Ghosts and Missing Car Keys - Apports and Asports

You know that you left them on the table by the door, in the same place that you always do. Or in the kitchen on the hook. But they're not there now. So you'll search the house from top to bottom only to find them an hour later sitting there innocently, exactly where you first looked.

So what's going on?
It can really only be one of three things. Either you're going half-blind, half-crazy, or it's the third option.

'Apports and Asports'
These are the names given to items transferred between realms by means unknown. 'Apports' is the name given to items that 'suddenly appear' within our dimension whilst the name 'Asport' is given to items that are transferred from our world and into another.
In addition to car keys other items that are claimed to be common apports/asports include: mobile phones, cigarette lighters, pens, and money. And perhaps it's not unexpected that all of these are items that are easily misplaced and/or overlooked. And that would of course be the most obvious explanation, and the one most likely to be correct. 

But like you I know that I checked, and that they weren't there a minute ago. And then I double checked and triple checked. And then all of a sudden inexplicably there they were again. Right back where they were always supposed to be.


Derived from the Latin word 'Apportare' meaning 'to carry to (a place)', Apports are believed by some to be gifts from deceased relatives or other spirits, and are often of significance to those who receive them. One account tells of seven meditation students who opened their eyes to find seven stones laid out before them, whilst another tells of a ghostly dove delivering a package containing three small pieces of paper reading ''St. Maxime, St. Sabine and Many Martyrs.'.
So if Apports are gifts from the other side then it seems reasonable to assume that Asports are the opposite.
So did ghosts steal my missing car keys, tax my lighter and burgle my spectacles? Are the deceased getting cheap laughs and voyeuristic pleasures watching the panic of the hunt? Or perhaps lesser Demons with little power carry out acts more annoying than terrifying, who without the ability to cross over and wreak havoc in our world are forced to get their thrills where they can, through more conservative acts than those carried out by the nasties of Hollywood blockbusters.
Or perhaps in the mad haste and manic dash of the search, you simply didn't see what was right before your eyes all along.
But I know that I checked (twice). :)


  1. I can't believe how could it be possible. and secondly if you searched something somewhere and you did not find it and later on you find the same thing on the same place might mean that the first time when you were searching you had lesser concentration and you did not searched the place properly.

  2. I wish I could have more of those 'apports' and less of the maddening 'asports'! (Though that's such a refined way of putting it; I just call it a 'conspiracy!')

  3. This is happening in my house right now. It seems to only want to take my money, nothing else. I will set money on the table for the pizza guy or whatever and then when they get here it's gone. And no it's not that I forgot cuz It's not in my wallet either. And no it's no one else cuz I live alone. I have even had money taken straight out of my wallet before too! And NO I'M NOT CRAZY!!! I know this is certainly the goal of whatever this is though. It is very infuriating and I feel powerless and no one believes me. I have smudged but am not sure what else I can do :(

  4. I have had a ghost or something in my house for 16 years. I try not to believe in that stuff but I guess it's really happening. Makes no since because i built my house and i am only one to live there. Ive had stuff thrown at me furniture moved while at work loud noises and just like clock work 3am wake up calls. I am actually seeing this thing it's big and white and every now and then black forms. I just deal with it because if I told anyone they would think I am nuts. I can live with this but recently it takes my keys and mail. I normally find it where I left it a few hours later but now I can't find it. It's really starting to getting on my last nerve. I cant believe this stuff is happening. Ive talked to it and all i get is heavy breathing in my ear and cold air. How do i get rid of this thing or how can i make it behave?