Liminal Zones and the Oz Factor - A World of Unusual Anomalies

There are places in this world where strange happenings occur more often than elsewhere, places where the lines between what we would usually consider to be reality and the world of high-strangeness blur. Welcome to the ‘Liminal Zone’. ‘Liminal Zones’ are areas where anomalies such as hauntings, Alien visitations, and other strange and unusual events are witnessed with a greater frequency than what might be considered usual.
Liminal Zones are generally thought to be areas that act as a boundary ‘between’, a middle area, a place between places, and as such are not only found in the physical world but are also found within the human psyche, with the most common liminal zone in this regard being that between consciousness and sleep.
Coined by the anthropologist ‘Victor Turner’ to describe regions of transition liminal zones are sometimes said to be areas within which the laws of time and space weaken, allowing those present glimpses of our world without its usual order, and the chance to step inside the world of Daimonic reality, myth, and the supernatural.
What is the Oz Factor?
The ‘Oz Factor’ is a term coined by the British Ufologist ‘Jenny Randles’ that refers to a noticeable alteration in consciousness that often accompanies episodes of ‘high strangeness’ that may be experienced within liminal zones, symptoms of the Oz factor may include such sensations as timelessness, and preternaturnal environmental stillness (e.g. a cessation of otherwise naturally occurring sounds, birds chirping, leaves rustling, etc.), and the feeling that one has been removed from the state of normal reality.
An example of a geographical liminal zone could be that of a forest that is known for a high occurrence of unusual events or sightings, while an example of a common experience associated with a (thought-to-be) psychological liminal zone might be that of ‘sleep paralysis’, and the sensation of being between worlds.

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