Owl Dreams, Aliens, Screen Memories, and The Fourth Kind

Even in traditional dream interpretation the dreaming of an 'Owl' is considered to be a bad omen, synonymous with death and darkness as it is the Owl forewarn's of disappointments, and of death creeping closely hidden in the wake of better times.
But with regards to Owl 'dreams' and close encounters of the fouth kind the recollection of these nocturnal predators takes on a different meaning altogether, to become something far more sinister and disturbing.
For 'Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind' are the abduction of Humans by Aliens, usually for the purposes of experimentation and analysis (often carried out with a brutality that would not be expected of an advanced race). The movie 'The Fourth Kind' features Owls heavily within its dialog, but little is offered in way of explanation for the Owls presence, other than to touch lightly upon the fact that the Owl (despite what the brain was telling) didn't 'feel' to be an Owl at all.
So what is an Owl if an Owl it isn't?

Owls have frequently been recorded as being an occurrence within the recalled memories of those under hypnosis who have experienced 'missing time'. Missing time is a phenomenon commonly reported in connection with suspected episodes of Alien abduction, and is the experience of losing periods of time within which contact and/or abduction by alien entities occurs. Periods of missing time vary greatly in length, and range from just a few minutes to several days, with the memories of what occurred during these time frames being blurry and unclear, if not forgotten completely.
  • 48% of Americans think UFOs are real.
  • 29% think we have made contact with aliens.
  • 48% think there is a government cover up of UFO knowledge.
Screen Memories
Screen memories with regards to Alien abduction are essentially altered or false memories in which something unpleasant is thought to have been glossed over with something more familiar and/or friendly. Owls amongst other animals often appear as a disguise to replace the images of Aliens etc. within such memories, as do police officers, fire-fighters (and other people of authority), and strangely clowns too. And it is suspected that these ill fitting memories were implanted within the abductees by the Aliens in order to prevent mental trauma following abduction.


  1. FREAKY!! I used to have nightmares about aliens. I couldn't even watch Communion - or any of those movies - when I was a kid. Thanks for an interesting, and creepy, post. (shudder)

  2. I think I once knew an alien, but she wasn't half as pretty as that white Owl.

  3. Yeah, I want to see this movie. My family, most of them, have weird memories of owls, and clowns. Not me though. Not a single memory of the owls, or the clowns, and yet I remember so many things from thee time period, if there was an Owl, you'd think I'd remember it.

  4. I have had dreams of clowns and owls my whole life.... :( recently i have had disturbing dreams of me being dragged across my floor as i listen to an owl in the background...I've felt like something bad has been hanging over me and everywhere i go i feel a looming sense of dread...

  5. As a child I had haunting feelings about owls watching me, huge black almond shaped eyes watching me, and an uncanny fear of those black cat clocks whose eyes open glance side to side then close while it's tail swishes back & forth. For some reason for many, many years I was convinced I was being watched all the time by black eyes that I could see out of the corner of my eye but if I looked around very fast they disappeared or the eyes would instantly look away as if to say "what? I wasn't even looking in your direction". I had this feeling the watchers were judging me very critically in all things & had the power to do something unspeakable to me if I didn't meet up to their criteria. As I matured the fear faded & I didn't feel them watching anymore but just knew they were anyway. It turned into a more benevolent feeling as I aged that I was now being protected rather than being judged, although it didn't make me any less afraid of those eyes. Owls became a fascination rather than a scary specter watching me. It's the shape of the eyes especially on the snowy owls. That huge almond shape & black glassy eyes that you can't tell if they are looking right at you or not. Now that I'm 49 I don't feel it anymore but just remember it very vividly. As a girl these watchers were as real as my parents or my friends or anything else in my world. Psychologists say this is a common thing among children especially with troublesome childhoods where parental abuse is a factor. I accept that theory, however, having lived it... I can never shake the feeling that what I experienced really actually happened & was not just a child's hallucinations manifesting inner fears & guilts. I guess I'll never know.

  6. Yea the sumarians are coming to visit pretty soon.....there late.....but us as a human race will never except it......and its probably gonna get ugly I just hope that were as understanding as they are.......

  7. this was a pretty good movie

    i too have nightmares about aliens starting years after i saw one ( face to face in my window) and since i wake up sometimes with strange scratches and cuts and the feeling im being watched to the point im scared to be alone in the nighttime i hope im just paranoid

    no one believes me i did see an alien

    1. I believe you check out abductees by aliens experiences, they too have a hard time with peeps understanding them

  8. Woah talk about synchronicity! RooBee I'm literally watching Communion right now! I heard Christopher Walken mention in the movie that he saw an owl( after the alien encounter) and right away I thought of the Fourth Kind (which I thought was pretty amazing). Which makes me think there really might be some connection with Owls and Aliens in some way... I've been looking up info on the internet and surprisingly I've found and overwhelming amount of people who have had encounters and have the "memory" of seeing an owl.

  9. I know exactly what you mean. I called it a pop up. You can feel its presence and then it pops up flat against the wall at the head of your bed. It looks like an owl. It does suggest memories that are not of this place, before I came here I know I felt exactly the same about this place. Apprehension. It did not erase any memory of itself in my mind. I know it can pop up at any time and although do not think it will, as you suggest, it can, and I do not really want to see that thing even if it doesnt hurt me. It is not suppose to be real, but we know differently. It is from another dimension, and when I dream, I never dream of anyone from this place, It all seems normal and real, but different people in a more communal system of orginization with limited resources. Its voice is very high and it asked questions of me after placing me in another level of reality. I am trying to do my best, even when I should have failed. it seems something is keeping me going after reaching a tipping point. People have drawn pretty good pictures of it on the rock paintings on the ancient aliens the ones that show the head with lines going out of the face in all directions, those are the feathers on its face it does look like an owl but it was very scary going right to the core of my conciousness.

  10. I have been visited by the visitors for many years and have never dreamed of owls or felt the slightest fear of the Visitors. It's those little grey aliens that you have to watch out for. Fortunately I haven't had to deal with them.

  11. guys i had a fight with an alian last night hit got messy man i won the fight though

  12. When I think of this message in the film I feel a warning to the core of my conciousness. The feeling of coming out of a state of belief like a rocket and not at all sure wut is supposed to be. People are being dulled to other aspects of thought and existence.