Female Demons and Female Monsters of Myth and Legend

By YourEvilTwin

Any woman can be frightening when crossed, enraged or caught off guard, but few are as terrifying as the female Demons and Monsters of myth and legend. From the Succubus that attack and pleasure their victims during their sleep to the fish-tailed Mermaids of sea-based legend, the female of the species are known to be some of the most wicked and vile of all Demonic entities.
Welcome to the world of female Demons and female Monsters
Described as having a 'greenish gleaming face with dishevelled serpent-like hair' Abyzou is a female Demon of European legend. Claimed to be responsible for miscarriages and infant mortality Abyzou is said to wander the world hunting for women about to give birth, and upon finding them strangles the newly born child. It is told that Azybou is infertile herself, and as such performs these killings out of jelousy and envy of those able to bare offspring.
It is said that should a pregnant woman write the name of Abyzou upon a scrap of papyrus prior to giving birth, Abyzou will flee from their sight, leaving the child unharmed.

Empusa is a female Demon of Greek mythology, and the daughter of Goddess 'Hecate'. Similar to a 'Succubus' Empusa is renowned for feasting on the blood of men she seduces whilst they sleep. With flaming hair Empusa is said to utter high-pitched screams when insulted and is also believed to be a shape-shifting demon that pesters Greek shepherds whilst changed into the form of a dog, ox or mule.
Another female monster is the Gorgon or Gorgons of Greek mythology. In appearance these female Demons are often depicted as being hideous beasts with golden wings, claws, tusks, fangs and serpents skin. The Gorgons are said to have been the daughters of the sea God 'Phorcys' and were often believed to be the keepers of this worlds oldest oracles.
The word 'Gorgon' itself is derived from the Greek word for 'dreadful' and the Gorgons ranks include the legendary female monster 'Medusa' a female Demon with hair made from living snakes with a stare that was able to turn all that bore witness into stone.
With the upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish Mermaids are probably the least feared and most fascinating of all the female monsters. However despite the positive imagery brought about by Hollywood movies and storys Mermaids are just as capable as the rest of these female Demons at causing misery to the lives of those with whom they choose to interact.
With the name 'Mermaid' literally meaning 'woman of the sea' Mermaids are said to call out or sing to people in order to enchant them, encouraging them to step overboard from their ship or from shore from where the Mermaid may drag them down to their underwater kingdom.
In British folklore the sighting of a Mermaid is a bad omen telling of bad weather and doomed ships, and some tales tell of mermaids being upto 2000 feet in length and easily capable of destroying sea-going vessels should they so choose to do so.
Succubus are female Demons of medieval legend that are said to attack men whilst they sleep and force them to engage in sexual activities. The male form of the Succubus is known as an 'Incubus' and both are said to appear within the dreams of those they choose to corrupt in order to drain the life force of their victims.
Often appearing as highly attractive women Succubus are believed to be hideous female Demonic entities hiding behind this appealing disguise. Succubus are dependant upon the life-force of their victims which they extract, sometimes to the point of death via sexual intercourse.
Infamous Succubi of legend and myth include 'Lilith', 'Naamah', 'Eisheth' and 'Agrat Bat Mahlat', who are also known as the 'four angels of prostitution'.


  1. You dont get Demons with a sex gender they only act like they are female or male, sad point is, they deceive people to think that they like humans.

  2. Strange, I am a demon! Deceived myself to think that I am a human, hehe. Actualy Lilith is kind of older than medieval times, more like ancient sumerian. She was not mutch of prostitution as in drinking blood of ppl and lives of children.

  3. actually lilith is belived to be the first femal,not eve..and she refused to have a sexual contact with adam so she was punnished to eat her children or something like that

  4. find medusa on google pictures and u can see some very beautiful pictures that makes u fall in love with it, sad thing she kills you by looking ye in the face, so sexual intercourse is not an option :( (there goes my weekendnight plans)

  5. i married a half deamon ., she can't kill me yet . thats why i am only half dead .

    Forgot who i am............................

  6. i think i prefer mermaids,of all d female demons they ar d most merciful,in sum ways though.

  7. The picture is from SC2. search "Sarah Kerrigan Zerg form" on google images