How to Kill an Angel - Qeres, Nephilim, and Satanic Nazis

Why anybody would desire to kill an Angel is not a question I'm going to try and answer here, but there are those who go searching for information explaining just how to do so. And it was through this random search that I came across a post talking about a substance supposedly named 'Qeres'.
The post explains that while on Earth in mortal form an Angel can be killed, by one thing and one thing only, 'Qeres'. Qeres, the post continues, was a perfume used by the Egyptians during the mummification process, and was said to provide the 'first sweet breathe' in the afterlife.
The remainder of the original post:
'Qeres is extremely rare substance because its recipe has been lost, but small amounts still exsist. this perfume is a lethal poison to an angel (fallen or otherwise), and if poured over, say, the blade of a knife, could in fact terminate an angel. While non-lethal to humans, it can burn or poison anyone who carries the Nephilitic gene. (see Genesis 6). If you are still thinking that all Nephilim died in the flood, think about Goliath, or King David's "men of great reknown". But yes, qeres can kill an angel. And no afterlife awaits them either. This isn't some role-playing B.S. or T.V. show, this is legit. Go ask your local Catholic priest if he knows what the 'Hashilim project' is, or the real reason Jews (who are the most dominant carriers of the Nephilitic gene) were exterminated. Or why most children born with synaethesia carry the gene. Or why Mengele expirimented on Hebrew twins. You may not get answers, but you will be asking the right questions... ' (original post can be found here.)
'Legend has it that an amphora was once found in a pharaohs tomb, and when it was opened a perfume was released, and after all those thousands of years, a perfume of such subtle beauty, and yet such power, that for one single moment every person on earth believed that they were in paradise. 12 essences could be identified, but the 13th, the vital one, could never be determined.' - Perfume (2006).
And there's no denying that the above is an intrigueing post, and whether a little known fact, or the ravings of a lunatic, it has sparked a search of sorts, amongst those who seek out such things, for more information regarding this supposedly rare substance, and heavily guarded secret.
So what is Qeres?
While there are numerous references to the Egyptian perfume known as Qeres littered around the internet, all referring to its Angel killing properties, none do any more than quote the above post, and there is (currently) no more information to be found.
And by referring to Egyptian texts and hieroglyphics we find that ''Qeres' is the name not of the perfume used during the mummification process, but is either the name of the 'Sarcophagus chamber', or the name given to the mummification process itself.
What is the 'Hashilim Project'?
The original post makes mention of something called the 'Hashilim project', as if to offer evidence or explanation, however except for an empty facebook page, no further information (currently) exists online.
What is the Nephilim Gene?
The original post states that the perfume is poisonous to any being that carries the 'Nephilitic Gene'. The Nephilim are beings mentioned in a variety of Jewish and Christian texts, and were thought to have been the offspring of Angel and human pairings from back when Angels still lived amongst man. And as such it suggests that 'Qures' is not only poisonous to Angels, but also to Nephilim, and to human descendents of that age old blood-line, who potentially still carry the nephilitic gene.
What is Synesthesia?
The original post also suggests that a being carrying Nephilim genes might also be inflicted (or blessed) with 'Synesthesia'. Synesthesia is a nuerological condition in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. Such as hearing colors, or seeing sounds.
Satanic Nazis, Hitler and Dr.Mengele
The remaining references to the Holocaust, and Dr. Mengele refer to the belief that the Nazis, and Hitler specifically, were involved in dark occult practises, black magick, and Satanism. Suggesting that the Nazis dislike for the Jewish people, is tied to the fact that they were/are believed to be the most common barers of nephilim genes. And that Dr. Megele's torturous experiments on twins, dwarfs, giants, etc. were based around the desire for the nephilitic genes discovery, manipulation, and/or destruction.
How to Kill an Angel - Summary
It is true enough that the history of Egypt and its people are rich in religious testament, and shrouded in mystique. And it is also true that the Egyptians did indeed use exotic purfumes within the mummification process.
However, with regards to the original post, as no further information or evidence can be found, we can but assume it to have been made by somebody either possessing of an incredibly creative imagination, or somebody privy to such secrets as were never intended to be shared via the internet.
Do you have any further information or thoughts regarding the Egyptian perfume referred to as 'Qeres'? Please share below.


