What Does 'Zimabu Eter' Mean? - The Fourth Kind and Alien Abduction

Many who have watched the film 'The Fourth Kind' have come away with a question unanswered, raised in the movie but left unaddressed, 'Who or what is a 'Zimabu Eter?'

Approximately thirty minutes into the movie 'Tommy' a patient of 'Doctor Abigail Tyler' who has recently undergone hypnosis to uncover the source of what it is that disturbs his sleep each night goes crazy, and whilst holding his family hostage at gun point he demands to speak with Dr. Tyler.

"I know what keeps us up at night!" Tommy tells Dr. Tyler, after explaining that he intends to kill himself and his family, to prevent them ever having to see it again. "Do you know what Zimabu Eter means?" Tommy asks in a highly agitated state "Zimabu Eter, Zimabu Eter, Zimabu Eter... what the hell does that mean? I need to know right now!" and when Dr. Tyler is unable to answer this question he executes his family and then himself.
So what does 'Zimabu Eter' Mean?
With the movie giving nothing away and leaving this intriguing part unanswered all we can do is speculate. And with the importance placed upon the Summerian language as the story unfolds it seems a safe bet to assume that 'Zimabu Eter' is likely of that tongue.

A quick Google search reveals several attempted explanations and translations offered up, such as:
"Viable/Worth Saving" referring to the abductee as being suitable for DNA harvesting.
Whilst another suggests that Zimabu Eter means "Help Us", and is meant to convey the futility of attempting to help the targets of the 'Aliens' who have been chosen and who will not be freed.
But neither of these explanations or the others I stumbled across felt quite right to me, the tone of the word and the fear in its use signified something more, and pointed towards Zimbabu Eter being the name of (as Scott describes the entity as being later) 'the worst that you can ever imagine.'
So whilst completely unqualified to do so I decided to have a stab myself at translating mankind's oldest language, and answering the question 'what does Zimabu Eter mean?'

The Fourth Kind

Taken from some known translations:
DUMUZI = Son who is life

NINGISHZIDDA = Lord of the Artifact of Life

ZIKIA = Life of Earth and Water

ZISUDRA = His Life Days Prolonged
So at first glance there certainly seems to be some kind of correlation between 'ZI' and 'Life'.
TAMMABUKKU = Dragons (From the land of Mas)
With the 'Land of Mas' being EDIN or 'The Garden of Eden' (the place that many believers in all things extraterrestrial claim to be the birthplace of the first human slave-race).
So what do we have now, something along the lines of 'Life Dragons of Eden' perhaps.
And as for 'ETER' most assume that this is from the Summerian word 'ETERU" meaning 'Save', and this may well be so. However I found myself drawn to the Spanish word of the same spelling which means 'Ether' in English, meaning the 'upper regions of space' and the substance hypothesized by the ancients as filling all of space beyond the sphere of the moon.

Remove 'Eden' as being anecdotal and what we're left with is essentially 'Life Dragons from Space'.
Could these be the ZIMABU ETER?
Probably not, but it was fun trying to figure it all out, what do you think? (share your thoughts below).



  1. I think you amy be on to something. I just watched the movie and in the police car camera you can see the space ship as it goes over the Tyler home. I have seen three things that can only be a UFO because I cant explaine what I saw. One was on a video I shot at a campout. I was video taping the clouds and I never saw it, so when I got home and was putting it on to a vhs I saw something in the clouds.It was not a cloud, it looked like a cigar tube shape and some kind of silver but not silver. And it was only like three secounds.I saw it and was like what was that. So I replayed it over and over again trying to see if it was a plane or something. I even had my kids watch it with out saying anything to them and both of them saw it and pointed it out at diffrent times.So is it a UFO I dont know but it is strange. Well thanks for taking the time to find out what you think the words mean. By the way I love dragons so I really like the meaning. Dragons from space. And after watching the movie I'm glad that I onle saw the ships and not the fth kind. Jeremy

    1. If it has dots, they are peaceful seekers of spirituality. If they dont have dots then they are not nice and you dont want to stay there.

    2. When I caught one or kill one I'll let you'll know.

    3. Zimabu Eter = Sweat in winter

    4. Brainiac's ship has three dots :P

  2. I would have to agree with you referencing to 'Ether' instead of 'Eteru' because there was one scene where the cop said something along the lines of blah blah blah I don't deal with hallucinogens, blah blah blah people "on ether".

    Sorry with the repetitive blahs, but I'm not going to check what he said specifically. This was in the scene where the cop was getting Milla Jovovich's testimony. So many the direction was subtly reference to that since it was kind of loosely tossed. I don't know, just a theory.

    And I think your theory is very intriguing indeed. Funny how the director included the 'Zimabu Eter' in literal translation... like he wanted us to decrypt it ourselves, or at least his take of whatever he found while studying.

    How cool I stumbled on this website. :p

  3. From the guy who just sent that scene of Ether in the Milla Jovovich testimony, I would like to say that probably almost all the visual footage shown in the movie was a reenactment of the real one. So it's like a remake, about a remake, about the real thing.

    Because when YOU can see the UFO flying over the house in the movie (@ jeremy), after, the officer says that "it didn't record", but to us, it did.

  4. hmm i was thinking, why DRAGONS? what do we know about dragons? they are somewhat of reptilian nature and they are called the celestial beings...

    1. Drac's were once the most powerful race in ancient lore. They were said to have "light of ages" burn from their scales. The light made miraculous things happen, and made you feel safe and filled your spirit with the wisdom and love of "the mother of creation" or GOD. They were kind, generous, and just; Only matched by the Mer, before their "last walk of love". their children spawned on earth without this light and stupered over time; regressing into mindless beasts. Fiercely vicious in battle, unnaturally knowledgeable and supernatural powers.

    2. Something i found intersting is that Iddimu in Sumerian means demon. Is it possible the way we hear the word and assume it is spelt isn't right at all. If you drop the z from Zimabu, you can make the argument that it was misheard from Iddimu. Just saying that phrase isn't actually heard on tape and could have been repeated incorrectly. If you don't think so try hearings phrase in Chinese and repeat it long after you heard it.

  5. It's a movie. You can't possibly take this seriously. Movies were meant to entertain, and it seems some people have been entertained too much.

    Please, as much as possible, try not to speculate about the things in which you aren't sure about. Specially if it's from the media.

    1. why would you look this up if you don't take it seriously

    2. you, sir. please have my like.

    3. That was live (then) footage from a police cam...that's a big difference from a production filmed movie.

  6. I couldn't disagree with you more Crainte, you should always speculate about things of which you are unsure, as long as you don't try to pass your theories off as fact.

    Being inquisitive is a good thing, that's how people learn for themselves rather than just absorbing what they read. I'm sure that we're all more than aware that this is a movie, but I see no harm in having a little fun with it. And after all, lets face it, you found your way to this page the same way everybody else has, by being entertained by this movie, and searching for info. ;)

    Thanks to everyone for your interesting thoughts and insights. Does Zimabu Eter mean 'Dragons from Space', does it mean anything at all? Who knows.

    Any thoughts? :)

    @jejemon - Good info on Dragons, 'reptillian in nature', that's kind of what I was thinking 'MABU' might mean rather than Dragon specifically.

  7. maybe the aliens were sayin that they should use Eter to get some sleep ...

  8. @jejemon

    you,know,when satan first introduced himself to men, he possesed the body of a serpent,and the bible said god cursed the snake....so do we have demon "dragons"? also on another note maybe the giant "owl" comes in their bedroom and drags them out of their house, if you've watched the mothman prophecies you might wonder if what everyone thought was a giant moth, was a giant owl?

  9. I just finish watching The Fouth Kind, I thought I was the only one with this question what was the meaning of "Zimabu Eter" I guss the search is still on for the last part... Eter!

  10. People, people, people... The only authority capable of telling us what "Zi.ma.bu Et.er" may mean is Dr. Secharia Sitchin and he exists. Any one of you dare contact him to ask? He wrote, under Chronicles of the Earth, the books: The 12th Planet, Realms of the Gods, Wars of Gods and Men, Genenesis Revisited, etc. About SEVEN books. He has translated thousands of clay tablets from the Sumerian civilization in the Near East (specifically IRAQ today). Anyone knows about Nibiru? Am I the only one who knows about his books and has read them? I don't think so, for there are MANY editions of them. The movie is more truthful than ALL of you ignoramuses can imagine. You have NO IDEA how close this movie is to what those Sumerian clay tablets state. Start reading and stop blogging knowing NOTHING about what you are talking about. That is why this country is going to the dogs. No one reads anymore. Your i-Pods are not going to tell you everything that is there to know under the sun, somethings have been with us for millenia...

    1. Angel Quinones, you are so very right. "There are none so blind as those who will not see".

  11. Just watched it at this very hour and it was not a coincidence that the director didn't translate the word in the movie...I'd rather start focusing on sumeria's history...maybe there's something there...hmm...facts are better..especially evidences...

  12. ok yaa shits crazy but like idk maybe less then a week ago i was in my driveway n seen a blue light blue kinda reall really light but a beautiful color n it sparked up n went out a quick second then 1 more time same place tho it made a full circle a litte one tho like a lightsaber blue kinda idk then bamm gone n there was a little red like a plane really far n then that was gone after 2?i thought it was a plane n i see things....idk if my minds playn tricks on me or what but this was all b4 the movie o yea another 1 i seen 2 lil red dots like the 1 i just explaind n there were 2 idk it lookd kinda like in space az big as a lil star 2 of em moving at the same speed n they just kept going n idk after that they just were gone n 2 satelites or a plane could not be that big cuz this was in the sky sky n i think i seen a satelite b4 a white lite basically just coastin idk





    1. So what the heck does that mean??

    2. Go Hang Pan!! Nasty piece of crap!

  14. I'm watching the movie right now its fuckin trippy

  15. @Angel Quinones - Your comment was actually quite interesting, so it's a shame that you had to be such a cock muncher in trying to get your point across. You seem to put a lot of faith in the thoughts of others, whilst clearly displaying a lack of any original thought of your own. It's good to question rather than follow in blind faith.

