Spiritual Protection – Weapons Against Demonic Possession and Attacks

Spiritual Warfare – Weapons against Demonic Possession and Attacks
‘When the Demon finally spoke through the subject, an ex­pression appeared on the patient's face that could be described only as Satanic.  It was an incredibly contemptuous grin of utter hostile malevolence.......’
A Demon is generally considered to be an evil malevolent spirit whose only desires are to corrupt and torment the souls of mankind, and within Christianity Demons are believed to be fallen angels, who have turned their backs against or who have lost good grace, with God.
Stories of the demonic possession and corruption of human hosts are more common than you may well think, and some of the most popular movies ever made feature such demonic possessions at their core.
Demonic Possession
Demonic Possession

Spiritual Warfare
Spiritual warfare is the term given to the concept of Demonic attacks upon humans by Demons, whether this comes in the form of fully fledged demonic possession or lesser harassments upon a person’s thoughts, judgements or actions.
Should you be unlucky enough to fall foul to the attentions of a Demonic entity, there are methods and tools through which you are able to defend yourself, and/or fight back.
The herb Sage was used as a weapon of spiritual warfare to prevent demonic attacks and banish evil spirits by the Native American Indians, a small evergreen shrub with greyish leaves and purplish flowers Sage can either be stored in bundles to protect specific items from possession or can be burnt to create a purifying smoke bath.
The burning of sage in this manner is known as ‘Smudging’ and Is usually carried out using ritual incense like bundles known as ‘smudge sticks’, alternatively loose dry herbs may be sprinkled over a burning log or indoor fireplace, etc. to achieve the same effect.
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As a weapon of spiritual warfare against demonic possession the Chinese people wear silver jewellery, usually in the form of a locket. Numerous religions and cultures have believed silver to have the power to ward of evil spirits, and protect the wearer from their harms. The Incas believed silver to be the tears of the moon, and its thought that silver is attributed with these powers due to its reflective properties, silver catches the light, and repels the darkness.
The Saint Benedict Medal
As a weapon of spiritual warfare against demonic possession the Saint Benedict medal (also known as ‘the cross of eternal salvation’) is worn or used in order to call down God’s blessing and protection upon the wearer or user. The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be the physical embodiment of a prayer of exorcism against Satan.
Saint Benedict (c. 480 - c. 547) was the son of a Roman noble of Nursia, a small town near Spoleto. Saint Benedict founded twelve communities for monks, the best known of which is his first monastery at Monte Cassino in the mountains of southern Italy.
The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be a valuable aid with regards to performing an exorcism, and as the physical embodiment of Gods will it is thought to be one of the most powerful weapons available to the exorcist locked in spiritual warfare against foul demonic entities.

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And finally what is thought to be your most powerful weapon of spiritual warfare against demonic possession and harassment is the power of prayer. Virtually every recorded case of Demonic activity has reached its conclusion due to religious intervention. So it's time to ask for help from the big guy upstairs. A 'simple' exorcism can be performed by any layman simply by asking for help from above by reciting the prayer of Saint Michael.
Saint Michael's Prayer
"Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, thrust into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen".


  1. I have a friend who used to live in Sacramento, CA. whose house was haunted. Him and his family actually had to stay in a motel for a week until Buddhists monks could exorcise the demons. This is actually more common than people think. It's just not talked about much!

  2. I avoid demons. They have bad breath for one. And for another most are opposed to the use body lotion. Rather rough to the touch.

    As for demonic possession ... yuk. It's the equivalent of someone drawing their nails down a black board. Cringe making. Bit hard to dislodge too. I'm with you on the sage. Maybe I'd shove it in their mouths in order to freshen their breath.

  3. I hope you dont mind, but I thought you may like a little insight into one religon's teachings about demons. I was raised to belive, every little thing that cold go wrong was a result of demonic activity, and if there is demonic activity, it must be your fualt. For one of 2 reasons. 1. You have invited demons into your house by owning something possesed, or 2. you have done soemthing to justify God leaving you unattended. like, smoking a ciggarette..tobacoo use is one good way to invite demons into your life. The use of any spiritual ritual, other then prayer,and then it had to be only to GOD ...no one else... will result in further demonic activity. Sage was actually not allowed in my house at all, not even as the spice it is. Headaches, to colds, insomnia, to not being able to understand a bible verse..all demonic!! Crazy, huh?

