Voodoo Love Spells - Love Spells that Work

'Odu Legba, Papa Legba, Open Door Your Children Await.'
Voodoo and voodoo love spells are the legacy of African shamanism in the Americas. As is the case with African shamanism, magick is considered a neutral, natural force. It can be used for both positive and negative purposes. The decision rests with the individual practitioner.
As with everything else these days ‘voodoo’ has gone cyber, meaning that it’s now easier than ever to find a wide variety of ‘voodoo’ practitioners online more than willing to curse or hex a cheating love rat ex partner on your behalf, or to cast powerful attracting love spells to aid you in your quest to find true love (for a small fee of course).
Voodoo Love Spells
Voodoo Love Spells

Voodoo Love Spell - For Use With Voodoo Doll

Pierce the heart of your chosen doll with pins painted red and blue, arrange the pins in such a way as to make them cross over each other, then chant:
“Now with doll alone, I pick,”
“And with loves heart, your heart I prick,”
“Be asleep or be awake,”
“To me come, and of love make.”
Papa Hoodoo
Papa Hoodoo is the owner of the (supposedly) famous ‘The Voodoo Magick Shop’, and has been performing voodoo love spells via eBay for the last eleven years. For just $9.95 Papa Hoodoo would perform an ‘Extreme good luck love spell’ for me, this voodoo spell would bring me vast amounts of good luck in everything I did, be it work, gambling, life in general and of course most importantly ‘love.’
The Papa Hoodoo voodoo love spell is (he claimed) a white magick spell performed with ‘proper magickal herbs, chants, oils, sacred stones and magick roots’, in addition there would be no hanging around by the mail box waiting, or payment for shipping charges; as Papa Hoodoo’s voodoo love spell would be performed remotely, meaning that my $9.95 would be spent on faith.
However Papa Hoodoo had been performing voodoo love spells for over 25 years and was known by such names as ‘Master High Voodoo Priest’ and ‘The Wicked Wolf of the Woods’, and as such seemed like a man to be trusted, and if it didn’t work out, if I didn’t receive vast amounts of luck that would win me the love of my life, then at least Papa Hoodoo’s voodoo love spell came with a two week money back guarantee, if I didn’t feel like Papa Hoodoo’s love spell had brought me the results I’d desired within two moon cycles, he would refund my money (he claimed).

Marriage Voodoo Love Spell

Looking to get hitched? Why not try this marriage love spell:
(1) Take a red rose and write the name of your loved one on the petals.
(2) Wrap the petals in tissue and place them under your pillow whilst you sleep.
(3) Sprinkle the petals outside the home of the person you love.
Ray Habaji Jnr
Ray Habaji Jnr was a voodoo specialist and the forth grand member of the ‘Sabbath Dawn’ coven, adopted son of ‘Mamma Habaji’ Ray offered powerful voodoo love spells and ‘intense manifestations’ the likes of which I had never come across before (he claimed), Ray practised ‘dark and potent’ voodoo magick that was ‘very dangerous for the everyday person.’
The powerful voodoo love spell Ray was offering had been taught to him in 1986 by Mamma Hibaji of New Orleans on new years eve, in a darkened room smelling of ‘chicken, spice and rank vegetation’, Ray suffered some form of audio/visual hallucination attack that involved him rolling around on the floor dripping in blood and being swarmed over by ants and spiders whilst Mama Hibaji panted in his face, chewed tobacco and muttered crazy words, Rays hallucination continued taking him on a magickal journey flying through the sky, dancing with circus animals, and a visit to the edge of night, and when he came too he decided to stay and live with Mamma Hibaji, who taught him the powerful magick of voodoo.
Ray Habati Jnr’s voodoo love spell would involve the offering of herbs, animal spirits and alcohol unto the voodoo Gods (or Loa) on my behalf, with this done ray’s voodoo love spell would make the target of my adoration ‘adore me’, ‘keep me in their heart’, and most importantly ‘lust after me.’
Ray Habaji Jnr’s powerful voodoo love spell would set me back ‘$18.00’ and as with Papa Hoodoo’s spell this would be performed remotely for me, meaning more money spent on faith. But was he trustworthy? Checking his eBay feedback he had 609 positive rating in the last twelve months, and only 1 negative, perhaps pessimistically I’d expected the negative ratings to be more in number.
‘They will become 1000% obsessed with you’ 
1000% obsessed with me, that sounded great, that’s 10 times 100%’s worth of obsession, which is a whole lot of love for just one man, could it be too much, It’s true that I wanted her to love me, but I wasn’t sure I wanted a shrine built, or a religion started in my name.
Obsession can be a powerful thing, a beast that once turned loose can never again be caged, yes obsession is a dangerous creature indeed, so was it really something I wanted to knowingly unleash?
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  1. Of course you could just try a shower, a shave, a quick splash of subtle cologne, a good bottle of wine and some of your own ready wit and charm.....Just a thought?

  2. I remember a Tales From the Crypt episode where a guy gives this girl a love potion. Long story short, she gets TOO obsessed with him and even after he kills her, she comes back to him! Hey, be careful what you wish for, I say!

  3. I did the marriage love spell above. Has anyone used it? If so how long before it takes affect?

  4. 1000%... Wow, that's too much for pretty much anyone, I certainly wouldn't want that!

  5. You don't sound convinced mrvoodoo... neither do I. Can't trust spells for sale on the internet.

  6. How can I do to do a obssession spell?

  7. It is depend on how much experienced are you in the field of Voodoo and Love Spell.

  8. I trust Papa Hoodoo.

  9. I bought a Ray Habaji spell when he was with Sabbath Dawn Coven, a couple of years back now. It was amazingly intense. It was a love spell. I want to try his other spells but he isn't on eBay anymore...anyone know where the coven can be contacted?