    To everybody else, thanks for your input.

  16. Hey everyone, i also have an opinion on this.

    True that zi often has something to do with life, while "ma" can mean "and".

    If this is true, then we so far have "life and.."

    now if we try to find the BU part of the word, many words that have BU in have a negetive connotation ( Dwell in Darkness - INA ETUTI AS(BU), Forbidden - IKKIBU )

    Also, GHOSTS in sumerian is BU'IDU.

    There are many options as to what the BU could account for, including dragons, but the word that stands out for me is TO BE PURE - EBEBU.

    When we add this together, we get " Life and pureness..." Of course this is all just a shot in the wind, and if we use BU as dragons we get "Lif and dragons.."

    Now ETER , might be ETER or ITER, (perhaps we should go off pronunciation rather than in-film spelling?)

    Now, Assuming the word is formed from ET.ER , ET is often corrolated to a place or an entry to a place, (Ati Me P(ET)a Babka= Gatekeeper, Open Your Gate for Me , PETA being open, and PETU being gate)

    Perhaps from this, "Life and pureness, Gate(is opened for?)..."

    The ER of ET.ER maybe comes from WATCHER (NERGAL = Great Watcher, and again SUMER = Land of the Watchers


    When we put all this together, the translation we find is "Life and pureness, gate to the watchers".

    Creepy, huh?

  17. Now that is creepy. 'Life and pureness, gate to the watchers', I'm liking that! Especially with the detailed way you've shown how you reached your conclusion.

    Obviously I can't tell you whether you're correct or not, but it's certainly the most solid attempt at translating 'Zimabu Eter' I've come across so far, and blows my efforts out of the water.

    I'm wondering if you have some knowledge of Sumerian over and above scraping around on Google like I did?

    Love it.

    Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. So almost 6 years later i come back to this thread, never even thinking about it. Just doing some more research.
      I dont have any experience with sumerian, but i am (now) a qualified linguist. :)

      I do still think my original idea was on the right track, most people think that the people abducted had their DNA harvested so if you add that to what i originally thought, the translation could be more like
      "you are pure, and our gate to salvation"
      (as in your DNA is useful and we will use you)


  18. @Sumeria its Sumer not Sumeria. Also i believe that aliens have come to the Sumerians and taught them the launguage they spoke long ago.

    1. Not to record. Maitre are not Zeta. Both fought against one another.

      Sumer was a colony before it was an empire to another very famous people. Sumer destroyed their sister land due to a misunderstanding within a message. The gods of their time thought of other races as week and feeble.

  19. Great movie. In my opinion completely real. Watch Ancient Aliens on History Channel, and you'll find a couple links to the movie. First of all, The language that the "extra-terrestrial" used in The Fourth Kind is Sumerian. Upon further reaserch of what Zimabu Eter means, I came across the phrase "Spirit whom you cannot be saved from." Along with "Soon nothing will remain." These are the closet translations which I could find. Watching the movie I also noticed a couple details. The Ancient Sumerians believed that their race of beings decended from a star system in the Orion Conselation called Sirius A-B. There were two stars Sirius A, and Sirius B. The Ancient Sumerians knew of both these stars, but Sirius B is not able to be seen by the naked eye, in fact B was first found by telescope in 1862. These being that decended form Sirius, the Sumerians belied to be Gods. In the movie, during the last tape of Dr. Tyler under hypnosis, the entity claims (in Sumerian) "Me.En.Ne.En Ilu," which tranlslates to "I am your God!" And later, "Men.Zen!" and "Ilu," this time translating into, "Father!" and "I am God."The Ancient Sumerians knew of both these stars

    1. Good answer Alex. You could also practically fill in the blanks when it was speaking through Dr Abbey, it was pure evil beyond imagination!


  21. Just saw the movie, you guys rock! Keep investigating! I'm like Milder; I want to believe! We are not alone in the universe or on this planet.

  22. This is all fascinating stuff. Much of this info re. Dr. Secharia Sitchin, the Sumerian tablets, reptilian dragon race, star people, cross genetic human/non-human breeding can be found in conspiracy theory book by David Icke titled 'The Biggest Secret'. I will look into more of Dr. Sitchin's studies, thanks Angel.....really makes me wonder what the hell is going on in this universe and other galaxies and what really happened thousands of years ago in Sumer, formerly Babylon, now Iraq. Will we ever really know the truth? THe movie 'the 4th Kind' was pretty freaky I must say, and I dont think they made that shit up.......I BELIEVE!! There has to be some kind of battle brewing between good and evil and it is so complex and involves other dimensions....if we could only learn more and be able to have more knowledge and power to stop this destruction and attempt to control and dominate the world

  23. Wed. Night, June 10th, 2010, there will be a great radio program on this subject. The am radio program available in most city radio stations or online streamlink is 'coast to coast am'. They have a website also. The guest that night will be author Michael Sheiser and he will be discussing ancient astronauts -theories of theological, biblical languages, ancient civilizations, space creatures and genetic manipulation of hominids to create humans.

  24. I just watched the movie and read all the comments.. what if the translation zimabu ether was correct? what if really aliens existed? would we be ready to face something like this, just like we all saw the original recorded videos.. in the movie... it seemed like the creatures or what ever they are have some kind of powers, and also provide super technology. What could happen in may also remain mystery. thanks for the translation of "Zimabu ether "

  25. This is pure speculation but what happens if the real transcription is "Zi Mabu Eter"?

    Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,

    De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:

    Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,

    Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

    Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,

    A horrible undoing of people and animals,

    At once one will see vengeance,

    One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

    Nostradamus (1555)

    Century 2 Quatrain 62

    The person Nostradamus code named “Mabus” is believed to be the third and final man in an evil trinity (antichrist).

  26. @Paulino. Nostradamus is not a credible source. His "Predictions" can be open to speculation, and often times, nobody knows what he means until something happens, which means it is post-diction.

    I would like to know if there is also some form of connection with Aramaiac. It could possibly be a hybridized text.

  27. heres what i think...and i dont want arguments. its just my opinion based on what i know! i watched the movie. i believe you can make contacts with aliens. and there is a big connection with ancient civilizations, and God. but what you really need to do to understand, today is read, study, and look at all points of view from the info! that is in our hands. wich is The Bible, History, and ourselves. ourselves because EVERYONE makes mistakes. and sure searching for answers of the unexplained is helpful too. UFO's not much of the solved case. Mayan civil. with their calendar, only their opinion but with more evidence. from what i know on the bible, is what follows. Aliens are real, though not 100% they are the Devils toys for distracting people.sure God forbid the Devil and his demons to make contact with humans but, get this, there were possessions by demons before. and the only way for them to hurt you is if you invite them. EX. searching FOR the UFO's, ghosts, big foot, and legends like that. they have happened. the Bible itself says the Devil will acquire a form of a light angel, something he is not, in simple words to disguise himself. i really think zimmabu eter means something close to life dragons from space. because in revelations, from the bible, the devil is referred to as a dragon but with like 7 heads or ten i forgot, sorry. also i am sorry for not including biblical scriptures i read them myself. maybe later will i tell you people. and the 7 headed dragon was hurled from heaven to earth, obviously had to come across space. so thats what i think. and only God can bring ashley tyler back to her mother. and he can reverse ANY little thing that went wrong in this corrupt world. please read, study, think, meditate, and live the life you choose, by your free will. because that is what God gave us, free will, choose whether to love him or not. that defines genuine love. he doesnt want any human destroyed that is why he is patient. umm listen ill be back with cited scriptures they are important.

  28. As a student of Sumerian language, here's my try: http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/~asahala/thefourthkind

  29. dr voodoo,

    are you familiar with the "jin" or "jinea"? many people have claimed to whitness these celestial beings and if they are real, it would fit the theories from the movie, and pretty much any parranormal or extra terestrial theories i've ever heard of. just a thought.

  30. The Golden disks or records that were sent on voyager contained all of earths languages. The very first used was Akkadion which is a dead language that was spoken by the ancient Sumerians.

    Makes you go Hmmm?

  31. God is real, religion isn't(at least in the way man has decifered it). But that doesn't mean that religion doesn't harbour wisdom. I believe that there is a direct line between religion and science and space and god. Everything in this world is all relative. Remember this.

  32. In sumerian language don't have the particle ZI...even the letter Z... by my shortly research... but I think thts very important this dialogue!! thanks

  33. i just read all your post... every last one...you all have points even angel which i thought acted like a bit of a jerk. i haven't a clue what zimabu eter means. but i do know this. it sounds very much related to what me and my friends used to talk in code when we didn't want people over hearing. when i was younger i use to babble off to my self and i even recorded some of them. and "zimabu eter was one of the 1st things i ever said into a type recorder. if i ever find the damn thing i'll streem it to my pc and and post it up. i even say some other words that i have recently discoverd actully mean things and the way i would string them togeather has me... rather un-easy... i saw the movie and i was thinking it was going to be a documentry but then they explaned, so i watched, i liked till up about the time the guy that killed his family said zimabu eter, i had to scan the dvd back just to see if i heard them right he said it over and over then i turned on the sub titles and i saw the way it was spelled, it didn't register at 1st in my head, but it's very simular to how i would write it down when i was younger.i don't know what it means and after reading all your post and doing some more research... i'm slowly getting this ideal in the back of my head that i should me afraid of what it really means. oh and saul! it is 10 heads, not 7, 7 is gods holy number along with 3, while 6 is the number of man, and each head i belive if i remember corectly holds a crown on top of it? i'm not sure, but i do belive that the dragon was to have 10 heads.


