Sleep Paralysis and Prayer - The Sleep Paralysis Demon

Last night I opened my eyes to see a pale face resting upon my chest. His hair was black, his eyes were closed tight with blueish tinged eyelids, and in many ways he was quite peaceful looking as he lay there, pinning me to the bed beneath him without the slightest hint of effort registering upon his face. And usually I'd panic, like a rabbit in the headlights, screaming inside and attempting to thrash around to no avail, fearful of this unknown threat that attacked me whilst I slept. 

But usually my attacker was unclear, murky, only half-seen and far more forceful as it struck out, grasping, and attempting to choke. But this wasn't my first meeting with the sleep paralysis Demon, and whilst the first few episodes had terrified me to the point of being unable to sleep properly for weeks (if not months), since then I'd found method through which to defend myself, and have fought it off with ease many times now.
So for a moment instead of the panic I usually felt, I became fascinated by the pallid face that lay just inches from my own, seemingly tranquil, as if asleep itself. But then slowly and with a twinge its eyes began to open, and suddenly I felt that old familiar fear wash over me, with a dawning realization that the last thing on earth I wanted to do this night (and possibly the last thing I would do full-stop) was look into the eyes of this Demon, be it only a dream, or not. So in my own mixed-up gobbledygook fashion, I feverishly began to pray.
Sleep Paralysis and Prayer
Of course the scientific explanation for sleep paralysis is the logical one, the most likely to be correct, and in many ways the one I'd rather choose to believe. A sleep defect caused by an excessive production of certain body paralyzing enzymes, often brought about by stress, poor diet, and lack of sleep. But ever since I touched upon my discovery that despite being non-religious in nature I had felt compelled to pray during sleep paralysis, and that it had worked immediately (and has done every time since) my original article'Sleep Paralysis - Old Hag Syndrome and Demons in the Dark' has received more and more visitors, all adding testament to the association between sleep paralysis and prayer, and the power of prayer as a means of warding off the sleep paralysis Demon.
I feel I should be honest here, I have never been a religious man, and there are few who are further from the likeness of God (should such things exist) than I. But the urge to pray was instinctive (as it always is), primitive, in the sense that I know no real prayers as such, but instead reached out to something unknown to me, a higher being, and all that is good. And most surprising of all to me, was that it worked.
Was I converted? Or was this merely the prayer of a desperate man who confronted with death reaches out to God, and then once saved writes it off as coincidence, and berates himself for thinking such foolish thoughts?
In truth it's most likely the latter, but despite my lack of faith following these battles with the sleep paralysis Demon, it still remains effective, leaving me wondering...
So be it psychosomatic, or something more miraculous, for me at least, prayer really does seem to have the power to cut episodes of sleep paralysis short.


  1. I am not religious in the slightest. I was raised in a highly religious home, so the instinct to pray didn't exactly shock me, as it has been driven into my head as the only solution to any problem. What did shock me, is that in my paralyzed state, and I was awake, not able to turn my head or speak, barely able to breath, my husband snoring next to me, I wanted to scream because there were eyes staring right at me, and it felt like hands of steel gripping my arms, pinning me to the bed. A huge weight on my chest, and I felt myself sinking further into the mattress. An aboslute terror filled my body and I could not move. My mind fought against a feeling of truly going insane, and words couldnt even form in my mind. Just screaming, that couldnt come out. And finally words appeared. I thought..GOD HELP ME!!! The hands grew tighter and I swear to you Mr V, I heard laughter. And a hissing kind of noise and in my when you think the radio is on and it isnt..I heard..hes not looking...I manged a small moan, and I knew I would be ok, and I thought again..HELP ME!!! then the eyes looked away, and it was gone. I gasped for air so loud it woke my husband up. What shocked me was, prayer (if that counts as prayer? according to my parents it wouldn't) worked. It had never worked for anything else in my life. I had not prayed for over 11 years. I am positive, there are things that exist that we can not see, and don't understand. I am not sure its all in the Bible either. Certainly not in Church.

  2. science cannot explain it for everyone. this happens to me often, ever since I can remember. but evidence for me that this wasn't just dreams came thus: when I was around 14 years old, I had a sleep paralysis experience, always the same darkly beautiful demon holding me down. I tried to struggle but he held me tight. I screamed but only a whisper escaped me. the demon clawed my face and I gasped, waking up. when I was sure I was really awake, I put on the light but the left side of my face was stinging. there were three long gashes across my skin. being rational, i looked around the room and bed for anything that could have caused this but there was nothing. make of it what you will but science is not the answer to everything.

