Psychic Development, Premonition and Deja Vu - Develop Psychic Powers

Are you the kind of person who always knows who's on the other end of a ringing telephone, before you answer it? If that's the case then it's just possible that you may be on the verge of a psychic awakening. Some believe that psychic powers and psycho-kinetic abilities lie dormant within all of us, to more or lesser degrees. And there are tell-tale signs that could indicate these hidden gifts half-buried within your psyche, if due notice is taken of them.
Psychic Development - Premonition and Predicting Events
The telephone rings, and without looking you know who's on the other end, perhaps for reasons unknown you'd been thinking of this person all morning, and it comes as no surprise to you when you realize that it's them. A tune sticks in your head that you haven't heard in ages, and you hum it all morning long, only to find that the same tune is playing, the moment you switch the radio on.
This kind of simple premonition could be said to be 'psychic powers' in their rawest form. Rogue uncontrolled bursts of an unharnessed sixth sense delivered at random, usually to the slight confusion of those who receive them. But what if such powers through psychic development could be magnified and controlled.
Psychic Development - The Right Place at the Right Time
If you're the sort of person who never misses a bus, who always makes it to the store just before it closes, and not just after, and the person who decides to stay in and have a quiet night, only to hear later of a huge pile-up on the roads, on the route you would have taken, then you may just be gifted.
Similar in nature to the premonitions detailed above, 'always being in the right place at the right time' is another example of a potential psychic ability, that through psychic development could be honed, and used to substantial benefit. Often written off as luck this secret sixth sense perhaps lies dormant, keeping safe the bearer, who oblivious and unknowing, avoids tragedy, unaware that their impeccable timing and wise decisions are the product of more than good fortune.
Psychic Development and Empathy
Another sign of potential psychic powers within an individual could be an above average ability to empathize with others. If you're the sort of person who always seems to know how others are feeling and thinking, even when they don't truly know themselves, it could be that you are a secretly gifted 'Empath.'
Empath's are able to 'feel' the emotional state of others with accuracy above just recognizing facial and physical body cues, and skilled in this manner will always know just the right thing to say or do, to alleviate the suffering of others.
So in the world of psychic powers and psycho-kinetic abilities 'Empathy' could yet prove to be another sign, of untapped raw psychic potential.
Psychic Development - Do you Deja Vu?
If you frequently feel like you're experiencing moments of time that you've previously experienced before, this could be yet another sign of untapped psychic potential. 'Deja Vu' is the sensation of feeling sure that one has witnessed or experienced a new situation previously, i.e. an individual feels as though an event has already happened or has happened in the recent past.
Also known as 'Promnesia' Deja Vu could be the resulting effect of uncontrolled bursts of raw psychic power, half-premonitions received by the untrained psychic, but misunderstood, causing the confusion usually experienced following such episodes.
Psychic Development for the Untrained Psychic
Most of us will have experienced the majority of the potential psychic abilities listed above, to more or lesser degrees at some time or another. But having these untapped psychic powers is not enough to gain any real benefit from them. As with everything in life improving on any raw potential takes time and hard work, take note of such episodes as and when they occur, and analyse them, rather than dismissing them. For awareness, concentration, focus, and belief, are the tools of psychic development, through which the untrained psychic is able to master his/her gifts.


  1. I do almost always know who's calling, and what anyone is aobut to say, and whats going to happen next, and it stinks. Its like if someone tells you the end of the movie before you finish it, adn lots of times what is about to be said ...yuor not going to like. Knowing it wont change it...

  2. Such experiences happens to everyone. The point is to notice them, and understand that they have a meaning. And then, you can ask yourself a question: what should I do now?

  3. I always have that deja vu. just wondering how to develop it, and improve the skill, so I will be sure about it, if it is happening already, and be ready for everything.

  4. You can use your third eye by doing some meditation in an open nature, gaining more intelligence and becoming more aware of feelings. Then you can feel much more relaxed once you have opened your third eye of psychic reading.

  5. I do almost always know who's calling, and what anyone is aobut to say, and whats going to happen next, and it stinks. Its like if someone tells you the end of the movie before you finish it, adn lots of times what is about to be said ...yuor not going to like. Knowing it wont change it..

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