How to Become a Troll Hunter - Troll Hunting Equipment, and Tips

If you’ve recently seen the Norwegian ‘found footage’ style movie ‘Troll Hunter’, you’ll be aware that despite what you were brought up to believe (or disbelieve in), Trolls, do indeed exist. Lurking in forests, and dwelling within mountains, the existence of these monstrous creatures has been kept under wraps until now, by ‘The Troll Security Team’. But with the Trolls escaping their territories, lone troll hunter ‘Hans’ is being overwhelmed, and needs your help in hunting down, and dispatching the remaining Trolls.

What you need to know:

In order to become a genuine Troll hunter, first, you’ll need to learn the basics of your trade. And luckily, the movie Troll Hunter, offers up all manner of tips, and advice, for the Troll hunting newbie.
Troll Bait

To make your job as a Troll hunter easier, and to save hours/days/weeks running around the forest searching for Trolls, you can instead use certain ‘baits’ to trap, or draw the Trolls nearer to you. 

But what do Trolls like?

* Trolls love to chew on tyres. These can make excellent bait.
* A mixture of concrete, and charcoal, combined in a pile is known to be a favorite food of Trolls. And as such, makes another excellent bait for Trolls.
* Christians. A Troll can smell a Christian a mile off, and while the presence of a Christian is almost certain to enrage a Troll, making it more difficult to kill. The presence of a Christian, or even spilt Christian blood, is guaranteed to lure Trolls closer.
Weapons - How to Kill a Troll

When a Troll is exposed to sunlight, it will either solidify, or explode. And as such, a Troll can be killed in two ways. A Troll can be trapped out in the open, and left for the rising sun to deal with. Or, using the Troll hunters weapon of choice, Troll can be offed using a giant UV ray firing gun-like weapon. Or a stack of UV lights mounted on top of the Troll hunters vehicle.

(Note) While many Troll with explode in a shower of guts when hit with UV rays, larger, older Troll may solidify, turning to rock. These can then be dispatched with a sledge-hammer, to break them up, and the remainder should then be blown into rubble using explosives.
Additional Troll Hunting Tip:
In order to avoid detection by Trolls, either to get closer to your prey, or as a defensive measure (especially useful for Christians), ‘Troll Stink’, can be used. Troll stink is made from ‘every nasty thing that can be squeezed out of a Troll’, and is then smeared all over the body, to conceal the Troll hunters natural scent. Presumably though, you’ll have to eliminate at least one Troll (in an exploding fashion) first, without the help of Troll stink. In order to be able to obtain the necessary ingredients from which it is made (unless you have any Troll hunting friends from which to borrow some).
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