Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind – The Abductees

What are close encounters of the fourth kind?

Close encounters of the fourth kind are actually one of the terms established in 1972 to describe the scale of measurement for alien encounters. The sighting of a UFO is referred to as the first kind, the evidence of UFO existence as the second kind, contact with extraterrestrials as the third kind, and abduction as the fourth kind.
Alien Abduction
Alien abduction is defined as an event in which a person is taken against their will and forced to interact in various ways with non-human entities.
While possibly the most difficult to prove and document there have been literally thousands of recorded claims of alien abduction, and no doubt many more that went unreported.
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind - Missing Time
Common to many of the reported alien abductions is the concept of ‘missing time’, this is the phenomenon of periods of time within which contact and/or abduction by alien entities occurs. Periods of missing time vary greatly in length, and range from just a few minutes to several days, often the memories of what occurred within these missing periods of time can only be recalled under hypnotic regression.
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind – The Five Stages
The alien abduction or close encounter of the fourth kind has been broken down into five distinct stages by American historian and UFO researcher ‘David. M. Jacobs’.
Stage 1 - The arrival of the alien entities, and the alien abduction itself.
Stage 2 - Examination inside the UFO by the alien entities, usually said to be an intense physical examination involving manipulation of the joints and spine. It is also during this phase that small devices or ‘implants’ may be embedded within the abductees body.
Stage 3 – Physiological examination by complex machines that scan the body and internal systems, the viewing of images such as those of ‘mass destruction’ or ‘romantic scenes’ to gauge human responses, and (primarily by female abductees) a visit to the ‘incubatorium’ where they are encouraged to hold and nurture infant alien/human hybrids.
Stage 4 – Ancillary experiences, said to be by far the most distressing phase of the alien abduction this usually involves such tests as immersion in tanks of liquid and the examination of pain thresholds. Forced sexual activity between abductees may also occur during stage 4 of the alien abduction, the observation of which is thought to be to improve on the alien entities breeding and hybridization programmes.
Stage 5 – The return of the alien abductee to their original environment (or somewhere close to it) often with all related memories erased. Stage 5 often leads to great confusion within the abductee due to the effects of missing time and lost memories.
It is unknown whether these missing memories or ‘memory blocks’ are alien imposed, or are just a natural human response to the enormity and possibly traumatizing experience of this type of alien encounter.
Travis Walton - A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

In 1975 Travis Walton with six colleagues that formed a seven man wood-cutting gang sighted a ‘disc-shaped object’ hovering above a forest in Sitgreaves National Park, Arizona. The UFO was said to be twenty feet wide and eight foot high and dark silver in colour.  With curiosity getting the better of him Travis Walton ignored the pleas of his work mates and left the car to investigate. Travis Walton’s colleagues witnessed a beam of intense blue light shoot out from the UFO and envelope Travis, flinging him back ten feet through the air. Scared and fearing that Travis Walton was now dead his colleagues drove off leaving Travis to his fate. Shortly after Travis Walton’s work mates regained their nerve and decided to turn around and go back for him, but when they returned there was no longer any sign of either Travis or the UFO. 

After reporting the incident the wood-cutters were suspected of the murder of Travis Walton, but each undertook and passed a polygraph (lie detector) test, the results of which suggested that either they had seen or at the least believed that they had, the UFO.  Five days after his disappearance Travis Walton’s brother-in-law received a phone call in which a weak sounding voice muttered ‘This is Travis, I’m in a phone booth at the Heber gas station, I need help, come and get me.’

As is often the case with alien encounters of the fourth kind Travis Walton was unable to remember what had occurred during the time that he had been missing, but undergoing ‘hypnotic regression’ he was able to recall being taken aboard the UFO and lying in a hospital like room being monitored by three alien entities that he described as being ‘large, with hairless heads and huge eyes’. It was supposedly following this that Travis later woke by the side of the highway about ten miles from where he and his colleagues originally witnessed the UFO.

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