The Demon ‘Belphegor’ - One of the Seven Princes of Hell

‘Belphegor’, one of the seven Demon princes of Hell, is perhaps the most cunning Demon of all, and the most prolific, in its efforts to corrupt the souls of Mankind. Associated with the deadly sin of ‘Sloth’ (laziness), Belphegor, provides those who feel his touch with ‘the easy option’. Suggesting to those who receive his seductive attentions, ingenious inventions that will make them rich, with minimal effort. Seemingly offering much for little, while taking with the other hand, virtues ultimately worth far more than money. Appearing either in the form of a young beautiful woman, or as a huge bearded demon, Belphegor, seeks to spread discord among men, by sowing seeds of evil intention, in exchange for earthly material wealth.
Sent to Earth by Satan, Belphegor, was once charged with searching out evidence of ‘married happiness’ on Earth. Something the Demons had heard rumour of, but couldn’t believe existed. knowing as they did human nature, and the human inability to live in harmony. Belphegor, it is said, found no evidence of its existence, during the time he spent searching for it. And reported back that, despite the lies that most humans were more than willing to tell themselves, to fool themselves into believing that they were in love, rather than endure a life spent alone. The rumours that they'd heard of ‘happy’ marriage, were false.
The Seven Princes of Hell
Each prince of Hell is associated with one of the seven deadly sins. And the other six princes of Hell (with their associated sin) are:

Lucifer - Pride
Mammon - Avarice
Asmodeus - Lust
Satan - Anger
Beelzebub - Gluttony
Leviathan - Envy

And in addition to Sloth, Belphegor, is also associated with the sin of ‘Vanity’.

Belphegor, will taunt those whose soul he seeks to taint through obscur messages and signs. Making his presence known through subtle means that confuse his prey, leading to anxiety and paranoia, that help to speed the corruption of the soul. Providing a life too easy to also offer spiritual growth, Belphegor, drains, like juice from a juice-box, all that was once good about the person. Until there is little left but an empty shell. And a lot of regret.
The only defence against Belphegor’s attentions, are an iron strong strength of mind, and a robust internal desire to perform altruistic deeds  And the month of April, is when Belphegor, is at his strongest

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