How to Kill a Demon

While technically killing a Demon is thought to be impossible, without the help of some kind of archaic dungeons and dragons style sword. It is said that they can be banished back to from whence they came. With the help of some tried and tested tools and techniques.

How to Kill a Demon

So you can’t technically kill a Demon, but with it having spent so long trying to escape into our world from whatever hell had previously imprisoned it, being shoved kicking and screaming back into its unearthly domain is going to ultimately have exactly the same effect upon it (at least in the short term).

First Things First

If you’re only experiencing minor Demonic activity, then to avoid agitating the Demon, you can try some simple, traditional methods through which to encourage the Demon to move elsewhere. ‘Sage’, a small evergreen shrub can be burnt in the practise known as ‘smudging’. As used by the Native American Indians, Smudging, is the act of burning a joss-stick like bundle of the shrub, to create a purifying smoke bath. That Demons are said to find incredibly unpleasant. Forcing them to leave the purified area. Objects, and indeed people, can also be cleansed in this manner, by bathing them within the Sage plants purging smoke.


CRUX SACRA SIT MIHI LUX: May the Holy Cross be a light unto me,
NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUX: And may the Dragon never be my guide.
CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICTI: The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict.

VADE RETRO SATANA; NUNQUAM SUADE MIHI VANA: Get behind me, Satan; never suggest vain thoughts to me.

SUNT MALA QUAE LIBAS: The cup you offer is evil;

IPSE VENENA BIBAS: Drink the poison yourself!
Call Out the Big Guns

If you’re not of a religious persuasion, yet you’re still experiencing Demonic activity. Sooner or later you’re going to have to concede to the fact that, if Demons exist, than most likely, so does God, or the Gods (depending upon your newly found faith of choice).
And then having accepted that fact, you’re going to need to call for some help from the Big Guy(s) upstairs. FACT: Almost every recorded act of possession has reached its conclusion (for good or for bad) following religious intervention. But should you not be able to call upon the services of a local Exorcist at the drop of a hat, you might want to try performing your own ‘laymans’ Exorcism.

The Laymans Exorcism

First you need to go get yourself a ‘Saint Benedict Medal’, and then calling out to the God of your chosen faith, repeat the Exorcism prayer (see above-right).  Until you feel yourself cleansed of the abomination that’s been terrorizing you.

* While performing a layman's Exorcism it is important to remember that it is not you that is banishing the Demon, but that you're asking for help from God.  You, yourself, have no power over Demons, and failing to remember this fact is said to lead to grave trouble.


  1. Can't I just shoot it?

    1. yea you can shoot it with holy water

    2. Amen Brother

  2. In my novel, a Haitian witch calls on the Haitian water goddess Mami Wata to send her a demon to exact revenge on the an American Indian tribe that killed someone she loved. As a sacrifice to the demon she gave him her life. The demon, who lives in water has killed many people. If the soul of the witch is freed from him, or if her Spirit voluntarily dismisses him, will he leave?

  3. What about a holy sword or lance

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    1. y-you cant.... ok?.. dont even try. oh and besides why? do you want to fuck a demon? no really why? just reply to me

  5. Well it not impossible angels could kill them with just a flaming sword. Suckers😁

  6. would silver bullets kill a demon?