  1. The only reason why I would want the knowlodge of killing an angel is simple. If with lucifer a third of the angel population was casted out of heaven and placed on earth then dont you think if the devil still lives they do. The bible never said God created demons it just says he sent the bad angels here. That sounds like a demon to me. Basicly we need to learn how to protect ourselves buy being close to God an learning anything along the way is a plus. Another thing is all of those gods in greek times could be the same fallen angels or arch-angels cut off from the grace of God. As crazy as it sounds it makes sense. Fallen angels tricking the human race into thinking that they are God because they have the power on earth. When in realaity God is going to destroy this planet an send his real children into heaven. dont take my word for it read the bible do research ask questions.

    1. I commend your article. Seek and you shall find. It is deeper then anyone would want to know but the truth shall set you free seeings how the Bible talks about in many scriputres , If possible the very elect will be deceived.

  2. But from where u know that u r not one of angel, fallen, devil or nephilim. U can't be sure that u r not one of them. By the way everything is possibile that u don't know who u r.

  3. This is a wonderfully written post! I am actually doing some research on angels for a story and this works perfectly.

    On a side note, has anyone here read 1984? Fallen seems to know perfect newspeak.... (I had to read that comment twice...)

    Time for me to do some more research on Qeres :)

  4. I'm writing a novel about humans with demon and angel blood. So this is very helpful indeed. I would think that would be the only reason people would research this stuff. Not because they actually wanted to kill an angel.

    1. wrong, i have a fallen angle im in full contact with. and if she comes back, i would very much love 2 kill her.. no joke..

    2. wrong, i have a fallen angle obsessed with me, pounding on my best friend who is inlove with me and i her, tormenting me with pain and visions while awake, dark twisted dreams.. i want her 2 leave, but i will kill her if she wont.. if i can.. no joke, and no i have no mental health problems, im just psychic and can see what most cant.. its like thw worst ex ever, times 100!

    3. Crack cocain ids bad. Lsy off the meth in long periods.

    4. Dear Savannah Page, The demon is not just obsessed with you, you are most likely possessed, because without the presence of the Holy Spirit living inside of you, the door to your soul is unguarded. You nor any human has the authority to kill an angel. Only God can, because He God created them. But God sent His only beloved son, Jesus Christ as our deliverer from sin and from all things evil. Please ask Him into your heart and give Him (because he gave us free will to either accept or deny Him) authority over your life. Ask Him to deliver you from all evil. Trust in Him for all things holy. Please read Psalm 91?

      1 Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

      2 This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him.

      3 For he will rescue you from every trap
      and protect you from deadly disease.

      4 He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

      5 Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night,nor the arrow that flies in the day.

      6 Do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness,nor the disaster that strikes at midday.

      7 Though a thousand fall at your side,
      though ten thousand are dying around you,these evils will not touch you.

      8 Just open your eyes,and see how the wicked are punished.

      I just lifted you up to Father God & asked that your heart be opened to the good news of Jesus Christ. And for Satan and his demons to be tied up and thrown out of your dreams and your life.

  5. Another reason a person wants to find out how to kill an angel - they're writing a book and want it to be logical.

    1. or they're just an interested supernatural fan

  6. I'm actually writing a novel about angels, this was very helpful to me, but if anyone know's how to reverse the effects of qere, could you answer this?

    If an angel is dying because it's been infected with 'Qeres' is there any way to reverse the effects

  7. Qeres, while it may or may not exist as defined in this article, does (or rather DID) exist as the process by which a dead person was mummified in the times of the Egyptian empire and the Pharaohs of old. There is a possibility of the qeres perfume existing as well under the same name as the process. The whole question of why one would desire or have need to kill an angel is simple- all a demon is, as defined by Biblical and many non-Biblical sources, is a Fallen angel. It stands to reason that qeres' angel-killing properties translate to Fallen angel-killing properties as well. A definitive way of killing any divine being that has a known track record (and is vastly more available than an ancient lost batch of perfume) is invoking the spirit of the opposing force- Lucifer, for the angels of light; Creator, for the angels of the dark realm. Doing so is guaranteed to give you the psychospiritual force to nullify the supernatural being you are up against.

    That's all I have on this for the moment.

  8. A Qeres was in fact a non-angelic angel killer; but it did not harm those of an actual light of YHWH's Lights of All Lights; and it only harmed those as of a “Fallen”; and also those of a fallen who casted aside a Light of YHWH; meaing those who actually and not willingly; butwere tricked into having a YHWH to be casted down allowing a “First Morning Star; as of a name before he fell was Lucifier; and a Satan also became Lucifier's name after his own “Falling”. Now there also are Angels of YHWH who have asked to be “Watchers” also; but they are not of the Egori/Grigori; who were actually sent down to become a hybrid of humanity and to protect all of humanity from a Hell on Earth; but they had failed due to the fact that they wanted to be as of a humanity more than with YHWH; so YHWH allowed a Seraphim to come down; not all Seraphim; but just a few to also mix with humanity; and those that have are still around in and of a humanity also; to this very day.