  3. About 30 years ago I experienced the paralysis part. I awoke sleeping on my stomach and completely unable to move or utter a sound. I was ice cold and I heard clanking noises like that of someone shaking an aluminum mess kit. I may have been paralyzed by sheer fear...I was terrified. After a few minutes I was able to move a few fingers, with effort. Little by little I was able to "unfreeze". I never mentioned it.

  4. I had one experience with sleep paralisis once...I did not see a demon I just woke and I couldnt move..and felt fear..but I didnt an atheist...I just tried to relax and it worked just fine....I think its just about doing something that works for you ...

  5. Once I had sleep paralysis and not a day later someone called me while I was out telling me the place had every cabinet open, stuff turned upside down..radios on, televisions on, etc.

    Usually I have sleep paralysis once or twice a month, but on average at least twice a night it occurs on.

    That time I called out to whoever it was--admittedly I felt foolish--but told it in so many words to leave.

  6. It is said that evil grows in cracks and holes and lives in the mind. When we are sleeping the conscious mind sleeps as well. When we are children we fear there is a gap in us that will let out a monster. As we mature, our consciousness does as well. But to the immature imagination, the monster remains. To many this monster is called a boogeyman. When we become adults, the monster changes. Adults do not fear a boogeyman. However, now their mind has the ability to make a monster out of a bill collector or something else that reminds us of this immature fear we learned as a child. When we push down fear during the day, at night when we sleep, the monster of our childhood comes back to haunt us, now paralyzing us in fear as a demon. The monster has changed, but the fear that began in childhood is still the same.

    The fear is part of the darkness. What dispells the darkness is the Light. Prayer is of the Light, which shows us these childish memories are not real, even though they are frightening and feel like they are. The fear and the prayer/Light, are both in us, as are all answers.

    Both science and faith are correct. However, when someone is experiencing a shadowy figure in sleep, until they are fully awake, chances are a scientific explanation will not prove effective in dispelling the monster demon, but if that does work, more power to the science god.

    It is comforting to know we can dispell darkness by prayer. Until the problem can be defined as a monster we feared as a child, we can continue to use prayer.

  7. well im muslim and i never use to pray and i wasnt religous i used to get this it stopped after i started praying never had it for a very long time :)

  8. what do you make of two people having exactly the same expieriance in the same house at the same time. spooky cos it happend to my sister and mother. how can sciance explain that one

    1. spirt world is real, my mother and i shared same dreams when i was 2-4.. went on for years, at the end i was by myself.. every time the men in white robes took me from my bed..recently (in my early 20s now) i experienced a full premonition, of the same girl i used 2 fly threw town with in my dreams.. and sit ontop a 3 story roof top.. so i asked my mom about the robe people, and she confirmed what i knew anyhow, and she said "They stood in like a quire line.. i never mentioned that part 2 anyone, now she is raping me in my sleep, possesses me when i play guitar, and is tormenting my girlfriends.. its so bad i am gonna try getting some Egyptian perfume that can kill angels, and destroy this obsessive liar of a fallen angel.. its 100% real, an ima kill her and rape her mouth hole.. fuck with me and my animals and very few human loves.. ill murder her if given the chance cause she would me..

  9. Fighting & False awakening.

    It was the early hours of the morning, maybe about 4 or 5 a.m. and I was sleeping alone. As I turned over in bed I noticed a tall slim figure in white wearing a white brimless hat with a darkish complexion.

    The figure all of a sudden lunged toward me pulling at my ankles, I ended wrestling with this thing and managed to thrown it to the bedroom floor and then I woke up.

    All of a sudden It was back in my room and I was wrestling with this thing again, this felt quite real and not at all like a dream. As I lay there in bed I slapped my forehead just to make sure that I was awake and remember thinking “thank god I`m awake now”. All of a sudden it was back, AGAIN ! When this round was over I was shaking my head thinking jesus, “I`ve gotta be awake now ! Then I felt its present again, I shouted out aloud and I was awake a last.

    I got up thinking “what the f**k was that”. Needless to say I did not go back to bed.

    I`ve had over experiences like this many times before, but never quite as bad .

    If any one can help stop these experiences it would be much appreciated.



    1. wish i knew hun, for real.. i wake up every hr every night like this, i think they are trying 2 suck us into that dimension 2 use our bodies, permanitly.. just a theory, i write music with my left hand without looking or knowing what it says till i read it.. and im right handed, so im pretty open 2 theories.. lol d=

  10. Just last night, I experienced this for the first time. I had IMMEDIATELY falling asleep and it started. I know because by the time I was able to 'wake' and get myself back into reality, I remembered the time that I had turned in. It was 2:00 am when I went to bed and this event lasted until around 2:10 am.

