How to Play '100 Candles'

'100 Candles' is a relative new comer (as far as we know) to the world of ritualistic party games of the sort usually sought out by teenagers chasing dark thrills and wild times. In the same vein as 'Ouija Boards', 'Bloody Mary' and 'Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board', 100 Candles is a game designed to scare, confuse, and test the metal of all who come looking, pushing boundaries and blurring lines between dream and reality, often to the regret of those who dare to play.
100 Candles

I can find no solid explanation as to how or why this game came into being, although some believe it originated in ancient Japan, and was a game devised to test the courage of Samurai. But perhaps it was merely the brainchild of some particularly creative yet bored teenager out there somewhere, in an unknown city or town. Or perhaps 100 Candles is an evolved form of a much older game with its roots based in witchcraft, and it's as old as man-kind itself.
In every house in every street darkness lurks locked behind closed doors, waiting for the innocent and guilty alike to set it free. Many will tell you 'STOP, turn around, think it over, and walk away.' warning against meddling with such things. But those who come to play rarely listen, drawn as they are to answers and questions, and the chance to glean insights into worlds inside worlds, and by the urge to peer deep inside the rabbit hole.
At the end of each story the player telling it must blow out their candle, and prepare to take up another as each player takes their turn, going around the circle, until all 100 candles have been extinguished.

WARNING! - 100 Candles is not a game for unsupervised children. I'm sure I don't need to explain to you the dangers of a single lit candle when not used responsibly or without the respect it deserves. Multiply these potential risks by 100, and you'll realize that even without the possibility of paranormal activity, 100 candles is not a game to be taken lightly. Fire kills, be careful.
You will need 100 candles, lighter or matches, a dark quiet room, a group of friends or players (and perhaps a bucket of sand and a fire extinguisher).
How to Play 100 Candles
With your friends light 100 candles and carefully position them around the room in a circle, within which all sit. Form a circle within this circle of flames and make yourselves comfortable, for 100 Candles is not a short game. There should be no light in the room except for the light of the candles, and each now take a turn whilst holding a lit candle, at regaling the group with a true paranormal experience.
And what happens next I can not tell you, for some things are more than words and as such can not be explained. For when the last candle goes out taking with it the only light left in the room, walls seemingly shake and shiver, and the hair on your neck stands stiff as all around you the darkness you suspect, hides every nightmare and every bad feeling you've ever had, set free from their flames.


  1. I have to try it :)

  2. Wow very good post I enjoyed the read.

  3. "and the hair on your neck stands stiff as all around you the darkness you suspect, hides every nightmare and every bad feeling you've ever had, set free from their flames" Good grief!!

    why on earth would someone want THAT?

    and some things are more then words.

  4. Very interesting post! I've only got 99 candles burning...LOL! Thanks..

  5. Who the hell would have 100 candles just chillin' at there house?!

  6. I have a bulk package of tealight candles, perhaps 500 or so. Tempting...

  7. Its not true. When u do this ur gunna get paranoid that's why your gunna think theres someones watching you or there's someone in the room with you. Me and my friends did it we got scared it is like an hour or 2 to finish this game.

  8. enjoyed the post as I am a huge fan of Halloween and all things scary but honestly I don't think that I could stay awake long enough to get through all the stories and blow out the candles. Also I think the anticipation and tension created by doing this would account for the hair raising...

  9. Great post Thanks for sharing.