Voodoo Love Spells - Winning Back Your Ex

Dear Zizizizi555, you made this request of me 6 days ago:
‘I need a voodoo spell so that my ex comes back to me and treat me nice with love.Please help me.’
So firstly, I’m sorry for the delay in replying to you, I’ve only just noticed the request in my profile, my apologies for the delay.
And secondly, I’m afraid I can’t help you, or at least not with magic. I like to have a little fun with the whole Mr Voodoo personality, but the truth is I’m a faker and a fraud, well I guess that’s not strictly true, as I’ve never made any claims as to having any magical abilities (in fact more often to the contrary), but that said I still come up lacking as with regard to your request, and have no voodoo spells through which to reignite the love between you and your ex.
I understand where you’re at, and can truly sympathise with the pain you feel, five years ago I too lost the love of my life, and never really recovered completely. Despite my profile name and my interests in magic and the paranormal I would strongly suggest that voodoo love spells are not the solution to your problem. For me they are nothing more than a curiosity, and a novelty, and I would advise you not to part with any money or invest too much effort into following this path, when perhaps your efforts could be better invested elsewhere.
Love is a tricky business indeed, and I have found through experience that I act the most foolish at the times when I most need to stay clear and focused, and voodoo love spells or any other form of magic or trickery are not the way through which to win love. Give space, let your ex know that should they need you that you’ll always be there for them, don’t allow them to walk over you, but be a friend when they need one, don’t be pushy, don’t phone them 100 times a day, try your best to put them out of your mind for the moment, and move on as best you can. There’s no need to forget them completely, and there’s no need to sever all ties, there’s a lot of truth in the old saying ‘treat them mean, keep them keen’ (but not too mean, don’t set fire to their car or kill their kitten), be brave and treat the situation with as much indifference as you can muster, and you may be surprised at the results (but no promises I’m afraid).
So stay away from the voodoo love spells, you can’t buy love and you can’t save it with magic, however you can play the long game, but trust me, if you try to force it, they’ll be gone forever.
I’d like to finish with a favorite quote of mine:
‘I hope that whoever you are, you escape this place. I hope that the world turns, and that things get better. But what I hope most of all is that you understand what I mean when I tell you that, even though I do not know you, and even though I may never meet you, laugh with you, cry with you, or kiss you, I love you. With all my heart, I love you’
Be strong, good times are gonna come. =)


  1. Wow, Where is that quote from? Its really nice. Due to lots of strange events happening in my home town here, this is a rather shocking hub for me to see today. Are you sure your not even a littel bit physcic? Or maybe just a truly comppasionate guy. Either way, this was quite touching.

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  3. I picked up on that quote instantly. I can still here Natalie Portman's voice while reading it. That was one of the most memorable lines from the movie (I really liked that movie too).

    This is perhaps the most honest and heartfelt post you've written (that I've read). I like how you dispelled the mythos of love potions and turned to aiding this person in a responsible and sensible manner. You are certainly a compassionate person who knows to act in the correct and practical manner. Excellent post.

  4. I have found that this one Movie has imparted more wisdom into my life then I ever thought possible. Your reply to this person was both passionate and laced with good wisdom my friend. Sometimes we all need to accept the truth. Sometimes the best thing is the hardest thing, let go and move on. If she still loves you and it is meant to be then a way will be found, but leave that to others, live life and enjoy it, often we will find that there are others out there equipped to give us all the love we desire.

  5. I saw V for Vendetta the first time I visited Cleveland OH. That city now has a very weird vibe for me...

    You picked a powerful quote for a powerful subject. Very nice.

    I'm going to try to muster up some indifference myself right now - that is advice I have not ever heard before, but I have decided just now that it is the perfect thing to do.

    Thanks for the great post.

  6. Loved this. Sorry I am that you lost in love (truly) but life's like that. A very pragmatic answer for the requester, honest too.