Springheel Jack - The 'English Mothman' Sightings

Springheel Jack - The 'English Mothman' Sightings
From the 'Mothman' of American legend to the 'Orang Bati' of Indonesia, this world of ours is full to bursting with tales of strange and unidentified creatures and entities, of anomalous beings that taunt mankind for reasons unknown, surrounding themselves with the legend and lore, that perhaps like the 'Tulpa' of Tibetan Buddhism, adds weight to their existence, building them shape and form, from nothing more than the intrigue and fear, of all who believe in them.

And so it was that in 1837, London, Victorian England, that the mystery of 'Springheel Jack' began. Also commonly named 'Spring Heeled Jack', the anomalous entity in question was first witnessed late September, when it was encountered by four separate individuals in four separate parts of London, and was described as having 'large claws, pointed ears, and huge glowing eyes'. Springheel Jack was also reportedly able to spit flames forth from its mouth, and (with the ability that gave rise to its nickname) it was able to leap huge heights and distances, escaping capture by launching itself away over the rooftops of houses.

Springheel Jack terrorized London for a period of seven years, assaulting the likes of 'Margaret and Lucy Scales', who were confronted by Springheel Jack on the night of 18th of February, 1938, whilst walking through the Limehouse area of London, Springheel Jack is said to have suddenly appeared and belched forth a large blue fireball into their faces, before leaping away, and vanishing into the night. And then just a few days later, Springheel Jack struck again, this time physically attacking three young women in their own home, clawing with sharp talon like fingers, until finally being chased away by nearby policemen, who heard the young girls screaming for help from their upstairs window, as Springheel Jack struggled to force his way inside.
It was in 1845 that the unusual behavior of Springheel Jack took a more sinister turn still, when he was witnessed attacking a thirteen year old prostitute named 'Molly Davis' on a bridge over Folly Ditch, before hurling her to her death in the stinking marsh below.
And in addition to his London based exploits, Springheel Jack has also reportedly been witnessed in other areas of the UK, including: East Anglia, and Liverpool. And his last reported sighting was in Everton, on the evening of September, 1904.
Who or What is Springheel Jack?
Having evaded capture at every attempt, nobody really knows for sure. So be he ghost, Demon, alien, inventive human killer, or creature from another dimension, all that we know for sure is that he hasn't been seen now in over one hundred years. But then perhaps all that really tells us, having had over one hundred years since to perfect the stealth attacks that made him so elusive back in the 1800s, is that he simply hasn't been 'seen', by anybody who has lived to tell the tale.

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