Psychokinesis – Psychokinetic Special Abilities and Powers

Since the beginning of time all life upon Earth has been in a constant state of mutation, a million tiny changes bringing a million tiny advantages, each in turn allowing the bearer to gain foothold, and stride ahead, in the battle to the top of the food chain. Mankind in his vanity has believed for some time now that he is in the final stage of evolution, himself perfection, but whilst external differences have been much easier for us to control and formalise and keep stable, inside, just perhaps, evolution has remained as busy as ever.

Psychokinetic Abilities
‘Psychokinesis’ is an umbrella term used to describe either the potential or actual ‘special abilities’ available to certain gifted individuals. Psychokinesis and psychokinetic abilities cover a wide variety of ‘X-Men’ like super-powers, from spoon bending to shape shifting, those who are gifted with psychokinesis may one day prove to be, the next stage of human evolution.
Telekinesis is the psychokinetic ability that grants the power to move matter simply through the force of mind or will.  Those gifted with telekinesis are able to move physical items and at their strongest even levitate, by lifting their own matter.
Micro telekinesis allows those gifted to affect matter at a microscopic level, micro telekineticss are able to alter temperatures of matter by speeding up or slowing down the naturally occurring vibrations of atoms, possibly to the point of ignition, this psychokinetic ability is also known as ‘pyrokinesis.’
Object Deformation
Object deformation is the psychokinetic ability that enables its bearer to alter the matter of physical objects. The most famous example of object deformation are the famous spoon benders like ‘Uri Geller’, spoon bending and its associated abilities include the practise of altering the matter and shape of objects, especially metallic items such as cutlery, without applying physical force.
Whether by technological or paranormal means ‘teleportation’ is an often used theme within science fiction movies, and is another potential psychokinetic ability. Psychokinetics gifted with the power of teleportation would be able to transfer matter from one point to another almost instantly, by pure power of will.
‘Bilocation’ is thought to be similar to teleportation, however with bilocation the individual or item would be present in two distinct locations, at the same instant in time.
Shapeshifting is the psychokinetic ability associated with many characters of myth and folklore, the psychokinetic shapeshifter is said to be able to change from one form into another.  The shapeshifting psychokinetic is able to transform completely into any other organic being at will, this is usually thought to be into the form of an animal, like vampires are credited with the ability to turn into bats, and werewolves’ wolves.

Other examples of potential psychokinetic abilities:
Aerokinesis, the control of air and other gases.
Electrokinesis, the control of electricity.
Chlorokinesis, the control of plant life.
Geokinesis, the control of ground-based minerals.
Hydrokinesis, the control of water.
Magnetokinesis, the control of magnetism.
Photokinesis, the control of photons (light).
Pyrokinesis, the control of fire.
Sonokinesis, the control of pressure waves that create sound.
Umbrakinesis, the control of darkness and shadows.
Whilst many of these psychokinetic abilities may seem unbelievable at first, it would take a brave man indeed to deny the many strange and mysterious things that surround us even now, each and every day, this world is full of miracles and we’ve come a long way, a million advantage bearing adaptations, a million links in a chain, could we really be the biological nirvana? Because if not, where are we going to go from here?
The Psychic Pathway: A Workbook for Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul


  1. I think we've evolved into less than what we once were, in many ways. We no longer pay heed to our instincts, we ignore significant, though tiny, warning signals. We work more on what we can see and hear than we do on less tangible senses. We're arrogance personified :)

    I'd like to teleport, by the way. No more flying. Instant (or almost) travel. I'd love it. I'd be leapfrogging the planet in my lunch breaks. Eating croissants in France. Drinking a cool beer in Germany. Nipping over to OZ for a great sunset afore bed. Imagine the possibilities :):)

  2. I've been fascinated by pyrokinesis ever since reading Firestarter by Stephen King. I'd really like to see some of these "talents" live if possible. I've never heard of some of the other kinesises you've mentioned!

  3. I am fascinated with these subjects and really enjoyed reading about them. Hope you write more in the future, Really well written,Thanks!

  4. I wish I could change my shape, plus be in two places at once, plus controling gasses sounds good...and if I control plant life..that could have its benefits too. If you get any of these skills yourself, please let me know how you did it?

  5. I don't have much faith in any of this stuff. If I had any of these powers I would fear me.

  6. I certainly hope that I am NOT the sum total of billions of years of evolution. That would be too depressing to bear.

    Your post is quite interesting and I certainly believe that there is a next step in the evolutionary chain, and it is easy for me to accept that it could be noticed now if we knew where and how to spot it. I don't think profound change is thousands or hundreds of thousands of years away. I read an article asserting the exact opposite--that we are at the end of the evolutionary chain, but I can't accept that.

  7. I was so surprised that more weren't interested in Chlorokinesis, what with gardening being America's #1 hobby, then you wouldn't have to waste all that money at the nursery buying the same rose bush over and over again.

  8. I think I better get out of here, because you people don't know anything about ESP, and none of you have that. So, I think this is the wrong place for me to be, because I will never meet anyone else here who also has it. Sorry.

  9. I didn't know about umbrakinesis before but it sounds a fascinating one. It's given me a great idea for a story...

  10. Psychokinesis, is to control objects within your grasp.It is not your mind that controls this ability. The means to Control P.K.
    is within your hands. So in order to use this a metallic or aluminum object will work best in the beginning.

    Use the feeling that is between your hands. It will feel like
    static electricity, a metallic object will be the essayist to move.
    The Static feeling is what you should focus on.

    A beer can, or a tin can rolling on table will help.
    The static feeling between your hands will move this object
    with practice. Keep working on this. and you will achieve
    psychokinetic abilities.

    Remember, the static feeling between your hands.
    The more radical that you feel this, the easier it will be to move
    objects from around 4 to 5 feet away. However, in the beginning
    it will only be a few inches; until the field you create gets larger
    with practice.