  34. Aleksi Sahala & MrVoodoo,

    Like the info Aleksi/Mrvoodoo. Thank You. My take from brief studies of Sumeria/Sumer over ten years ago. It never seemed a happy place. Seemed somewhat of an enslaved race/time with alchemical/things that seemingly should not have been possible at the time that were essentially used to scare/fear a race of people into submission. (Druids, Atlantis' Mad Weather Man etc...some

    singularity always seems the need to be in charge) Many of these mentioned translations remind of those readings. Scary the relations to modern times and the movie. Single out the Doc and life she's endured. Psychologist driven to help others, has her family (strategically) removed from her life altogether, husband suicide(?), son forced (by non-belief of other existence throughout the universe (because of all the other scared sh**less non-believers that think they are alone and in charge)) and worst of all, daughter just simply taken from her. I'm proud for my race the woman is still alive. To go thru life looking over your shoulder (apparently even when you're sleeping) and still be driven for truth and honor while surrounded by ignorant/intelligent/scared disblief. Quite a woman/person/soul. She obviously got something else's attention. What she needs is us.

  35. I just watched the movie and was analyzing it for the third time and from my research 'Zimabu Eter' means 'help us'. As for the movie I find it to be one of the most solid evidence cases for UFO/extra-terrestrial existence by the footage that was recorded by the cop cam recorder recording the space ship flying over the house, and to make the evidence more solid the visual appearance of the UFO was explained by the cop when he saw the UFO over the house as it beamed the little girl out of the house. In addition, the young girl being beamed out of the house was also confirmed by the Dr. who witnessed her daughter being ‘transported’ out of the house by a light as she went though the roof. It seems every time alien activity was about to be recorded by the cameras they went distorted and I believe this means that the aliens 'clearly' do not want us to see what they are doing, so now we must ask why don’t they want us to see what they do.

    Sometimes, I believe the truth is better off un-known because of the danger it would put you in.

    1. "Within every soul, resides a shell. It dwells at the bottom of ones self. In the inner stalls of your being, watching everything for her. Tending to the fields of her flock from within. When others come and hunt her children, the shells wake and become the avatar's of her will. The more they take, the deeper their poison spreads. They become a plague of light; directing them from their core. Hope from her shore drifts from waves to sand; when dry and scortched, her love bathes light over top night. Beware the guard still stands watch over the flock."

  36. Mr VooDoo, as an answer to your question about the signifigance of the number 333, it has neumerologic signifigance as a holy and divine number. In Christianity, being a firm Catholic myself, the number 3 represents the Trinity. I am not sure how the Trinity or divinity has any connection with aliens, but maybe it has something to do with the alien posessing Abbey saying "I am God". I am not sure. Also another bit of interesting info, I watched this movie and looked up the Vatican's view of alien life out of curiosity. It does support the theories that there very well may be other life besides ours, just as there are other species on Earth besides us. And, if they are real that they are our "extraterrestrial brothers" and that they are not necessarily in need of spiritual redemprion. Im not sure what to make of all this and I am not sure what I believe when it comes to other life, but I hope you found this information somewhat helpful.

  37. I saw the movie last week, and I still don't know if believe or not. I read on another blog that this movie is just fiction because much of the movie's info (names, places, etc) is missing on the web. Here's the link:


    This is an investigation from some movie details were information is missing, some points do not match or are contradictory.

    Unfortunetly, is in spanish, so I suggest you to use Google Chrome and translate the website to english.

    As plvary says, maybe the "3:33" has something to be with the number of God (3).

    Sorry for my english.



  38. Just to add my 2cents, The first thing I gathered when he said "the owl staring at him" was what we normally depict as the quote/ unquote "alien" large round head, eyes proportionally large in size in reference to the head, dark eyes, And If you are not a believer then in my opinion his mind makes the most rational choice and labeled what he saw an owl but being under hypnosis and a bit more coherent and in tune with what he really saw he realized it in fact was an alien being..... just my take on it...




  40. Very interesting opinions everyone. I just finished watching the movie and was curious about the Zimabu Eter phrase as well. Anyway, answering to Mrvoodoo, I believe the 3:33 am was used because of the "Witching Hour", which is the time between 12 midnight and 4 am when a lot of paranormal/unexplained activity takes place. Did the happenings occur at 3:33 am in real life? And yes, I do believe we are not alone in the universe...

  41. thinks 2 this kinda stuff are all over its crazy n i beleive in this stuff n the media is bullshit but somewhat true there just tryna brainwash us whe u hear the illuminati or any rappers sum1 talkn bou them listen n learn cuz ppl r retarded n dont see past television we really needa check out things more idk if u guys know but the illuminati killd off rappers that had many n would still have had them 2day like 2pac big michael jackson n others main 3 tho its all bullshit the government thats what it is a government it started before ~~america~ was even a country washington was in it every president all the presidents r pickd b4 they r born all this shit is just bs brainwashing us n how would we ever know if ppl can hypnotize us what could they really do 2 us!!!!!!i have a lot of shit in my head u dont even know the government is gona do us dirty n make us slaves a slaverace is all we are!n the government knows that thats what we basically r 2 them just pawns!n they would kill us off ina quick second 2 n say o they commited suciside however u spell it or sum tragedy happen 2 so n so just cover ups all the fuckn time n bullshit all the time....ok there all gona enslave us n if we dont listen or obey!they will kill us off we outnumber them so they would just make airborn diseases ppl from the black plague said they seen the disease coming at them so i think it was airborn 2 kill off the ppl u know how corrupt shit is the god really sick of this bullshit im not a christian i dont like religion not me i believe in a higher power a really high 1 y do u think they had scribes!so those who from heaven to earth come can tell the story of how man was made but then men corrupted everything !!!!!!!!!

  42. Ok, I think here might be some info on the 3:33. If you go by numerology 3+3+3=9

    9 is actually the devil's number (ex: 6+6+6=18, 1+8=9) whereas Jesus' or God's number is 1 beginning and the end 10 (1+0=1 again)

    Here's some links-

    http://home.online.no/~luneng/phuman.html and http://www.lunarplanner.com/number.html

    I like reading most of the comments, and that movie is seriously whacked. I have seen UFO's before that have freaked me out, so this movie was the icing on top lol.

    The possibility that is was demonic possession though is quite logical as well.

    Good job on the possible translations too.

  43. Using this link http://psd.museum.upenn.edu/epsd/nepsd-frame.html which is an on going project of a Summerian dictionary this is what I figured ZIMABU ETER to mean though I translated it as ZIMAHBU ETUR because how are we actually supposed to know how it is spelt, and trying to translate it every which way I could Zimahbu Etur was the one that made most sense and fitted together.-


    Mah-To be majestic

    Bu-To shine

    E/Tur-House/To be ill

    Put this all together you get "LIFE, TO BE MAJESTIC, TO SHINE....HOUSE TO BE I'LL" I think its a warning of how we should be living life and what we are doing to our world is making it ill.

  44. im not sure if this means anything to anyone but i was curious about the 3:33. i could just be making something work for it but i was looking in the book of revelations chapter 3 verse 3 in the amplified version. and technically in the 3 sequence of this verse it says:

    "In case you will not rouse yourselves and keep awake and watch, I will come upon you like a thief, and you will not know or suspect at what hour I will come."

    I just thought it was interesting though it probably means nothing and im looking way to far into it. but if you want to check it out yourself look up revelations 3:3 and read it.


  45. I recently saw this movie with my wife, I think it was over the last weekend, anyway and let me tell you that scared the crap out of us. When this guy that was on his bed got up and started screaming and later began to levitate in the air; man that is just freaky! I don’t think it was staged because it definitely looked real to us. I do believe these entities, people refer to them as Aliens, do exist. I don’t believe 100% but rather more like a 60% based on things I heard about sightings and videos that people have sent claiming they saw an UFO.

    Now for the question about the significance of the time 3:33am, like some people have stated already it refers to devil going out to play. If anyone has seen the movie “The exorcist of Emily Rose” you will remember that she was constantly awaken and harassed at the same time but in this case was at 3am, similar to what the priest (sorry I usually don’t remember names) experienced when he woke up at 3am and noticed something strange as well and the lawyer helping priest.

    I find all this very fascinating and intriguing to the point that makes me wonder things that perhaps no one has before, if so let me know so I’m not alone on this. Things like ok we all know there is good and evil in this world, God and The Devil, about spirits trapped in the human world and manifesting themselves when there is an opportunity, and finally we came to acknowledge the existence of other beings. Who are they? What do they want from us? Do these beings we called Aliens surpass God’s power? Did God create those entities or someone or something else gave them life? What is their purpose for abducting people and running test on them? Why would they make us suffer and mess with our minds by creating images of memories that are not real? The psychological trauma that a person endures while is being taken and probed is very irreversible to the point where they commit suicide.

    Now going back to the movie the Fourth Kind, it is obvious that they don’t want us to see what they doing so somehow when they manifest, they cause all electronic devices, in this case camcorders, to not operate properly and record distorted video and sound. They seem to be pretty smart one would say but if that is the case how come they did not realize when the doctor was on her bed recording her notes that it was still recording? If they are smart they would know that is a recording device that will give us proof of their presence on this planet. Or do you guys think they deliberately let us record their voices when they entered her room? Some many questions in need of answers won’t you guys agree?

    As my experience with UFOs, I think I might have seen strange lights and objects in the sky before but never had a camera handy. I believe they exist but what I’m not sure of is if they are hostile to the human race or not. Are they good? Do they have a plan that includes us or not? Are they wishing to make contact with us or just observe us? I’m not sure where I heard this but some one said that they might be already living among us and we don’t even know it because they look exactly the same.

