Is there an Alien on the American One Dollar Bill?

It was a few months back now that I first heard about the ‘Alien’ that was supposedly hiding within the artwork of a one dollar bill. However, not being from the States, I didn’t have any dollar bills handy, with which to check for myself. So instead I watched a video on YouTube, saw what was supposed to be the alien, pondered the significance of it for a moment or two, and then forgot about it, and carried on with my life.

Then a few nights ago, while having a few beers around a friends, I noticed on their coffee table a dollar bill, brought back from their recent holiday. And so with a real dollar bill in hand, I decided to take another look.
Why would there be an Alien on the one dollar bill?

The images found on American money (and that of other currencies) have been heavily analysed. And in particular the images found on the one dollar bill have come under close scrutiny. Tie this together with the many conspiracy theories that suggest Alien involvement with and manipulation of the American government, combined with the beliefs held by some that extraterrestrials were at least partially responsible for the building of the Pyramids (as seen on the one dollar bill), and you have some kind of explanation, for the possibility of an Alien being hidden within the dollar bills artwork.

Could we see an Alien on the Dollar bill?

Having previously watched the YouTube video pointing out the location of the supposedly hidden Alien on the dollar bill, I knew exactly where to look. I located what was supposed to be the Alien immediately. However, things got more interesting, when I handed the dollar over to my friends, and told them to look for it, near the bottom of the Pyramid.

Each in turn claimed that they had spotted the Alien. However, I noticed that when one friend was pointing it out to another, that they were pointing to a completely different location on the dollar bill, (somewhere near the lower-center of the pyramid), than to where the Alien was supposed to be located, (in the bottom right). And another friend thought that they had found it elsewhere still.


‘Matrixing’ is the phenomenon of finding familiar shapes in chaos. Essentially the same as when a person is able to distinguish (or construct) familiar forms in the vague shapes of clouds.

The power of suggestion

I was able to pin-point the supposed alien being with ease. Having already had it pointed out to me clearly in the YouTube video. But knowing only what they were supposed to be searching for. But not knowing exactly where to look. My friends found the Alien, in various positions. Constructing it in their imaginations, from any semi-humanoid looking shape.
Is there an Alien on the one dollar bill?

Who can say for sure. But having seen how easy it was for my friends to ‘create’ their own Aliens. From little more than their own imaginations. I took another look at the Alien, that having been prompted, for a moment, I’d believed that I could see. And had to admit, that in truth, it really was nothing more than a vague black shape. That through the power of suggestion, and the power of matrixing, I’d most likely made in my mind, into something, that simply wasn’t there at all.
But then, I've been known to be wrong before...

What do you think? Is there an Alien on the one Dollar bill?



  1. Thanks for this post! It's a new revelation to me and it adds to my never-ender research on the occult.

  2. I don't know about an alien, but a dude in black robes is pretty ominous in of itself. It looks like that robed guy's hand on the pyramid to me. Still interesting, it's always good to see someone rational amid the whole ET/Alien phenomena.

  3. I always heard it was a man hiding in the bushes, waiting to assassinate the president. And whats up with the eyeball? That has freaked me out since I was little.

  4. that is not an alien look at the surrounding there are a bunch of plants if you look closly u see just a plant