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Extra Sensory Perception is like having the ‘X’ factor, you either have it, or you don’t.
An extra sensory perception test; otherwise known as an ESP test is designed to test for one thing and one thing only, the ability to predict unknown events with a greater accuracy than should be permitted merely by luck.
Zener Cards
Zener Cards

What is ESP?
ESP is said to be the reception of information from means not associated with the recognized senses, and not gained from past experience. ESP was a term coined by the German psychical researcher ‘Rudolf Tischner’ and is a blanket term that combines such abilities as: telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and retrocognition.
Also known as ‘the sixth sense’ the study of ESP falls firmly within the realm of Parapsychology and its existence is not commonly accepted by the wider scientific community.
Zener Cards
Probably the most common method through which potential extra sensory perception can be tested is through the use of ‘Zener cards’. Zener cards were created by perceptual psychologist ‘Karl Zener’ in the 1930s as a tool for his use while conducting experiments into the existence of clairvoyance.
Featuring just five different designs Zener cards feature: a hollow circle, a greek cross, a hollow square, a five pointed star and three vertical waves, each pack of Zener cards contain 25 cards, 5 of each design.
As an ESP test Zener cards are shuffled and then presented one at a time to the testee, who is asked to correctly determine which of the five designs the cards contain. Assuming no presence of extra sensory perception exists within the testee and that each Zener card is selected at random then the success ratio of predicting the correct design should average out to 20% (a 1 in five chance of guessing correctly), the greater the success rate of prediction over and above this 20% the greater the argument and evidence for the existence of extra sensory perception.
And of course, multiple undertakings of the same ESP test with repeated positive results make it even harder to argue the ‘luck’ case and point towards the likelihood of extra sensory perception. A standard ESP test usually includes the tested prediction of 25 cards, taken in 5 rounds of 5, and whilst it may be possible (though unlikely) to guess all 25 cards correctly without any form of extra sensory perception, the chances of guessing 50, 75 cards etc. based purely on luck become even more unlikely still.
* An additional ESP test using Zener cards tests for the existence of telepathic abilities. One subject will select a card and attempt to mentally project their selected design into the mind of another testee.
ESP Results (out of 25 Zener cards)
A score of 0-5 is in the range of chance, and those scoring within this range are unlikely to possess any extra sensory perception.
A score of 10-20 could be a strong indicator of the possession of psychic powers.
A score of 20+ out of 25 is in the range of 4-5 times greater than that predicted by chance, those scoring this highly are thought to possibly possess strong ESP and / or telepathic abilities.

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  1. Nope, I'm no psychic but I have a friend that is. He's revealed much to me but also warned me that things can change, especially because of free will, which can change the course of everything. Many have told me that psychic are full of baloney and I did too, until 5 out of 5 things occurred in the space of 2 years which did not seem possible...I used to be a skeptic, but not anymore!

    Those Zener cards seem cool enough to just own and just for kicks!