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‘Retrocognition’ is a form of ESP (extra sensory perception) and a psychokinetic ability due to the fact that those gifted with the powers of retrocognition are able to receive information from sources outside of those that can be identified by the standard five senses.
As with all ESP abilities retrocognition is often thought of as a sixth sense, retrocognition is the opposite of the usual psychic abilities associated with fortune tellers, etc. the ability to predict the future. Because those gifted with the power of retrocognition, have the ability to witness events that have happened in the past.

Known also as ‘postcognition’ retrocognition is very difficult to test, because if the information gained is of an unknown event it could be almost impossible to prove, whilst if the postcognition is of a known event, it is possible that the information was learnt from other sources.
At its most basic level retrocognition could be possible for some instances of ‘déjà vu’ or the feeling of having been somewhere or experienced an event at some point previous. 
Other examples of retrocognition could include visions through which the psychokinetic is able to witness events from the past at which they were not present, this may range from insights into local events and happenings which could be beneficial for assisting with police enquiries etc. to fully blown psi-journeys like lucid dreams, in which the psychokinetic mentally visits famous historic events from the past.
Perhaps the most well known ability associated with retrocognition is that of ‘past-life memories’, the ability to regress back and remember experiences and memories gained within a previous life.
‘Psychometry’ is a form of retrocognition associated with physical objects.  The psychic or psychokinetic by being in physical contact with an item is able to ‘see’ it’s past, including: where it came from, what was it used for, who previously owned it, etc.

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