are not false memories of some kind, or a flashback from a vivid dream long forgotten) then it is generally believed that children and babies are capable of seeing that which most of us can't for the very same reasons that dogs (and other animals) are thought to be able to. Their eyes are still wide open. Possessing of an innocence that we as adults have lost over time children are thought to be able to see that which they have not yet been told doesn't exist.
As the years pass us grown ups have become jaded, and closed to the idea of ghosts, spirits, and other entities terrible and beautiful both. Taught as we are that such beings as these are no more than imagination. And as we stop believing we stop seeing.
Or so one theory goes.
Children and the Spirit World
Another theory put forward is that children (and younger children in particular) are naturally closer to the spirit world, having just come from there where they waited their turn to be born into our world, and as such they have not yet forgotten those who dwelt those planes with them.
Relatives of past and future, family deceased who have returned to the spirit realms and future kin who remain awaiting their turn were together there, tied by a blood-line that crosses all boundaries. So that when our children are born unto us this connection holds strong, and can remain intact for many years, and for some even into adulthood.

Child Sees a Ghost?

So what do you think? Did you have an 'imaginary friend' as a child that only you could see? Or now that you're all grown up do you suspect that your own children may be able to see something that you can't?
Real Ghost Stories?
* If you are around young children try and watch their behaviors, I have seen my 2 year old niece often waving to the same spot of the kitchen often and offering her cookie to who I believe is a dead relative coming to visit.' - Posted by: Genjen13
* 'My kids had friends over, the next day, the oldest girl said to her mom..."I was playing with these strange balls of light at their house. They came to me early in the morning...' -Posted by:DenniseMatt


  1. I have often wondered about things like this, and have written several hubs asking similar questions. Perhaps our reality is perception oriented, and children can see things that don't fit our description of the world because they have not yet been taught they can't.

    Perhaps we have more than five senses, and children can access them in ways adults cannot. It might be the same situation--children can tap into senses or perceptions until they are taught they can't.

    I certainly think children can see ghosts, regardless of how or why.

    Thanks for an intriguing hub.


  2. Great post . That was a spooky video , thanks for the chills lol

  3. I grew up in an old house as a kid and never saw anything but apparently all my brothers did, there was a hell of a lot of activity in that place especially one night when things started throwing themselves in my direction...they have now decided not to remember any of that but I still do.

  4. =) When my oldest daughter was 3, my father passed away. (She did not know him.) For some time after, every once in a while she would look out the kitchen window, smile, wave and say.."who is that man in the window, Mommy? He's smiling at me!" We lived alone on the second floor of an apartment building. There was no way for a man to be in the window. When I said "I dont know, what does he look like?" She described my father perfectly

  5. maybe some babies do, like my mother's friend's baby, when im forced to carry him when his mother is busy, i went to the abandoned factory, [we have our own factory from the side but we are now making it me and my sister's room] and the baby was looking everywhere, left to right or sometimes he's smiling, maybe he sees an angel? c:

  6. children are uninhibited and open-minded - they have not yet reached the adult state of 'logical conclusion'

    ..when I read your posts I become uninhibited and open-minded - thus I am a child!

  7. I feel certain they can. I had experiences as a child, and I was not then familiar with any of the motifs of ghost stories and ghosts' abilities (such as floating, moving without steps, and vanishing through walls). (My childhood experiences are detailed in my ghost blog on my website, the story entitled "The Ghost at the Bedroom Door.")

  8. This past weekend my three yr old grand-niece came to my home for the first time. While here she claims a mean man tried to kick her in our living room. I walked her around the house. I told her we would find him and get rid of him. She stopped me and pointed out two places where she saw him. Together we rebuked him in Jesus name and commanded him to leave. An hour later we were playing in the pool. She got out to retrieve a ball from the adjacent yard, which is fenced. After two steps she jolted violently then turned to run

    She screamed, "he's sitting on the gate trying to scare me!". Each time she looked back while running she quickly turned away. As if what she saw was repulsive. I stopped her then told her to tell him to leave. She turned halfway around and without looking directly at the gate she yelled, "go away!". She then turned around to face the gate. She said nothing. She walked back into the pool. I asked her if she still could see him. She said she could not. I asked where he went. She pointed to my storage area near the yard. "he went in that house".

    I used my iPhone later that day to take dozens of pictures in the living room. One was blurry. As I zoomed in to look into the doorway where he was seen....I saw him. I have the picture. I've shown it to everyone. They all get chills. I've emailed it to my desktop but cannot see it due, I guess, to pixel count. I can only see it in my iphone3g.

    Happy to share. Send email to

  9. okay im freaked out. there are times where my 2 yrs old is just staring at the chair next to him i'll call him and he wont turn to look at me. It could be a ghost or maybe even angel who knows.......

  10. Wow...Mobsled just read about yor grand neice its a simmlar story to my granddaughter it happened two days ago she walked down the small hall to place her older brothers school bag inside his room when all of a sudden she was screaming in terror running to her mother saying there is a tall person standing near the wall,When asked what it was she had seen she could not explain only to say it was tall and it ran into the garage which comes off the house,she was so scared she could not sleep and the next day was feeling sick with headaches and couldnt go to school.I talked with her and told her not to be scared and the next time it happens to ask it to go away,I definately know that she saw something although I cant not remember anything as a child but as an adult for many years each time I move a small female child runs through the house but has never approached me I have no idea who she is, she does not belong to any house ive lived in. it seems that she follows me.Im bewilded as to who she is, maybe one day she will reveal herself.

    If anyone has an explanation im listening.

    or email to

  11. Hi my name is Chloe Mcmanigal i am 12 years old and i can see ghosts. there is many ghosts in my house i take care of them all they are all very nice but sometimes i wonder are they trying to be nice to me to get something out of me? But that is not all i can see i see them every ware day and night some of them are not normal and some of the o want to cry and run away! This might just be me but i think i have a real gift

  12. Great stuff here MrVoodoo. I am a believer. I used to work in an old concert hall in London and there were certain areas that just sent chills down my spine. Not sure if it was psychosomatic or there was something there. Either way, I never really hung around long enough to find out.

    That said, several of my colleagues claimed to have seen unexplained sights. Made work a lot more interesting, that is for sure!

  13. Hi, my names Sarah. I've always been a believer. My dad committed suicide when I had just turned 6. (I'm almost 22 now) I remember begging and praying for him to come to me in a dream just to see him one last time. I begged everyday until i was ten. I moved houses and finally started coping with his death. One night i abruptly awoke from sleep to see a shadowy figure in my room. Scared, i closed my eyes. When i reopened them the figure was sitting on the edge of my bed. It was my father. I stared at him for a few minutes completely tongue tied. He didnt say a word, he just smiled at me and I remember smiling back. Then he casually stood up and walked out of my room. I was so happy but so unsure if I had really seen him or it was just something I had fabricated out of desperation. I wasn't going to speak a word of it to my mother or sister in fear of then thinking I was crazy..but the next morning I went downstairs and overheard my mother on the phone with my aunt. She was telling my aunt how my father had came into her room the night before to tell her everything was ok, and not to worry anymore.

  14. well me too when I was about 4 years old, I was in a dark bed room alone, and I remember seeing colored things which had human shape and they were running around the room. and I couldn't even screem. and I surly can't forget that night.