Scary Dolls – Haunted Evil Killer Dolls ‘Wanna Play?’

Killer Dolls
Killer Dolls

Like clowns these once popular children’s favorites have for many become the creatures of nightmares. Movies based around the terrifying killing sprees of haunted killer dolls are commonplace, and the internet is full of tales of those who have experienced strange occurrences at the hands of these strange and unusual scary dolls.
‘Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?’
As children most of us would have had a favourite childhood companion in the form of a doll, teddy bear or other toy, a friend by day-light and a protector by night to defend us against the monsters under the bed, not everyone was as lucky. For some it seems that it was this very companion that became the threat posed by the darkness, animated after lights out these scary dolls move around of their own accord, taking on a life of their own.
Some people believe that dolls can act as a vessel or ‘home’ for lost souls, angry spirits with nowhere to go and especially the spirits of children who were once associated with the doll may seek it out after death and possess it, preferring to remain in our world in whatever form is available rather than move on into the next.
These scary dolls are not necessarily evil or monsters, but frustration on their part at being unable to interact with the living in ways they previously enjoyed can easily lead to the playing of pranks or angry and violent outbursts. Dolls have often been used in magic and witchcraft due to their replicated human form, with dead eyes they watch us, and observe us, and occasionally these scary dolls, like the rest of us, just want to play.

Is Adam most likely an...

  • 21% Innocent childrens toy or collectable
  • 79% Psychotic knife wielding killer
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Killer Dolls?

Meet ‘Adam’ he’s a ‘Carpatina’ doll that I stumbled across the other day, Carpatina are a company that produce ‘life-like’ vinyl collectible dolls. These dolls are not produced with the intention of being scary, but staring into those cold dead eyes I couldn’t help but be more than a little afraid.
Imagine waking up from a dream to find the life-less eyes of Adam the scary doll staring into yours as his little hands do their best to choke the air from your lungs, his little shirt and his realistic hair disguising the true entity hiding inside this most horrifying of killer dolls.
But then I could be wrong, maybe Adam would look just delightful sat on the mantelpiece, and would rarely move of his own accord at all, let alone attack people.
What do you think? (Take the poll).
Do you believe in haunted dolls? Watch the videos below of real-life scary dolls and see what you make of them…

Scary Dolls - Killer Dolls


  1. I've never liked dolls, clowns, porcelain wotsits. The eyes. Horrible. A friends' daughter had a huge collection of horrors dotted around her house. She always wondered why I could never sit still. Great post :)

  2. you know anything can be "haunted". :)

  3. haha dont give me night mares before thpose dolls are like creepy

  4. Indeed, I have seen other dolls which do not seem to exude that charming effect. Instead they actually make you feel like you are being watched by a real sinister person.