    It was the most terrifying experience. I would try to lift myself off the bed ; and sometimes I couldn't, sometimes I could. When I could lift myself, I felt extremely restrained and terrified because I knew someone was doing this to me. I even remember trying to lash out at this 'thing' trying to do the same to my children (maybe I felt the threat of it or something, not completely sure). I grabbed the phone and called or tried 911 but the 'thing' kept changing the numbers on the phone and made my arms and fingers feel like 100 pound weights. Then I started to jab the phone into my eye!!! MY EYE!! The phone is cordless so I was using that small antennae. Finally what felt like hours of torture, I woke up terrified. I called my mother to tell her but no answer; wasn't even considering it was 2 am. Please reply if you want; but it still has me shaken up.

  11. Wish I had never read PuggyUK's post. Made my hairs stand up, and reminded me of how I hate closing my eyes some nights. I always feel like there's someone there watching me. I was diagnosed with narcolepsy bout 3 years ago. They say that's why I hear a loud male voice as I wake up and why I can't move sometimes when I am fully awake in the morning. It's somehow comforting to know I'm not alone with many similar reports I read here last night, but again, it made me not go to sleep last night, and I missed out on the whole day today, because I was so tired. So much for the cliche of "letting darkness triumph". I often feel like someone's gripping around my ankles very tightly when I wake up. Two nights ago as I started realizing I was having a pleasant dream but on my way out of sleep, suddenly this thing wrestled me, as if trying to keep me under or down. Don't understand what it was trying to do, but I resisted, felt like I was straining some kind of mental/physical muscle, like an arm wrestle until he gave up or just went away, and then I woke up. It is overwhelming. No one I've talked to, friends/family/acquaintances have this experience. I also hear shuffling across the floor at night. It sounds like slippers. I hate to say this on here, but I will anyway. I'm curious to see if anyone else has had this experience. It somehow seems like this presence when I'm awake is the same one that 'invades' my sleep. And I attribute this same thing to the experiences I've had when I'm awake but still paralyzed and feel like it's penetrating me, sexually. This thing has become so real to me that I've started talking to it, sometimes just mentally. I too, tell it to leave me alone, stop taking advantage like a coward, to try being nice for a change just to see how it would make it feel since it's already done plenty to scare me and make sleeping so unenjoyable. Even if I have someone staying with me, I still can experience this, but I am not as scared to close my eyes. I had one very cool experience, only once. It was very vivid. I was sleeping at my mother's and woke up in the early hours of the morning. I used the bathroom. When I came out, in the hallway I saw this luminescent odd looking thing, floating at hip level. It was like a holographic object, glowing magenta and electric blue. It looked like a lotus pulsating slowly like a manta ray. I actually went as far as waking up my mother to get some validate what I saw. It took some time until she woke up and joined me in the hallway. We were standing about 3 ft away from it, all the while with me trying to describe it to her and pointing at it. She couldn't see it and thought I was somehow still dreaming, tripping, or delusional. Then it started getting closer to me, and opening up like a flower. I panicked and started yelling. That made it fade out. Somehow, yelling seems to do the trick. Also, consciously asking the thing I spoke of earlier seems to work as well. It left me alone for the rest of the night, once I acknowledged it directly. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  12. well ive experience this quite a bit now it has not been so bad but ive woken up paralysed before and seen many entities dark ones. ive seen a black hooded figure before ive seen a short pale man with black hair who actually harrassed me by licking my face and nibbling at my legs long story short one time just getting out of sleep paralysis i saw this very large demon in my hallway god will help pray to him

  13. For me it started when I was pretty young. I was in third grade. I even wrote a three page story about the creature. It had dark skin and creepy black eyes and long greasy black hair. The woman thing would crawl out from under my bed and slither/crawl on top of me an hold me down and suck my happiness away. That kept happening until I refused to sleep in my bedroom anymore and started sleeping on the couch in the living room with my sleeping back. I slept on the couch for years and still refuse to sleep in that room but when I sleep upstairs I swear I can hear something scratching at the locked door of my old room that I use for storage now. Like fingernails against wood in the middle of the night. When I wake up from sleeping in the room next door and I leave the door open I swear I can see this long thing arm with claws reaching under the door and trying to claw it's way toward me in the next room. I can get the whispers out of my head. Psst psssst Psssssssst.