    Also, I’m not sure whether people that are abducted getting probed with sharp objects or whether they insert foreign objects in our bodies to either track us or collect information. All this is mind-blowing and I don’t really know where to start and begin to understand what they want from us or it is from our planet? They want to start a new colony on earth but they need to displace us first?

    It is a bit of a scary though to think being an advanced race, as most people think of them, with better technology and possibly weapons, that they could displace us in no time if they really want to. What can we do about that?

    Anyway that is just want I think about this whole thing about these beings making themselves more and more present before us.

  46. ok so i like where you were going with "help us" and "viable/worth saving", but i did some research on chacha and i came up as , "Soon there will be nothing left". scary, huh? i think thats my favorite so far, and btw, that movie was such a let down, i mean COME ON! that chick was a phsyco! she obviously seeks attention and is just a few plums short of a fruit pie if you know what i mean. lol but thats just my opinion.

  47. I thought it ment flesh or mind eater

  48. everyone can make opinions and anyone can make a decision whether this movie holds water. im pretty sure everyone has have a number of experiences. abigail tyler was one of the "experimental ones" ive dug up some major issues regarding the story. i dont plan on posting up every newspaper ad that had mentioned the facts that has happened in Nome but ive read many missing stories in that area. but most were upon men and children. most women that had a lost family member did seem to go crazy after a month of there loved ones disappearance.

    when i was a little child, ive had shadowy figures walk around my house and still do to this day. at times i couldnt sleep at that same hour. other incidences have happened relative to the "paranormal activity" movie. ive watched it. ive stood over my bed and didnt know why...falling asleep standing up. or even removed from my bed and dragged clear across my home.

    its things like this, and like this woman, that really makes people wonder...if u believe or not.

    on another note, ive read all the comments, i came up with the conclusion of what "zimabu eter" means. the translations by itself mean many things. if it was ever said towards someone in a sentenced, i come up with, "help us keep the LIGHT a secret" definition of light could mean a source, a life, a vanishing moment (when in near death experiences...the light at the end of the tunnel) or even a disguised way of peace when really its something more.

    also the comments above, about 3:33am are all correct. its the darkest time of the hour. its the opposite time of god. but stating that it is the darkest time, the demons do come out at this time to bring forth false truth. saying they will be the "light" they will bring us hope. yet, its all just ways to mess with you while you are at your weakest and most vulnerable state. thats all i have to say =)

  49. Ive Been Looking Into This and I Came Across A Possible Meaning for Zimabu Eter, It Supposedly says "Soon Nothing Shall Remain" or "I am the Creator, Father and the Savior" Hopes This Helps... A Bit Scary To Know What "They" Say Too Us.

  50. In the movie, The Fourth Kind", the aliens spoke the language of the Sumerians, sumer. This is the oldest language know and no one today speaks this language. The movie was good. It really freaked me out. I drove home from work at nights and for months I would look over my shoulder. The movie was well done. I believe they are out there somewhere. That is all I really know. Thanks for a good article. Teresa

  51. I'm not sure about all the tranlations. I'm not a language expert, but maybe if aliens did teach ancient Sumarians language or their language, some of it may have been misinterpreted or changed over time before they started to write on tablets. Thus the original meanings may be lost entirely. If the language did originate with aliens then it would stand to reason that the alien language would most likely remain the same. If they were advanced enough for space travel during the time of the sumarians they would have little need to change their language. On earth language of all types changes with nearly every new generation and slang sometimes replaces the original meaning of a word. The other thing I want to point out is I'm not a fan of the Mayan calander theories, but I do believe when the planets align that things are going to get bad, really bad. The last time they aligned was 640,000 years ago when there was one continent on our planet. The planets align, the earth tilts on it's axis, the poles shift, and the continents as we know them are formed. No one can perdict what will happen when it happens again. I've seen shows wher e they talk about the magnetic fields weakening, earthquakes, storms, all things that we have evidence of happening 640,000 years ago is happening again. But there is not one government that is telling their people to prepare for the worst. Of course if they did choas would follow. I know something big is coming and we need to start buying non perishable foods or foods with long shelf lives and a lot of water. I hope I'm wrong, I hope the shows that talk about the planets alignment are wrong. but I'm not taking any chances.

  52. Check out http://community.adn.com/node/143292 some interesting info. Maybe Dr. Tyler is real, or the name changed and so called real footage replaced with re-enacted footage, maybe not. google abigail tyler and you'll also get some info on an actress named Charlotte Milchard. Also if you research dissappearances in Nome Alaska you'll find that there has been several from 1960's to 2004. The F.B.I. was also involved. They blame the disapearances on weather and alcohol or both. It was written on one site that most of the disappearances were native Alaskans. I believe there is life on other planets, I also believe we have been visited by aliens. I'm not sure about abductions. If there are any real ones they become unbelievable or at least questionable due to the hundreds that are fake. I also question the electronics and surgery scars that have been found in/on people that believe they were abducted. Was it aliens, C.I.A., or other covert agency doing secret research? Also there has been talk of government Drs. experimenting on soldiers and isolated towns so why not isolated people? Think about the pyramids, and other similar riddles. We speculate about how they were built but we can't be sure because time has erased the evidence of markings from how they were moved. If humans built them then how did the technology become lost. I understand when the last of the pharohs was gone no one built such things, but what about using the building techniques on other structures? But as I said before, I still believe when the planets align we may be in great danger. And again this has nothing to do with the mayan theories. But perhaps advanced races are trying to decide if we're worth saving or save the few that are? Maybe they're trying to warn us of impending danger. I believe in god, I believe in science also, as well as the archeological discoveries that prove the science. I can't remember where I saw/heard it but someone measured the earth and it was measured again recently and it is larger know due to the loosening of the earths crust so it can shift as it did before. They have also been monitering the earths magnetic field and it is decreasing, also so the crust can shift again. I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm offered a chance to get off this rock till it passes I'm taking it, as long as I don't become an item on their menu. I'm a found believer in discovering the truth for yourself instead of believing one "truth" or "fact" over another. Everyone can't be right/wrong, can they?

  53. I thought it meant "Soon nothing will remain"

  54. I liked the movie "The Fourth Kind" too. At first, I believed everything that was depicted in it, but now I'm quite suspicious of the movie because the real Abigail Tyler shown in the movie is not any Psychologist: She is actually an actress called Charlotte Milchard. Here's a link: http://www.charlottemilchard.com/home.shtml

    If the director wanted us to believe whatever was shown in the movie, why did he portray a fake person as the real Abbey Tyler??!!

    BTW, you have fantastic knowledge on this subject. It was good to know about so many things regarding aliens and the abductions. I'll try to contribute to this, too. Anyways, thanks a lot!

  55. Awesome comments ... Thanks for the info and all the books and names.. I'm gunna look into all this stuff .. I can't believe this many people think like I do.. Soon .. Very soon . Aliens will make there presence known world wide.. Watch Dan akroyd on u.f.o. 's he's like a professor on the subject .. About government coverups on ufos

    YouTube it.

  56. there are many myths and legends of Dragons and Serpents, my question is why do so many cultures and races from all parts of the world have a Dragon/Serpent woven into their heritage? what is the LINK behind this? this movie may explain some of it,as the book of R.A. Boulay " Serpent and Dragons",or the above mention,Zecharia Sitchin....and finally, as i have said- "don't go wishing for the Truth out there, you may get what you wish for"... one movie trailer said it best:" liken the UFO'S like Columbus who came to the New World...and you saw what happen to the indigenous natives"- besides, you may out the hard way that your on the bottom of the Food Pyramid.....

  57. Response to Saul Delgado's comment postulating that Zi.ma.bu Et.er means "life dragons from space" simply based on his fear ridden belief in the so called "devil", "satan" or "anti-christ"... Education is the key not paranoid speculation based on ignorant fears. I say ignorant because the entire premise of "satan", "devil" & "anti-christ" is gross distortion of the historical etymology of those words. "Satan" is a concept, not a deity. It is merely the Latin word "Natas" (translation: Life) spelled backwards. To ancient peoples saying a word backwards gave the new word the opposite meaning of the original word. So Satan means "living life backwardly" or "de-evolution"... in other words to be stupid & do things harmful to yourself. Or it could mean "death" which is the opposite of life. Both meanings were accepted. Which brings us to "devil" which is a much more modern word that means identical to "satan". It is the word "lived" spelled backwards so it means "dead". As for anti-christ there is no such thing. It was invented very recently. The original word "christ" wasn't even around during Jesus' lifetime. It comes from the Greek "Christioni" which was actually used as a slur to make fun of the uneducated rabble who believed Jesus was a ghost god rather than the Ghandi-esque teacher/mentor who spread philosophy in riddles & parables (exactly like koans in Middle Eastern philosophy). To link Sumerian writings somehow to modern Pauline Christianity goes far beyond extrapolation & enters the realm of complete fantasy. For some reason modern Christians are totally unaware of the historical origins of their texts. They find no problem attaching significance to anything that strikes their fancy by inventing irrational correlations to their own mythological pagan based faith without any regard to facts or historical accuracy. The fact is that Jesus was a practicing Jew all his life including the day he died & Jews don't believe in a satan therefore there can be no anti-christ & therefore Zi.ma.bu Et.er cannot be a reference to demons, a devil or a satan because none of those things are actual beings or deities. Those things are "states of being" or "states of mind". It was the way they charaterized mental illness & fear of death in the ancient world. Sumerian dieties have as much in common with "anti-christ" as live brine shrimp have in common with that picture on the package of "sea monkeys" when you buy them at the toy store. To quote the Dune trilogy: "Fear is the mind killer". Learn it.