  4. O yes, there're demons...they live amongst us, dwell amongst us...and only the strong in spirit can overcome - yea, only the strong...

  5. I'd never heard of using silver before, but I do know that sage works as long as it is in an area. I have used bundles of it several times, both intentionally and unintentionally. I have never tried burning it, though I have seen the Native Americans burning while singing, after a death.

    Prayer, by far, is the most powerful weapon I have used.

  6. I finally remembered about this. Smoking isn't caused by demons, it actually invites the demons into your life, and home, where they will do awful things... Part of why im not allowed in that religon anymore..and my paretns were wierd. Sage wasnt allowed in the house, becasue it was used by native americans in spiritual rituals. So..that meant sage was pagan. I also wasn't allowed to say the word wierd, because one of hte definitions of it has something to do with the paranormal. The day my father told me "your not allowed to say wierd anymore.." I said.."what? Thats wierd.."

  7. I wonder how many of the people on this message board have demons inside of them,how is it that you can post heretical teachings so easily and it doesnt bother you. Where does Jesus recommend using Sages or monks to cast out demons.NOWHERE

    The bible says Jesus is not just some good guy but he is GOD.The father the son(Jesus) and the Holy Spirit, that is GOD.

  8. Spiritual warfare does exist my friends. Demonic assaults can happen to the everyday person, even those who are close to God, often, the worst assaults are on those who are more Godly, believe it or not.

    The article was interesting and I would have to agree that PRAYER is a powerful tool and keeping your heart good at all costs.

  9. well i use sage it works and it smells great :-) and i use smudge thats a fungus that grows on a willow and smells like perfume my ppl r spiritual ppl and in r culture we use wut the creator gave too us humans but im still learnin my culture kuz most of it got token away and its sad but im still learnin stuff about the spiritual life

  10. I vouch for sage, have used it many times, I have native American blood if that matters to any purists out there!

  11. actually sage works..i witnessed it myself.

  12. thanks a lot, i already knew about the sage but idk if the silver will work. where can i find the sage?

  13. Jesus is the Answer to all those Demonic Attacks

  14. what about salt to be tool to defend your self

  15. hi. this things creep me out. I know Demons exist. your article is great for protection. that's all i want, to be protected in my own house when I'm sleeping.

  16. just thought i'd add something...

    developing personal protection from within is a hard battle that i have experienced but the most important thing that i have learned is persistance... don't stop things all around you change people treat you differently but don't stop...

    praying, researching, using symbols, using whatever you can in this wide world web to help....

    the most effective i have found is pure sources... buddha or christ or others... one that if you pray to them won't cause you harm (accidently or not)... research mantras and prayers and develop your own personal protection...

    don't forget be relentless.... because for what i have experienced they are not...

    many blessings hope this helps... and for the ones this reaches don't give up and your not alone....

  17. Our ultimate weapon is our faith in sacrifice blood of Jesus Christ. He set us free and give us Holy Spirit that we are bigger than this word. We should believe, in the name of Jesus Christ, we are more than winner. Jesus bless us. Amin.

  18. There are demons, I have encountered them personally, please dont take this the wrong way, but the video looks staged.

  19. iron and many holy items can also effect demons

    if you need any info message me at boakes24@gmail.com

  20. those using iron, sage, silver, holy icons, etc. be very careful about going the way of idolatry. be sure where your faith lies, else it's just iron, silver, etc.

  21. I have a Doctorate in Religion and although I classify myself as an Naturist (one who celebrates and worships nature) and believe in several Gods and Goddesses, I refer to the Christian faith when it comes to Demons. I myself have come face to face with the Paranormal and can honestly say that a strong enough Demon can indeed "manhandle" a human, although most Demon attacks are more commonly seen as emotional or mental torment.

