The ‘Documentary Style' Horror Movies List - The Best of Camcorder Mockumentary

The ‘Documentary Style' Horror Movies List 

‘Truth is stranger than fiction’, or so the saying goes. And the idea of real life hauntings and Demonic attacks, are far more frightening than even the most heinous of rubber masked Hollywood made villains and freaks. From Aliens, to Demons, and from Witches, to Zombies, and beyond. Documentary style horror movies never fail to send a chill down the spine, and raise hairs on the necks, of all who watch them. So turn the volume up high, and turn the lights down low. And check out the best documentary style horror movies ever made.
The Blair Witch ProjectThe Blair Witch Project
Amazon Price: $2.21
List Price: $9.98
The Blair Witch Project
Starting back in 1999, with the release of the Blair Witch Project. Documentary style horror was born. Recorded on a borrowed camcorder, the Blair Witch Project follows the adventures of a trio of teenagers, lost in the forests of Burkittsville, Maryland (formerly known as 'Blair'). As they wander deeper and deeper into the wilderness, becoming more and more freaked out, by their ever more frequent encounters, with the witch that lives within the woods.
Amazon Price: $3.98
List Price: $29.99
Cloverfield, is the epic documentary style sci-fi horror of epic proportions. That follows a group of friends attempting to rescue a trapped loved one, around a crumbling city in the midst of an attack, by an enraged alien monster thingy, of Godzilla like proportions.
Amazon Price: $5.97
List Price: $14.99

A Spanish horror film that follows the story of a television reporter and her cameraman, trapped inside a quarantined building, that within which, the infected are attacking the living. A documentary-style zombie horror of sorts, with a little extra creepiness thrown in for good mix.
The Fourth KindThe Fourth Kind
Amazon Price: $5.50
List Price: $14.98
The Fourth Kind
A semi-documentary style movie, The Fourth Kind, follows the story of Dr. Abigail Tyler, and her fellow residents of, ‘Nome, Alaska’, as they endure terrifying attacks by unseen Alien entities. Said to include ‘real’ footage recorded during disturbing hypnosis sessions, and from the dashboard of a Police cruiser, the Fourth Kind is an experience not to be missed, and is a movie that in many ways, asks more questions than it answers.
Paranormal ActivityParanormal Activity
Amazon Price: $5.99
List Price: $19.99
Paranormal Activity
The Paranormal Activity series is based around the attacks of an obsessive Demon, as it makes its presence known through increasingly disturbing means. And while a little slow in places, Paranormal Activity forces many ‘grown-ups’ to sleep with the lights on, the night following watching it. Fearful of the invisible tormentor, and predator. That lurks within the dark.
The Last ExorcismThe Last Exorcism
Amazon Price: $5.60
List Price: $19.98
The Last Exorcism
The Last Exorcism, documents the undertakings of a self-proclaimed ‘fraudulent’ Exorcist, on what is to be his final exorcism. After receiving a letter from a distraught farmer concerning the possession of his young daughter, Reverend Cotton Marcus, sets out with camera crew in tow, to expose exorcism as being fake once and for all, by proving that such things as Demons, don’t exist...

Home MovieHome Movie
Amazon Price: $10.99
List Price: $19.98
Paranormal Activity 2Paranormal Activity 2
Amazon Price: $9.98
List Price: $19.99
Trollhunter (English Subtitled)Trollhunter (English Subtitled)
Amazon Price: $3.99
The St. Francisville ExperimentThe St. Francisville Experiment
Amazon Price: $1.79
List Price: $14.98

More Horror Mockumentaries:

Last BroadcastLast Broadcast
Amazon Price: $37.20
List Price: $19.98
Amazon Price: $2.68
List Price: $9.99
Amazon Price: $12.66
List Price: $19.95
Lake MungoLake Mungo
Amazon Price: $6.88
List Price: $14.98
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  1. Awesome list...I love these types of movies

  2. Mine would be Quarentine. I am a sucker for the zombie genre.

  3. Good list, not a blair witch project fan though. Not my type of real horror. Good post though Information wise for the movies though.

  4. What about the very controversial and disturbing Cannibal Holocaust!

  5. Got one for the list a movie called paranormal entity and no it is not paranormal activity nor is it part of that series


  7. Apollo 18 is another, set in space. It's not as bad as some of the reviews suggest (IMO).

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