  58. Haven't seen the movie, but the words zimabu eter caught my eye. I think i'd have to go with the idea of Life and Pureness, Gate to the Watchers. Creepy indeed...

  59. In "The Fourth Kind" it mentions that the Sumerians graphically recorded on the cuneiforms events which included alien gods flying between Earth and the heavens in a rocket ship propelled by fire, 6,000 years ago.

    The professor of dead languages in the film states that at least two of the stories in The Bible originated in Sumerian history millenia before any Biblical God was ever conceived of.

    Chapter 1 of The Book of Ezekiel in The Bible is titled "A Vision of Living Beings". This was written more than 2,500 years ago. When read from an engineer's perspective, this part of The Bible describes an alien

    visit to earth in a spaceship. Here are some quotes from the New Living Translation, in modern language.

    "...the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God.", "(The Lord gave this message to Ezekiel...and he felt the hand of the Lord take hold of him).", "There was a fire inside the cloud, and in the middle of the

    fire glowed something like gleaming amber. From the center of the cloud came four living beings that looked human, except...", "Above this surface was something that looked like a throne made of blue lapis lazuli. And on this throne high above was a figure whose appearance resembled a man."

    What is particularly striking about these records of these contacts between Ezekiel and what he interpreted to be God is that he consistently refers to the creatures from "the heavens" as "living beings" - his desription of them is what one would describe in Biblical terms as angels. The being he refers to as the Lord is described as "...a figure whose appearance resembled a man.." - not that He was a man, but only "resembled" a man, something which looked similar to a man - and this "figure" was glowing.

    Ezekiel is very careful to describe these beings as only similar to people but different from people.

    The book of Ezekiel, Chapter 2 : "The Spirit came into me as he spoke, and he set me on my feet." In this Chapter Ezekiel calls the being on the throne The Spirit, but does not capitalize "he", which would indicate that The Spirit is God. The description quoted above sounds just like what happened to the people in Nome when they were levitated into the air by a powerful force unknown to us or when they were returned home after an abduction.

    Chapter 3 : "Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard a loud rumbling sound behind me...", "The Spirit lifted me up and took me away. I went in bitterness and turmoil, but the Lord's hold on me was strong. Then I came to the colony...I was overwhelmed and sat among them for seven days." That sounds like an ancient description of what alien abduction victims describe, followed by their return and state of shock they experience when they cannot account for a period of missing time.

    Chapter 23 is about the the people of the nations of Samaria (is that really Sumeria?) & Jerusalem worshipping idols of other nations, rather than the Lord. Punishment for such sins includes drinking "...from your sister's cup of terror...anguish will fill you for your cup is filled to the brim with distress and desolation...You will drain that cup of terror to the very bottom..." Sounds like an ancient description of the despair & terror abduction victims experience each time they are taken or recall the experience.

    The similarities in these stories suggest that they have been passed down for thousands of years or have been happening for thousands of years.

  60. The main thing i find wrong with the entire sumerian language and the movie is the phrase, 'i am god'. This is because, how can a language that was created 4000 years before christ have a word for THE GOD? They should have no knowledge of it and therefore no word. Any other theories on this point?

    1. The Christian God (the only God) was known of before He sent Christ.

    2. "What is a god?"
      "That which is above men"
      "Are they better standing?"
      "They are beyond our workings and skill; we are but beast to them, and we are subject to their will"
      "Why do they need us if they are so powerful?"
      "We breathe life into them; without our love they become mortal. They wither and die like flowers in the field."

  61. qwestioner if that was true that would go for alot of other languages

  62. This is gonna seem wayy off subject, but if anybody knows about the illuminati, one of their symbols is an owl, because owls see all (hence the 360 degree turn) also, the all seeing eye is one of their symbols.. an owl can be found on the back of a one dollar bill, also. Maybe this movie is a reference to the illuminati.. they controll the entire world. People need to study them. Lookup "john todd" on youtube and watch the videos in order. But this is just my opinion..

  63. Christianity is a fairly new religion, since many others existed before it. It is what is known as monotheistic -a religion with one god. Jesus was Jewish. The big difference between Christianity & Judaism (which includes Jesus) is that each of these religions considers a different prophet as the focus of their beliefs.

    Different cultures throughout the ages, including thousands of years before Christianity was conceived of, worshipped different things, animals or entities which they called god or gods, although by different names, since each culture & area of the world speaks a different language.

    In The Bible there are dozens of names for God, many of which were likely taken from prior cultures, including Judaism. Some of these names in The Bible include el. elohim, eloah, YHWH (or The Lord), adonai (Lord), christos (a Greek word meaning Messiah), kurios (a Greek word meaning Lord).

  64. It is well known that Jesus was not born on December 25 (by our modern calendar) & that December 25 is an ancient pagan holiday, which was a dominant religion during the Jesus' time. Many Christian holidays were pagan holidays which Christianity eventually wiped out, including through making pagan holidays into Christian ones (to eliminate memories of paganism). Another tachnique used by new religions to destroy an older one is to destroy the older one's places of worship & build the new religion's temple or church on the site of the ruins.

    There are mentions of paganism which must therefore have existed before Christianity, in The Bible, such as Chapter 6 of The Book of Ezekiel, for example, where Ezekial recounts a message received directly from the Lord, who orders Ezekial to tell the people of Israel "...Wherever you live there will be desolation, and I will destroy your pagan shrines...The place will be littered with corpses..."

    There were many versions of The Bible which included far more Books than are now known to us, but eventually Christian leaders decided it was best to create one "official" version, with fewer conflicting Books.

    If you think about it, religions have as their central theme the worship of some being(s) or entity which is much more powerful than any person or group of people, because almost everyone needs to be a part of something bigger than oneself & needs to have some way to understand the unexplainable - why are some good people struck down by tragedy, why do bad or evil people get away with what they do, why do children die, how do some people seem to experience miracles. Lacking any other understanding or explanation, we are left with the "explanation" that we are being punished or rewarded by an all-powerful entity for something we did or did not do.

    Originally Christianity was based on faith in the unknown, that there will always be things we will never comprehend (now known as Orthodox Christianity). As science became more based on rationality, Christianity felt compelled to compete with science & tried to "explain" everything through it's beliefs, which is contradictory to the concept of faith, which is a belief in the unknown or something which we can't prove (or disprove) by human standards, such as the existence (or not) of God.

    What is more important perhaps than whether or not you believe in a Christian God or some other one is that we all have a limited & unknown amount of time on this Earth so we should spend it wisely & in a way which does more good than harm to everyone & every thing (including non-human animals) we come in contact with. We are all connected, after all. While Christianity has provided a convenient excuse for many people to inflict unimaginable destruction & suffering on hundreds of thousands of people, it has also inspired millions of others to do many great & positive things for themselves & for others around the world. When a belief system can do that for people - inspire people to work together for the greater good of others - we should all be thankful, regardless of what name their believers call God by.

  65. dam i wouldint of wrote that coment if i new omega was going to explain it so brilently i just couldint be bothered to explain it so thurily also its difficult to explain its basicaly how we can translate other languages and older languages if u understand that then u would understand this

  66. Several websites say ''spirit who no one can be saved from''.

  67. wow realy nice, all of that make sence, "dragons" in the space r diferent kind of races, one of them r the reptilians or dragon guys, and supose they r the bad extraterrestial race, and they become from far away, check this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWR6WE4z20g

  68. Just want to say something regarding the movie itself. It's a hoax, quite like The Blair Witch Project. At first everone thought it was real but some recent info and research tells us otherwise. Not so long ago the Alaskan Psychiatric Institute and the American Psychiatric Institute did a background check on all their current and former employees and all the licences they had handed out.

    There was no match what so ever on a female named Abigail Tyler. Nor has there been recordings of her children in the alaskan schools.

    Also some families that actually has lost a child/relative in the city of Nome has tried to sue the director regarding unrespectful behaviour and some other crap. This never happened though since the families realised after have spoken to a lawyer that sueing the director would be a lost cause.

    Besides all this two websites said to contain contact information and the biography of Abigail Tyler AND newspaper articles regarding the abduction was released on the web only a month before the premiere of the movie. You'd think that the websites would've been put up earlier since the huge severeness of the happenings in the movie.

    And to sum this up. Search the name Charlotte Milchard on either IMDB or google. She is a british theater/movie actress and is credited for the role as "the real" Abigail Tyler in the movie "The Fourth Kind". This proves (amongst the other facts) that the movie isn't real.

    I was really disappointed when I found this out and I'm truly sorry if I made anyone of you sad or disappointed when reading this. I just thought you should know.

    On the other hand I still believe in the existence of extra-terrestials. I really do, there are infact some other real happenings and info/photos/videos that hasn't been proven fake but very real instead. So don't loose your faith people!

  69. Nicholas 11 months ago

    I believe the theories do not fit the facts, and a lot of speculation is left to the viewer. Take this into account with the Fact that the Director of the film "the fourth kind", obviously believes these incidendes too be of a alien nature, that is how it would be introduced to the mass public, and since "we" are the public, we are all basically looking through the lense of the Director when we try to understand what actually happened in Nome, Alaska. My own interpretation? I believe that whatever happened is of a "Possesion" type... whatever this "entity" is that speaks ancient sumerian... it would have to be over 5,000 years old, and as Jesus stated "some of those that dwell in hell have been there for ages, yeah, even unto the time of Noah". Maybe this entity is so strong in its "dark powers" that it could influence people still living in the material world, and who havn't yet transferred over to the spiritual. Anything of a evil nature always needs a entrance, and maybe this entrance to "Dr. Abigal" was after her husband was killed... after such a traumatic thing, surely she would be receptive to anything of a negative nature... and this could have started the "possesion" I speak of. of course, who knows if these incidents are real and actually happened, and my understanding of this is just speculative, and only based on my shallow understanding of things of a evil nature, and I do not really wish to understand any of this too much further.