    Sage does indeed work to prevent or expel a lower level Demon but I wouldn't bring it to a one-on-one grudge match with one. You'd be better off with one of the following listed in most powerful to least (Top 4):

    1. St Michael's Prayer

    2. Verbally rebuke the Demon (firmly)

    3. Iron (not steel, silver, titanium etc etc) All other metals are not meant to repel or injure DEMONS. This is VERY important.

    4. A Cross (an iron Cross would be even better)or other Religous symbols of protection.

    To help prevent a Demon from entering your dwelling:

    1. Salt lines laid out at every window and door (Use caution. If a Demon is already in the dwelling It will not be able to exit once the salt is laid down.)

    2. St. Michael's Seal (preferably the seal of all 7 Archangels)

    3. Burn Sage

    4. Cross hung or painted on window/door frames

  22. Also just a note: you can call on the name of Christ till you're blue in the face. Christ is not the "answer" as "Judith" claims above. If you're having trouble with Demons don't wait for your "Savior" to help you or you're going to end up hurt.

  23. I agree with Judith, Jesus is the answer.

    I know by personal experience that demons, evil spirits run in the name of Jesus and they hate the word of God spoke to them in faith and in the authority of Jesus name. I have pages on evil spirits and prayers and they work also, every time.

    9Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him(Jesus), and given him a name which is above every name:

    10That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; > Philippians 2:9-10

    Acts 5:16 Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.

    Acts 8:7 With shrieks, evil spirits came out of many, and many paralytics and cripples were healed.

    Luke 10:17 The seventy-two returned with joy and said, "Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.

    Mark 16:17 And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues;

    Luke 10:20 However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven."

    God bless you.

  24. you need not be afraid of these demons, they can't hurt you if your mind is strong. and the Jesus talk only makes it worse....cheers!

    1. I am a religious person and as I got older became more spiritual. We are taught the religion our parents were brought up in so to say that what others believe is a ticket to hell, I believe it is not so. I do believe in Jesus very much. I also have some insight to other things. Demons, believe it they are here, and if you know Jesus and of God, where did the head demon go. Hell and earth. So many individuals are trying to find out what is there after we die. If not properly done many door ways are open also. I heard one ghost hunter say, Oh they said something. You know what they said, HELP ME. The more you know of these things the less you will understand. It is not meant for us to know the whole truth. In the end there will be many demons here also. There will be many who will be tested before Jesus comes. I know Jesus talked to the dead also. He said peace be with you. One faith now says the ghost or spirits are those in purgatory. Really, there are so many lost people that die and are in the dark, they have no clue where they are. What they will do is look for those who carry a light. These individuals will see those who passed. They will try their best to help them cross over and go to their next journey. If any believe they are truly being bothered by those that passed get professional help. Even humans that have died and for some reason not crossed is not good either. They eventually feel they are bad and they themselves think they are evil also. They are not demons though and have to be told they are human so they will find the light and love. They used to say those not baptized in one religion all went to Limbo. This is no fault of an innocent infant. Bibles are transcribed by humans in their words. I find in all bibles are truths. In no way though is it God's will to kill. It is man that kills. Go by the Golden Rule. Love and fill your hearts with love for all. Forgive all that have hurt you. Let it all go. You will be saved at the end. Demons can hurt you also. There are even those who are given permission to torture certain mystics for their souls. This is disagree. I say never fool around with séances or anything that calls those who have died. You sure may get the same voice as you are familiar with, but a few months down the road you may have Hell on your hands Let our dead rest and be in peace. In my opinion if we do not get it together for we are all one things may come crashing down. You are right about fear too for all that are dark grow on fear. Always remember it is better than to be judged by the great One, than be punished by the Evil one. So if it is too good to be true then it usually is not. God Bless All

  25. I have heard of using iron, sage, holy icons, and prayer, but I am unsure about silver. It is too common and too many people wear it. Can anyone honestly say that they never seen anyone wearing silver become possessed?

  26. Oh! the lists above were hard to consider except that of PRAYER. WELL THIS IS THE ONLY THING TO CONSIDER. But I may say the prayer should not be scripted or memorized. Besides, we should take prayers heartily with all our minds and souls!

