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As a child of about nine, I made the mistake of drawing at school, a shop full of swords and knives. A picture that other parents may have took as nothing more than the kind of interest that many young boys display in the weapons sported by the cowboys, soldiers, and samurai, that were the staple of comic books of the time. However, not my mother. Because from that day onwards. I could see in her eyes. Like the gruesome pictures often drawn by the children in the movies that follow, that my innocent (or so I’d thought) picture, was a sign, of the impending psychotic killing sprees that would sooner-or-later follow at my hands.
Evil Kids in the Movies

And while, to date, I have so far resisted the urge to bash the brains in of family pets, or to set the family home on fire, killing all inside. The children at the center of these ‘Evil Kid’ movies, show no such restraint. Twisting the minds of those who would attempt to love these depraved little brutes, before, with instruments blunt, and/or sharp. They prove that while blood may indeed be thicker than water, both, are just as easily spilt.
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‘Eccentric’, is probably the kindest way of describing Joshua, the nine year old son of the Cairns family. Talented and intelligent beyond his years, Joshua, grows increasingly jealous following the birth of his baby sister. And as his jealousy grows, so does the level of terror that Joshua inflicts upon those that surround him. Disturbingly calculating, Joshua, is a perfect example of the kind of psycho killer child my own mother half expected me to grow up to be. If you haven’t already seen it, and you’re a fan of the evil kid genre, Joshua is a must!
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Adopting an orphan can be a rewarding, and life-changing experience. Although, as demonstrated in the movie ‘Orphan’, it could also ultimately turn out to be, a life-ending one, as Kate, and John Coleman find out soon after adopting Esther. This quirky nine year old Russian girl, with a penchant for the macabre, and brutal, tears the Coleman family apart with aplomb. Before finally giving up her dark secret...
The Good SonThe Good Son
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The Good Son

While (and this is a matter of opinion) I seem to have turned out ‘alright’ in the end, the concerns of some mothers regarding their offspring seem to be justified. And that’s certainly the case with Henry. Played by ‘Macaulay Culkin’, it soon becomes clear that Henry is one sandwich short of a picnic, displaying deeply disturbing psychotic tendencies, that quite frankly, make him one child that you wouldn’t want to be left 'home alone' with...
The Bad SeedThe Bad Seed
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The Bad Seed

Believed to be the first of the genre, made way back in 1956. ‘The Bad Seed’, tells the story of Rhoda Penmark, the cute as a button in pigtails, and old fashioned dresses preteen killer. Who while at first glance is as innocent as can be, promising to “swap a basketful of hugs, for a basketful of kisses”, is the archetype deranged little darling. And a venom-laced lolita. In this most classic of the ‘evil kids’ movie genre.
While not ‘pure’, as a ‘killer kid’ movie, with the later half of the movie focusing on Michael’s later years. ‘Halloween’, the 2007 ‘Rob Zombie’ remake, definitely deserves an honorable mention. Because while the earlier Halloween movies (for me at least) were better placed alongside the likes of more ‘paranormal’ movies of the time, like those starring ‘Freddy Krueger’, and ‘Jason Vorohees’, Rob Zombies version offers a raw glimpse into the life of a crazed young boy, on the verge of becoming one of horror cinemas most infamous villains.
Home MovieHome Movie
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Home Movie

And finally, if you’re a fan of ‘Blair Witch’ style found-footage horrors, you’ll love Home Movie. Because if there’s anything worse than having one ungrateful little shit trying to knife you in the back every time you drop your guard, it’s having two of them. ‘Emily’, and ‘Jack’, are ten year old twins, and the children of Pastor, David. And Psychologist, Clare. And while the Poes family appear to be ‘picture perfect’ to outsiders, Emily, and Jack, become increasingly unhinged, as this indie point-of-view movie unfolds. In a manner that will leave every parent with just a little doubt in their mind, unable to sleep in the dark, listening to the creaking of floorboards, with one eye open...

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