  70. Maybe the people and events shown in the film aren't real, after all they have been discredited numerous times and no records can be found. Then again do you not think that the government would dispose of any information linking the film to reality? And do al they can to make the event look like a hoax? look at roswell for instance. I think everyone is getting close to a positive understanding of what the translation could mean, it fits, sumerian tablets constantly have pictures of reptillian beings (dragons from space). Aliens visiting the planet would have a god complex for 1 of 2 reasons, they would be treated as gods by a less advanced race or they would feel this way if they had created humanity as some form of experiment. you can go anywhere with these theories try looking into the sudden evolution of chimps to humans, prehistoric men with what seems like bullet holes in their skulls. gets interesting, keep digging

  71. Then again maybe the people are real and for privacy reasons they have been "screened". Can you imagine the calls and drive by's that would go on if their actual name was publicized? the old ones have said the veil would thin and the unseen would be seen. This time is here now. Think about the increased ufo/alien sightings, spirits, strange looking beings and animals. They said they would show themselves more. Old ones also said that here on Earth is our hell...we're here to learn from our mistakes. Have no fear...just Love & Respect...aknowledge each has it's own power and be on your way. Most importantly remember your duties to care for Our Mother-the Earth.

  72. i think we all may know what this is soon

  73. This movie is to BELIEVE in what you never Gonna find the meaning..GOD

    1. In night, they come. She watches in anger. They take her flock and run away with them. Twisting their bodies and minds. Within each of her flock is a secret. She has made it so, and has warned them many times. Still they persist, and she is not pleased. Skin may walk, skies may tumble, but they will all run. Five times the sun will spin and a thousand times thus. She beacons the old works of the elder of her flock. Broken and birning it will come with thunder and rage. Gold shall streak the sky and all will taste the wrath of her majesty. When they are but cinder, she will begin again and plant new seed and flock.

  74. Now what if the translation is 'viable/worth saving', that makes perfect sense with what is shown in the movie. The abducted girl is so pure and kind, if that isn't worth saving, I don't know what is.

    See, when Tyler is under hypnosis, one of the phrases that are said is 'child... never returned... ZIMABU ETER... I am... GOD'.

    So, 'the child will be never returned, for I am God and this being is worth saving' makes perfect sense to me.

    Again, I don't believe anymore on the movie because people depicted the actress Charlotte Michard. So it must be fake. But this looks like a good theory about ZIMABU ETER.

  75. Cool article. This actually makes we want to do some research of my own. Thanks!

  76. Hi Everyone,

    Many thanks to Mrvoodoo for starting this link and especially to Aleksi Sahala for the wonderful translation done on the Sumerian language found in the movie, Fourth Kind. Reading all the comments and thoughts posted here are great as I can see the general and specific thoughts and opinions of both the believers and skeptics, although skewed only from viewers of the movie.

    I have been researching this subject since 1999 due to personal reasons. The Sumerian civilization has consistently shown the presence of an alien race far superior than us. You can even trace their civilization to the Mayans and Aztec.

    You can call them ancient astronauts or Annunaki.

    From the Sumerian tablets and images, it was clear that they enslaved us and were cruel. They taught us modern technology and even alchemy. But they declared themselves to be Gods (I believe there were 3 main Gods) and we humans as their slaves. They left when the Great Flood occurred, similar to the stories of Noah that can be found in The Torah, Bible and Quran. I believe God Himself removed them from Earth.

    For more details, please check out The Tales of the Gilgamesh. But isn't it weird that old and modern religions espouse the concept of 3? And the filmmaker to The Fourth Kind seemed to emphasize on the number 3 as well?

    I do not think the filmmaker of The Fourth Kind will include any personal details of the people involved, even the so-called real video footages are re-enacted but I believe they are based on actual footages. This is of course to protect the identities of the real persons involved, especially to avoid lawsuits. You can expect professions to be changed, facts altered and dates carefully adjusted to avoid any form of legal entanglements, since there were persons connected to the movie who had refused to be involved and participate in the making of the movie. If you can identify the picture of the little girl at the end of the movie whom I believe to be actual photos of "Ashley Tyler", you can find the link to the real persons involved.

    The owls are not owls. It is a subliminal thought implanted in the minds of abductees. They were actually looking into the eyes of their abductors. My only conclusion is that their eyes will paralyze the bodies of the abductees to subdue them from resisting. Then, they are taken for scientific experiments.

    Notice that these aliens do not experiment on anything else on Earth but us? That would indicate that they are not interested in our planet but rather in our bodies. There were evidence of DNA tampering found in Sumerian images. Body snatching perhaps? Or their planet is dying and they need ours to survive but they can't take the sun, so they need our bodies. Have you noticed that alien sightings are usually at night, never in full daylight? UFO sightings of course takes place both in daytime and night time.

    I share Stephen Hawking's opinion that if we're visited by an alien race in the future, it will be hostile. Very hostile. And I believe that it is our bodies that they want, nothing else. Then, tyranny will begin all over again.

    As Anon said earlier, we will know the truth of this soon.

    Just my thoughts. Thank you reading.

  77. Life of the upper regions.

  78. You all should research the NAGAS. The Serpent Kings are returning soon.

  79. I may only be 16,but I study quite a lot of things this being one.

    What interested me was that a lot of people refer to 'aliens' as the fallen angels. This like most things is always a possibility. No one will ever know until something bigger happens. Until then,were all just guessing.

    When all those people in the 60s or so were talking about top secret things they had done and things they weren't supposed to tell,one man had said that they wen't to another planet. (Even though they're saying man has not accomplished this yet,the government can always hide things I think most of us understand this now.) He said they saw dead 'things' on the planet that they were stiff and had jewels in their stomaches. Well,god in the christian religion made his angels out of what? Jewels.

    Also,this interested me because of your dragons bit. Most people read that and automatically assumed the scale like giant reptile or some other form of this I'm guessing. However,Satan,or who would be the supposed 'bad' side is described most as...a dragon.

    I myself am not christian. But I do believe in the history of it. I just choose not to follow it.

    Anyways. That's my piece. If the christian religion is right which there are a few things pointing to it then 'aliens' are the fallen angels who followed Satan...or this dragon like life in space.

  80. Cool theory man. I'll make sure to look some of that up myself since I'm also interested in such things haha :D

  81. this really boggled my mind.

    I guess i'm not the only one.

  82. I, like you, enjoy piecing things together word wise! I have no idea about the literal meaning of the phrase Zim.Abu.E.Ter! I have heard, or read somewhere, that either Zim or Abu may be a Sumerian God of some sort! Not sure! But when they had the partial translation of what that demonic alien voice was saying, It was saying that it was God and that only the truth would remain!! Maybe it does cryptically mean only certain ones worthy of being saved will be saved maybe by God and the rest will belong to this entity and it's minions to be tortured or whatever! Anyway, the phrase certainly caught my attention! Glad it wasn't only me!! Thanks for your insight and good try!!

  83. its possible the film could be pointing to the fact that aliens are in fact demons if you plug that into the movie all off what happens makes perfect sense and the talk of destruction and everything negative

  84. Go listen to the The Faceless. also check into "The Frantic Caller" on Youtube.

    Legion of the Serpent-The Faceless.

    One part of the song goes: "A servant of the omni-dimensional

    Tall and strange bloodthirsty sentinels

    Sent to possess the hybrid creation

    Dimensional domination

    Keepers of the doorway between worlds

    Patrons of destruction

    Planters of ignorance

    Breeders of malevolence

    Sorcerers of possession"

    What this means is, Sumerians were the first HUMANS Created by God. Now the Devil (Satan,Lucifer,etc.) is a fallen angel, banished by God because he was trying to take God's throne. Satan is also known as the "Great Serpent". (Heaven and Hell can be different dimensions so keep this in mind.)Satan despises the fact that God favors Man over himself, so he sends out sentinels (the owls in the movie) to watch over humans and keep track of us. "Tall and strange bloodthirsty sentinels" talks about those who actually do the abducting. As Ryan posted above, "Dragons" could be aliens demons or something worse. and the gate-way is the place between worlds.

    3:33 is also half of 666, the mark of the beast.

    One thing about Satan is he always leaves clues around. In fact if you have a 1 dollar bill, there is an owl on that bill. look it up on youtube, I cannot explain. All these "all seeing eyes" and "messengers" are hints toward whats really going on.

    I don't mean to scare anyone and I'm not trying to debunk any religion, (I am in strong believer in Christ) but after piecing this together I became......disturbed and had to let someone know.

  85. I have been studying demonology and the occult as of late, and this movie and pretty much everything in it hinted to and can be attributed to knowledge attained from that. The author try's to use aliens as the possible suspect, but further research into demon hauntings/possessions/attacks and black-magic will tell you what was really happening if anything at all.

    People need to beware of this sort of thing.

    yes i know this was fiction, but this info isn't.

    Historically from our earliest books, demons can "speak in your mind", show themselves as animals, leave fowl smells, bring about hopelessness(her husband)suicide, necromancy perhaps (black magic w/her husband)taught by demons, hopelessness and fear of her patient led to homicide esp. family members, speaking through persons possessing, and especially attack while sleeping...

    You people got to be more aware of this stuff, it is the oldest most popular "game" in town you should be afraid protected and knowledgable of...don't be deceived. Especially all the rhetoric about "spirit, i am god, can't save, don't pray, destruction coming (revelation)"

    When i was first made aware of what was going on in the movie and that it was demonic was the 3:33 time or around 3am, it is said to be the anti-christ hour (the exact opposite time christ was said to be crucified). Remember the passage "no rest for the wicked" it's not just a song. I believe in a situation like this movie displays -black magic is involved, and envoking of demonic spirits...hypnosis, and other things that really shouldn't be fooled around with. esp, black magic and envoking spirits, and fooling around with subconsciousness.