  27. Jesus is the answer, Accept Christ as savior and repent your sins to Him.

  28. Christians cast out the devil & his demons by using the name of Jesus Christ & by covering the area all around them in the blood of Jesus!!

    Sage was used in the days before Christ came to save us all to push evil back away from them, but sage never casted evil out! That's also why they sacrificed their most prized animal on their land when they sinned... They gave God their best to show Him respect & to show how sorry they really were for sinning. Plus it was God's Law for the Jews to do that when they did sin!! The blood of the animal gave them atonement by pushing their sins back from them... But couldn't completely cleanse them from sin. It was enough to keep God's laws & show Him they really cared!!

    Now that Jesus came to die for us sinners, His blood became the atonement for our sins & we don't need to sacrifice our most prized animals for our sins anymore. We can call upon Jesus' name & appologize to cleanse us from our sins completely! Also, we don't need sage anymore... We cast out evil in Christs' name!

    When Christ died on that day we call "Good Friday" on Saturday He descended to hell and fought Satan to get the keys to our souls back. The keys were handed to Satan in the Garden Of Eden when man first sinned... So Christ got them back & on that Sunday we call "Easter Sunday" He beat satan's grip on death & rose from the dead that Sunday morning & then ascended in to heaven on a cloud!!

    That's why there's 2 parts in the Bible, the old & new testaments!

    Once Christ died, the Jewish law was no more... And now everyone Jewish or not (non Jewish people are called Gentiles) can get to the Father in Heaven through Jesus himself!! No more pushing sin back from ourselves (as in the Old Testament.) We can now ask Jesus to clean us up so we can enter in the presence of The Almighty God!! That's what we are living in now, the New Teatament... Jesus is the one to cast out evil, to atone our sins, and to guide & teach us how to be a better person through Him!!

    Now if every person that calls themselves Christians lived that way, the name Jesus wouldn't leave such a bad taste in the non-believers mouths! It's those "fake" Christians that really don't know what's going on & they push people away because they aren't living the same way they claim they're living!!

    < This message was inspired by God!!

    God Bless you all!! <

  29. Qeres is how you may destroy a fallen. Silver only binds it to its current physical shell, but the archaic (not to mention long-lost) Egyptian perfume qeres is the only true way to fully destroy the cursed, immortal life of any angelic being- be it fallen, righteous, or a half-breed abomination such as a nephilim or a possessed human. Though the recipe for creating qeres is forgotten to time past, the exceptionally rare substance does still exist in small quantities in the most sacred of places- one decanter held within the Vatican City (of course), another decanter said to be stored 72 cubits beneath the Sphinx at Giza, and so on.

    Sage and holy water are worthless against fallen, though the bit about prayer is 100% fact- qeres and silver combined don't hold a candle to true faith and the powerful prayer of St. Michael the Valiant. Though learning the invoking prayer in Latin is my suggestion-

    "Sanctus Michael Archangelum, defende nos in praelio. Nostra sit praesidio contra nequitiam et insidiis ex diabolo. Eúmdem Christum Dóminum nostrum supplices deprecamur. Et tuque Príncipis militiae Caelestis, imperet et omnis spiritus malos qui per orbem erravit quaerit animarum. Amen"

    That's all I have to offer at the moment.

  30. Observation: When Christ was confronted by Satan himself, he used scripture as protection.

  31. Christ is part of the answer, saying the name of Christ will not banish a demon only scare them. and depending on the demon it will fight or flight. so salt, protection symbols, and bravery is the other part involved. the bible calls true believers as soldiers against evil. and you can not combat anything with just words alone. Also either learn a blessing ritual and keep holy water on hand or just ask a priest if you can buy some.

  32. I didn't know all this information, but I did know that lavender can help (lavender lotion, enscence, candles, ect.) I used to have a demon making me have nightmares and i put on the lotion and sayd a prayer every night and it went away.

