Mirror Scrying - How to Make and Use a Scrying Mirror

Mirror Scrying - How to Make and Use a Scrying Mirror
Scrying is essentially the practice of creating form from chaos, and of taking stolen glimpses and making sense of them. Also known as 'Crystal gazing', 'Seeing', and 'Peeping' Scrying involves utilizing a specified medium (such as a scrying mirror) to obtain visions that may then be interpreted to offer gainful insights and/or advice, by the user.
In addition to scrying mirrors, such mediums as: crystals, glass, water, and smoke may also be used. Some believe that the messages received via the practice of scrying come directly from God, Angels, Demons, etc. whilst others believe that the tools used within the practice of scrying, acting as a center for increased focus, unlock the part of the human psyche that usually remains untapped, and that the messages obtained through scrying are unlocked via this raised level of brain activity.

How to use a Scrying Mirror

What are the best kind of scrying mirrors to use?
As with all things in life it's different strokes for different folks, because what works well for one may not work so well for another. But with this said it is generally believed that the best scrying mirrors are those formed of black Obsidian.
Obsidian is a naturally forming volcanic glass found around volcanoes and lava tracts, and black Obsidian is considered to be a powerful medium through which to perform scrying, it is said to have protective qualities be a repellent of negativity, and is imbued with the powers of prophecy. And highly polished round black Obsidian scrying mirrors are said to be the most effective of all.
How to use a Scrying Mirror
Prior to using a scrying mirror you should create a safe area for yourself within which to sit, mirror scrying works best within dark areas lit by candle-light. In order to successfully use a scrying mirror you will need to bring about a self-induced trance like state, so be sure to make yourself comfortable before you begin.
In a similar fashion to meditation you will need to push all irrelevant thoughts from your mind, focusing only on the images perceived within the scrying mirror. Try not to become distracted by the flickering of the candle and look deeper within the mirror, sensing shapes and form where once there were none. Say aloud and make mental note of all images received, no matter how irrelevant they may initially seem, it is through this free-association that the scryer's meditative state deepens, culminating in richly detailed stories and messages being made visible to the user from deep within the scrying mirror.
It is generally believed that these visions and images were always locked away within the mirrors surface, unseen, and that it is this deep meditative state that unlocks them, setting them free for the scryer's subconscious mind to interpret, and extract meaning from.

How to make a Scrying Mirror

How to make a Scrying Mirror
The simplest method through which to create a homemade scrying mirror is simply to fill a bowl of water with ink (black works best), this can be used in exactly the same way as a scrying mirror, and is much cheaper.
The second method though slightly more difficult does leave the user with a more tangible item, that can be used over and over. Take an old photo frame and remove the glass covering, wipe clean and then paint with a thick layer of black paint, then re-insert into frame. This is an excellent way of making an acceptable and functional scrying mirror on a budget.
Mirror Scrying Tips
* Mirror scrying works best with the mirror placed at an angle to yourself, this is to avoid seeing only your own reflection.
* Do not attempt to force images into the mirror, but instead let them wash over you, like seeing familiar shapes in clouds.
* Do not attempt mirror scrying in an anxious state of mind, wait until you are more grounded. Scrying can be an emotional and spiritual experience both, and if attempted whilst in a poor state of mind any negative emotions present may become magnified.

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