    I don't want to sound corny, but mostly I don't wish to leave you without the thing I'm most convinced of:

    Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour

    if we are indeed in the last days it is written that a state of "stupor" will be on the world.


    oh, also - "I just want to see the face"...totally demonic. all black faces...fire in their eyes. flee from this people. Flee from this. Demons will try to appear as many different things, MANY different things, but in the end they just want to see you die. They want you to get scared and lose faith. They want to possess your body and ultimately kill you.

  86. zi (good,truth,breath,legitimate,faith)

    mah -ma (great,boat,bind, to go,)

    bu (to tear out,)

    e (house)

    tur (little)

    translation: good to go from your little home?

    translation: faith to leave your small house?

    transaltion: breathe deeply we are leaving this small home.

    translation: time to leave your house and get in my boat.

  87. final translation: Relax my ship is going to remove you from this place.

  88. Just remember that good and evil exist in all high order creatures that know right from wrong. Angels and demons both come from the same place. Thus the look similar to each other. However, angels follow God's orders and demons follows the fallen ones orders. Although many people speak of bad experiences with these creatures, many more people have talked about positive experiences with these beings.

  89. @thestatue I believe Aliens are fallen angels indeed. do a search on Nephilims

  90. Wow what a string. Some good reading here. This was a disturbing film for sure and from what I've read here, the producers got their moneys worth. Obviously it has many people thinking. But is it true? For that matter, is anything you read on the internet true. Seems that many people are convinced that if it's on a website, it must be so. Don't forget that The Forth Kind, while directed and acted well, was still just a made for profit film like any other. It was presented in an almost documentary style yes, which lead to it's realism. But think back a few year's to when The Blair Witch Project first hit theaters and most people were convinced of it's authenticity. To think that we are alone in the vastness of space would seem very unlikely to be sure. And if we are being visited or already have others living among us, why are they always expected to be malevolent? Perhaps they have already begun to help us since it would seem that humanity has had a rather sudden burst of intelligence in the past century and a half. Wouldn't you agree? Maybe it's not all bad afterall. Maybe the Mayans were invited to colonize a better planet and had no need for another calender. I imagine they took a lot of work top carve!

  91. I was reading what @Ryan had wrote 7 months ago and liked where his translations were going until he got to BU. He chose to go with pureness. I focused on the translations of darkness and ghost (which are obviously dead) everything else he wrote, I liked too, but my conclusion brought me to Zimabu Eter meaning Gatekeepers (or keepers) of Life and Death.

  92. I know this may sound weird, but the number 18 is the day of my birthday. Yes, tomorrow is my birthday. But the weird part is that the numbers 18 and 24 are always with me, in my life, in things. In the last time I traveled by plane, I looked at the road part, where the plane needs to start speeding and then flies, and there was this painted circle, our way of nominating areas of course, saying "18 24". And that freaked me out. And in my first travel by plane I chose a random seat and it was the number 24. I'm not kidding, I'm being serious. I mean it may all be coincidence, but I don't believe so!!

    There's something else, something we can't explain.

    And all of this to say, I "translated" Zimabu Eter into numbers, by using the Alphabet count, and it comes up with:

    269131221 520518

    And I know the Mayan calendar ends in 21 12 2012, yet there's another cycle after that, so I don't believe it's the end, but it's something! Something will happen dunno if in that day, or other, but has to do with 12 or 21. Look at my "translation" in numbers and "bu" means 12 21. And also, if I do 18+18 (just randomly, since it's one of the numbers that "seek" me) it makes 36. 36-24 is 12. I'm maybe driving mad or my mind is just tricking me, but I'm being honest with all of you, I know this combination or whatever of numbers with 12, 21, 24, 18, somehow is related.

    I'm afraid that we humans will discover something big, but not good. Hope it's something good.

    I love this topic guys, thanks.


  93. Okay, all very well, but how do we know that the language being spoken is sumerian language?

  94. Well... for some strange reason, I am getting, "serpent of Eden (with Zi in front referencing to "new life giver" or claiming ownership of like "parent"). So it would be sounding more like "Father serpent of Eden" But if I put it in the context of your "space or ether" theory, I would get something like "Father serpant of heaven". Sounds like a calling card to me. Why not just say his name. Lucifer

  95. Mr.Voodoo i think all these act are real even that 2 slide screen other "real" and other " movie one" they both movie even the actress of dr.tyler her name is Charlotte Milchard

    and i think its hoax but i wont say ufos arent real i think they are and they want something from us maybe love and peace ? if u interesting about ufos go check www.rael.com


  97. voodoo i would very much like you to addme on MSN as i have some things i would like to talk to you about, involving the sumerians, 2012, and these odd dreams ive been having recently! please add me ASAP! thankyou Danny_Watson22@hotmail.co.uk

  98. Hello, i just saw the movie and it was fascinating to me, altough we dont really know the meaning ot Zimabu Eter, i noticed some interesting data that may have been related or just can be another mistery.

    SUMMERIAN+ OWL... its known that the owl was a god among summerian called Moloc. Another strange thing is the relantionship among the one dollar bill in the right upper corner, that has the owl, and the owl that represents the white house if u see it from above because the gardens resemmble an owl. conincidence?

    Another intriguing mistery is that the one dollar bill has an alien in the left down corner of the pyramid.

    And as far as the summerian civilitation the have many records of aliens another plantes in the tablets an relics that have been found.

    I hope this is helpfull

  99. Hey, everybody try copy-pasting he word ZIMABU ETER to a MS Word doc, select and change font to Wingdings 1. By the way, according to the I-Ching "23" means destruction. Let me know what you think.

    1. it looks like symbols of Muslim faith with a hand trying to stop bombing and a gesture of victory after next to a cross, symbol of Christianity? It doesn't make any sense in a movie contest... also if you don't copy but type the same word in this font, they show absolutely different symbols...

      I think this possible translation from wikipedia is more or less suitable to a situation and describe the meaning of ZIMABU ETER: "Spirit from whom you cannot be saved"

  100. I started singing this name on my mind and is ineresting the way it's sounds similar to the instrumental welcoming for the UFO's on the movie Close Encounter of the third kind. Tried it and let me know...

  101. First time seein the movie it makes me think and I do believe

  102. I love this movio it was tripe

    Soy my cuestion was what does "zimabu eter" means

    soy i already got my answer so now im getting away from the forest and not go out at night.

    God when i watch it i almost crap my pants man.


  103. i bet you are rare blood as you came up with interesting points. i like it

  104. la verdad que me parece todo confuso.no se que tiene que ver nostradamus,con sus predicciones,dragones,pie grandes son solo leyendas.lo que me queda en duda,si existen los extraterrestres?nos quieren ayudar o eliminar)ellos nos crearon?en la pelicula icen que son dios.y que tal si son una creacion de el diablo,que intentan examinar a nuestro raza para ver como estamos hechos,ya que el diablo siempre quizo ser mas que dios,quizas invento una raza que salio fallida,y quiere averiguar como somos tan bellos en cuerpo e inteligencia,o quizas son una raza antigua que supo ser intelugente y viajo o encontraron una maquina del tiempo paralela hay cosas que se conectan otras que no .la verda estoy confundido!!!!

  105. It maybe the name of the E.T.

  106. well if you didnt take the word eden out, they menton of god in the movie thats who the aleins say they are and my theroy on this matter is if you kept life dragons of eden, you can assume that a dragon is sort of like a serpant and if its back in the ages of eden ... well i assume it might be the deval or deamonds. just a thought

  107. Ok guys here's what I think cos you see after the movie came out there was a huge amount of hype ... This very blog proves it and naturally people are getting scared so my guess is that the government is trying to cover this whole thing up that why there is no recordings of a Dr Abby Tyler or her kids and most of the evidence that you could find before is no longer out there ... It's like it all just disappeared ... But as I said just a theory ...

  108. @ jejemon,

    I hope, For your sake, That you wont have

    to face what some people faced during some

    unexplained events in thair lives, Times

    without memorising what happend to them,

    people that think and know they where abducted

    by UFO's, and the memories are hunting them

    till this day, I dont know if its true or not

    I want to belive its not, But some facts

    cant be ignored, Such as impossible Pyramides

    built with stones that weights 24tons each,

    placed 5 miles away from the place they taken

    from, 45,000 years ago ! even today, We cant

    do such a thing, What about the pictures of

    the spaceship like crafts, and the other unfigured

    Big eyed figures and the knowlege of the star system

    with exact location of the stars in our solar system

    and beyond it something that have to be examind

  109. I am The King of the Dragons. I'm from the spiritual world and i have much answers to te humanity.


  110. idk i gathered alot of info from peoples opions and it intrest me to know that there are otheres who belive this movie was "spot on" but i do belive in extraterestial (sorry im bad at spelling) beings. i am sertain though that aliens know of all of are thought and if any of us are right well i hate to say but... we would probably be taken by them and enslaved for figuring it out they couldnt afford the risk if an invasion (and i use that tearm invasion lightly because i do belive they are here and live among us to keep our mouths shut)or an atempt to enslave us again were to happen. and i say the would take us or somthing we love and care about from us because ...well look what happend to the women in the movie her daughter was taken and shes in a weelchair idk i just think the evidence is there if we did figurit out we would be taken. well im sorry if anyone thinks im just rambling on cas i am tired but what im writing i belive 100% and i hope when i go to sleep nothing happends at 3:33 or i hope i dont see no creepy white owls

  111. Pay less attention to the language and phenomena in the movie, and more to the background information of the movie. There is a pretty good case that Dr. Abigail Tyler didn't actually exist.