  33. if you are under sudden attack from any evil ghost this is the ultimate and supreme weapon mantra reciting it will automatically relieve you from pannic and fear recite it laud will full oxigen and as much time as you can the mantra is the lord sudarshana gayatri mantra invoking is help he will come to rescue you from any danger and its all mighty,the mantra goes om sudarshanaya vidmahe-mahajwalaya dhimahi -tanno chakra prachodayat.after you can recite this other powerful sudarshana mantra to clear all negative energy and make all this ghosts bhutas pretas pisachas nagas dakinis or whaever kind of evil runaway from your place,this mantra is like that,kshiptwa sudarshanam chakram-jwalati bishanam-sarva dushtopasamanam-kuru devavarachyuta.this two mantras are very fast acting and they are a precious help.to get rid of any blackmagic i suggest you to recite the apamarjana stotram which is specifically meant for healing blackmagic in this great stotram youl find many great mantras for different purposes all related to relieve blackmagic symptoms.its very good idea to give up sexual activity mental and physical (ghost are attracted to that)smoking and drinking and become vegetarian this will reduce the ghost attack very much because your aura will strenghthen .practice induce vomit every morning just wake up,this way you clean your stomach from any evil posession.good luck.

  34. i am dealing with Bezlebub.. after Alice attached to me becoming obsessed and raping me over and over, i gave up briefly.. and just let her go.. (she really wasnt harming anytthing and was kind of nice 2 have a female so beautiful, and sweet lay on my chest and snuggle at night, or hold my hand and talk about thing i never would of understood on my own..) but!!! then one night i had taken a break from writing music together sitting there something cold touched me threw the window, obv trying to possess me like Alice (Alese) did when we played music.. only it was way 2 much for my body.. instead of a burning pin and needle in my hand where she held it, or on my lips.. or an occasional few lil rashy boils where she layed her head on my chest at night or when i gave her a hug so she could cry on me.. like when she threw my bible at my 1 worldlyy possession i love more than god or jesus even.. trying not to. but do.. my lil dog, i love her so.. my 3rd eye was visibly a red diamond, and i grew boils all over my face and body that bled.. and Bezel-douche appeared 2 me.. i have a picthre btw, and yes im aware this is the devil himself.. well.. Alice said he thinks what they own, he owns.. and her words "Hes a dickhead" and when she accidently (witch i doubt as 99% of these fallen angles lie..) claimed me as hers, and then renounced her and my sins, he stepped in.. dreams have been horrid, not slightly dark with emasculating sex like with alice.. (shriveling my penis, and making me very fat and pregnant as she dominated me witch i loved) but instead i found myself with my ex gf, and as i was making love i noticed her normally green eyes blue, and they changed, then she rolled ontopof me and did something witch made me cum, i woke up cumming in my pants in real world.. but right before i woke up i looked down.. and her vagina became a penis, and as i looked up. i saw what looked like bezlebub in the bible versions of him. not knowing thos images of him yet might i add.. i turned to god and jesus, and i had only been eating a slight bit of sub a day and smoked a few cigs.. and the phyical pains, backachs, stomach, head, just everything was worse than ever.. so i did a bag of dope, and felt great, and 2 weeks later again to get relif again.. ive done like a brick in the last week now.. trying 2 be comfortable enough to live daily and not lay around feeling as if im dieing.. i know of coourse am having horrible dreams, last night was worst yet i stabbed a kid in the throat in self defense, but he bled all over, and i realized it was a dream of course.. but now tonight i dozed off and 2 people i dont really even hangout with were stealing booze from a garage for w.e reason, and i yelled out and said if u idiots are gonna steal stuff quit yelling is middle of the night ur gonna get caught. then i got week dizzy sittting in the back passenger side of a car, the driver side opened. and i couldnt seem to look, and minimal fear came over, but i knew it was him, but as id normally kick him in the face i couldnt, and i couldnt even speak to pray!!! i barely choked myself awake and prayed, even then not able 2, i think he tried to rip my soul out personally? idk wth 2 do tho, im also going 2 church 2 day tho so i mean maybe he feels hes losing the battle so he was extra hard on me? he thinks he owns my soul, but i said a million times i will not give my soul to anyon but god and jesus.. and the kingdom of hevan.. alice only comes and feeeds a lil energy now even tho i dont allow her in my home or near me. then she hurrys off to another house in the hood.. i kno of atleast 2 other people dealing with bezel in my area.. i truely think sorcery is at work.. idk tho wth should i do?