  9. great, now to find this "perfume", dip my athame in it, then challenge michael and gabriel for their souls mwahahahahaha!!!

  10. There´s no God who will save you all!...He was and will be an child,playing with an ant so take your life and do what you want.
    Evil and Light is on earth. Human decide which side oppinion...evil wins...its faster and not bind to rules nobody is interesst in..even the holy priest of the katholic church....ok yes i´m born as a catholic and i´m ashamed of it...1000 years murdering, inzest and devils work in a name of 1 god should not be religous....

    and now ask youself...which god will you praise?!??!?!

  11. As of now, I only know of one way to kill an angel. In the Book of Enoch, the watchers are sent down to earth. In no time flat, they start taking human wives and bearing children. This is what caused them to fall, and as such it is say that all (or most) of them died in a flood. As such, once an angel falls, they can be killed any way you see fit.

    Tactics: Find the best looking whore you can find and send her at your angel.

    I guess if Qeres is really this super alluring perfume, then it might be so powerful it can cause even an angel to lust. And if an angel lusts, then that angel falls and as such can be killed by anything covered in Qeres. But, that would just be a guess on my part.

    In any case, we know angels can die. Quite a few die in the Book of Enoch. Likewise, even in the bible it talks about how an angel needs to be saved by an archangel. Although it does not say that the angel in question would die, why would it need saving? Valkyries, the nordic equivalent of angels, will even die and are depicted as dying in Ragnarok. In the bible it talks about the end times, a last battle, only logically angels will die.

  12. It is simple, I want them all dead, good or bad. We the humans, have suffered enough from their interference. If they cared so much, humans would not suffer like this. The corporations rule everything. Politicians are puppets. What, you will tell me that this is guided by free will? You cannot possibly believe that. I will kill them knowing I will have to die so others do not suffer. Children are dying of hunger and genocide in africa and other places, what good angel turns the head on the other side? If you say it was influenced by evil and the good angels do not do anything about it that what is the purpose. THe church protects pedofiles and priests that kill and run with their car and never get convicted while the mother lost her son.
    (A man fell in the water and could not swim. He screamed and said, God please help me please help me. God came to him and said, My son you have to try to swim and than we will see.) THe truth is that one that cannot swim it will drown. We have to seal the doors once and forever and be truly free from the influence good or bad.

  13. i personally am not religious in any way and god doesn't have any affect on me (which is ironic since i was named after the angel gabriel) but im here out of sheer curiosity. a little over a year ago i drifted away from my interest in supernatural entities bu slowly i have fallen back in love with the subject. i want to know, would it be possible to summon(?) an angel? i know that its very unlikely but if anyone out there knows anything about a way to mentally have any sort of contact with an angel or demon could you please let me know?~ Many thanks, Gabriel

  14. The reason for the NAZI's experiments where simple: The Rothchilds paid them to do them. Jew's have a higher proportion of cancer, and other debilitating diseases. Wealthier Jew's wanted to know why, and how to treat the conditions.

  15. My name is Dustin Destree, I'm pretty sure you all know who I am. The reason that I want to kill an angel is that I am already damnend to Hell(apparently my soul came from there, and "there's no coming back from there"). And these mother fuckers are surrounding me, fucking with my entire life, and are plotting to kill me, take my head to capture my soul, and apparently bring about Armegeddon. If I successfully accomplish my opposite goals, all you humans are welcome that a genetic freak saved your assess. But I'll still be in Hell for eternity, so I guess I have to sacrifice my soul to help those who conspired against me my entire life. What a reward for true selflessness!

  16. “Jews” were exterminated? “Jews” make up the majority of the nephlim as in David was fighting against the giant who was NOT like David and his Jewish brothers, so how are nephilim mostly Jews? Like the JEWISH spies (twelve tribes of Jacob) who returned from surveying the new city with the bad report that there were people who were so big that itit made them seem like grasshoppers? That statement is ridiculous and probably based on some antisemetic root, but whatever it is based on you provide no proofs, evidence—NOTHING to qualify those statements.