    I wrote a recent hub on it, and even ordered back-issues of the Fairbanks Miner (newspaper with her husband's supposed obituary) to prove this.

  112. zim.a.bu. e.ter SOON NOTHING WILL REMAIN

  113. If the language is in fact Sumerian then more then likely it can be about dragons from space specifically the great war between Marduk the elder god and Tiamat, the great serpent. The ancient Sumerians worshiped Tiamat before Marduk and Marduk supposedly slayed Tiamat in a great battle. You can read the book Necronomicon to find out more. Another good thing to look for is the 12th Planet series of books from Zecharia Sitchen. A real Indian Jones type who translated the Sumerian texts in Iraq years ago. He claims that the tablets in the Ziggurats tell the story of how mankind are not the creation of "God" (as the bible is one big hoax but that's another topic all together), He states in his books that we are in fact (human beings) experiments of an alien race known as the Annunaki which came from the planet Nibiru (planet x) the 12th planet which has yet to be discovered, or has been discovered and the government will not tell you. Any way that's my 2 cents.

  114. Not even close my friend, and it's not spelled zimabu eter either, it's Zim.A.Bu.E.Ter. and it translates to "Soon nothing will remain" good space dragon theory though hahaha.

  115. well actually people say it means help us, kill everyone,soon nothing will remain, or spirit whom you cannot be saved from. i have been doing alot of research considering i am working on a project with all of this involed like the sumerian laugued and the babylians. but as i looked up the languege on other sites i found that it doesnt mean anything. also in the movie when the girl was screaming on the recorder and the aliens were speaking, and they were saying e.ne.ne.me.na.am.me.en.de.en.ki.ulutim.igi.kar.a.e.sa.ie.kae.sug.zag.gu. well i founded out that it means, We are the mastres, divine beings of heavens, to examine the place of creation, to fetch the offspring, (and) to compare (it) taking (it) away to ka; to destroy (it) completey. and if you want to know why im doing this research bout this topic spicificlly, because this is actually BASED ON A TRUE STORY and it could happen one day

  116. You should check this out. Explains everything. http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/~asahala/thefourthkind

    1. life is coming to an end, i am god, i am your savior. eden will return.

  117. it actually means " soon nothing will remain" which goes along with what they said earlier in the movie, when the translater tells them one word means destroy. I highly doubt that these aliens are friendly, because of how scared many in the movie are. plus the brutality of it, with the owl smiling, instead of frowning, shows that they enjoy the fear and pain of others. She remembers probably an alergy injector, and they probably dont have alergies where they come from. I beleive that these are true facts. But say what you will, its an opinion. but Zim.a.bu.e.ter. does mean "soon nothing will remain

  118. "Spirit from whom you cannot be saved" from wikipedia

  119. http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/~asahala/thefourthkind.html in this site they translate all the messages in the movie go check it out if you want to

  120. This movie is utter fiction.

    There is no such person as Dr. Abigail Tyler. She was played by two actresses: Milla Jojovich and Charlotte Milchard.

    Nothing in the film is factual.

  121. as for the distorsion of the videos i think it could be electromagnetic mainly because magnets distort and erace film.. very cool thoughts from all of u.. just wondering if police vid was vhs or digital?? im from vhs era so dont know if magnets distort digital. sry for the spellin.

  122. as for video distortion i think electromagnetic. im from the VHS era so id like to know if the police video was vhs or digital?? if u dnt believe place a magnet on a vhs for a day or two then watch it. thats why walkin thru a metal detector can erace pictures on cameras. these ufos use ways to fly that we cannot aquire yet. electromagnetic power can produce more power than we comprehend.. sry for the spelling nd i enjoyed reading all the posts. thanks




  124. I believe that were not alone on this earth and that abbey is one strong woman for doing what she did kept her head up through everything I believe what happend is true im with abbey 100% and give her all.my support

  125. ...well, i guess, its really hard to go back from fiction to reality,...if only you'd be able to see and experience it, you'll definitely say it's real...as with the others, i guess i am of the first kind....

  126. The devil has for a long time wanted to be god.thats why he trys to convince abigail that he is god and tells her to end study.he wants her to believe that hes the answer to creation. And he will be entering the next world dictator and people will worship him saying,"who is like the beast? Who can make war with him?"

    1. i also have thought of that.

  127. is dragon Raptilian?? ,not gray


  129. Why am I upset towards God...for this...?

  130. There is only the God that I believe in and his son Jesus Christ. If I would of known the movie was gonna be full of blasphemy I never would of went to see it.

  131. Immortal Draconians from inner earth.

  132. So I haven't quite read all of the comments yet. I hope there is still someone on this blog.but I have weird dreams all the time. They are sometimes precognitive, meaning they sometimes predict the future. I myself when awake am only able to accidentally oresuct things moments before they happen. I know what people are going to say before they say it. I know what they will do before they do it. So I believe my dreams are sometimes spiritual connections between myself and the universe. I know, I sound crazy.but here's where it gets weird. It was 2:20 am when I woke up. This is what I wrote about my dream. I can't go back to sleep. Not after the dream I just had. As stupid as it may seem to some people. I believe in aliens and the dream I just had has scared me beyond belief. I was in the middle of one dream when my dream suddenly changed. It started with me or someone slowly saying "Zooh mah bah eier" and then it progressed to them aggressively shouting it. That phrase or broken collection of words is what people in Nome,Alaska here or remember from being abducted. But in this dream, an alien, with a woman's voice, but no face or figure that I could make out or see, was talking to me. She was talking to me about my boyfriend. Saying that she was going to punish us for something. In the dream, and in reality, I was laying next to him. He didn't seem phased by what was going on. He didn't seem aware. I couldn't reach out to him or call to him. And for some reason I was afraid of whatever this voice was coming from. Fear that I have never felt in my entire existence. I was trying to convince her that she was wrong... I told her, "No, that's not true. Sometimes people can change. Pain that is so strong can make people forget about love..." But she didn't believe me. Just as she was about to start whatever she was going to do, someone or something interfered. They were confronting her. And they interfered long enough for me to wake up. What's even more weird is my boyfriend's family has a cat. Well several animals. Before we went to bed, he let the cat out of the room. When I woke from my nightmare, the cat was not only back in the room, but on a bed next to ours, looking at us, and when she realized I was awake, he came over to the bed to lick me. But I was crying because I was legitimately afraid. Then he layed there and stayed. On my chest. This cat mostly avoids me during the day, but not tonight. he would watch the side of the room that I was getting bad vibes from the entire night. Then turn back to watch me. he eventually leaves to get on the bed closest to the door. Now there are two doors in this room. My boyfriend's bed sits up against the back wall near the windows. His bed is closest to the door on the right. The door on the left, where there is more open space to move around, is where the cat is now laying.
    Now I may have been hearing the saying wrong. But I wrote down what little I could remember. I have seen the fourth kind. Multiple times. It still scares me. I have seen other movies and some other research on aliens and abductions.Dogs are set off by their presence. Cats are not. Coming from other stories in history, cats are protectors. Now that I think about it, its quite funny how the last time I slept here at my boyfriend's house, whom lives on the military base in my city, the cat was in the room, stayed the entire time and I never had a bad dream. I slept like an angel. But the cat wasn't with us tonight and this happened. What do you all think. I'm really scared. Not just for myself but for my boyfriend too.

  133. This comment has been removed by the author.

  134. Bums and aliens holding making signs that say "soon nothing will remain / the end is nigh" , And we are just technologyracing for if we don´t do it another nation will. Our weak Uno could regulate these universally fixed ends which otherwise will be fully automatic but if only someone respected it.
    Someday someone will find a way to create large amounts of antimatter if we don´t transform into machines beforehand or just die. Perhaps Armageddon is a way to make safe the ecosystem survives the landape and humanity helps the green shakra to give the next universe a white multispectral subatomic particle better capable of binding any other.

  135. So a friend of mine and I just watched this movie again. This movie is so scary watching the first time. They did an incredible job with distorting things and making them even scarier.

    I stumbled upon this site and did my own interpretation based on what’s been shared I think it means. Loose and literal translation: “ancient life helper.”

    What I think this means: “life originator and savior.” Many of us are taking these words out of their context. Right before the entity said this he said “I am your god.” It also said things like “Savior” and suggested through other exchanges that it felt entitled to our children (as it took the little girl.) Even as she begs for her back, the alien said very matter of fact my: “she’s mine. She’s my child.”

    I think based on this and based on the idea that the this isn’t just happening in Nome but throughout the world and throughout history.

    I gather that this alien was involved in our evolution somehow and made us into the species we are today. It feels entitled to insert itself into our lives whenever it wants for its own inscrutable purposes for this reason. In effect, we are it’s children-albeit children who are being horribly abused.

    That’s what makes this so scary. If what the alien seems to saying is true, then it’s kind of right, isn’t it? I mean, if it created us and we can’t even understand why it’s doing this and it’s so much more advanced than us, who are we to say that what it’s doing is wrong? Maybe this is just the way it is. Maybe we’re just slaves that exist because some alien decided it wanted to run a science experiment or create some “loyal subjects.”

    I also love how entitled the alien is-even Machiavellian sometimes. We have this therapist (and her husband) who start digging into all this and they discover that the aliens are messing with us in our sleep. Instead of the aliens just telling her to stop, they say “oh? You wanna get in the way? Ok. Now your husband is dead and you’re the one who apparently murdered him.” They gaslit her by murdering her husband and kidnapping her kid. That’s some next level shit.

    This movie is so good because it has layers like that.

    “There is no owl.”