How to Make a Magic Circle - Simple Spells for Protection Against Demons

Whether playing with the Ouija board, holding a seance, or performing magickal rights, the use of magick circles are common practise for those who wish to prevent the negative influences of evil entities from tainting their experiences. A protective magic circle is designed to mark off sacred space and act as a barrier between those who construct it, and any negative influences that might come lurking outside of its walls during occult practises.
Casting a Protective Magic Circle

There are many ways to make a magic circle, with some involving complex designs and elaborate rituals. But there are also much simpler protective circles that can be created quickly by those with little to no spell-casting knowledge, due to the substances from which they are constructed.
Salt Circle
Salt Circle
A simple circle made of salt is a popular protective magic circle often used when spell-casting, or during Ouija board sessions, and another variation of the same protective circle is made by constructing a circle around a specific area with jars or glasses filled with water mixed with a little salt. In the belief that once safely inside this protective area, the practitioner and all who reside within are safe from the reaches of Demonic influence or assault.
How Big Should a Protective Magick Circle Be?
Like any defensive structure it should be no larger than it needs to be. Obviously for such things as Ouija board sessions the circle will need to be of a relatively large size in order to fit the board and all players within, whilst for singular spell-casting activities the circle need be no larger than required for the caster to comfortably stand or sit inside of it.
Why Do Salt Circles Work?
Water is symbolic of purity, while salt is symbolic of life, both salt and water alone, but even more so combined, are said to remind the likes of fallen Angels and evil spirits of the purity and power of God, and of the floods he once sent to cleanse our world of these unclean spirits. And as such these ‘pure’ substances are said to hold power over those who would corrupt Gods children, by reminding these negative entities of their shortcomings and lack of strength in comparison to he who first created them.