The Fortune Teller Fish - Know Your Nature

"Welcome, The Fortune Teller Fish Has Been Expecting You!"
You've no doubt seen them and most likely played with them at some point in your life, as gifts within Christmas crackers or given away as children's party favors. 'Fortune Teller Fish', small red plastic fish that twist and curl when placed within the hand and whose shape can then be interpreted to offer insights into a persons nature.
Try as I might I am unable to find any information regarding the history of the fortune teller fish with such facts as 'who invented it?' and 'when?' remaining elusive, adding to the mystery of this festive favorite that is also known as the 'Miracle Fish'.
How to use a Fortune Teller Fish
It's not rocket science, simply place the small red plastic fishy into the palm of your hand and then watch it react. And then finally interpret its form according to the instructions included with your Miracle Fish, for example: Should your Fortune Fish move its head this could signify a jealous nature, whilst a moving tail could symbolize a streak of indifference within you. If both head and tail move together then the Fortune Teller Fish predicts you'll soon fall in love, whilst if the small red plastic fish remains motionless within your palm the instructions simply read 'dead one', and it's difficult to tell whether this is in reference to the small plastic fish itself, or the emotionally devoid state of the person who holds it.
How do Fortune Teller Fish work?

*Spoiler Alert* - Science has a habit of spoiling the magics of youth so should you wish to retain any sense of wonder regarding the Miracle Fish and not ruin future parties for yourself then please skip this bit.
Fortune Teller Fish are made from long-strand polymers of the type commonly used within baby's diapers and are very sensitive to moisture. This material from which these little red plastic fish are made 'grabs' at water molecules and without absorbing them attaches itself forcing the water molecule to change shape. And it is through this forced altering of the water molecules shape to which the polymers are attached that in turn forces the Fortune Fish to change shape also.

So essentially the Miracle Fish remained flat within its packet sealed away as it was from moisture, but when placed upon the hand the Fortune Fish starts attaching itself to any water molecules it can find, and as they accumulate upon its surface it twists and turns under their weight.
The Fortune Teller Fish - Beyond Science

Putting hard science aside for a moment (because Scientists are spoil-sports) the Fortune Teller Fish is actually a very simple form of 'Divination' (should you believe in such things), and in the same way as 'Tarot Card Reading', 'Palm Reading' and 'Scrying' the aim is to make sense out of chaos and make useful predictions from known patterns, which are essentially messages and warnings offered up by spirits, the subconscious, or the Cosmos.
So with Fortune Teller Fish curled up in the palm of my hand indicating 'Passion' I say "Boo Sucks!" to the Scientists, "I'll do my best to forget what you said", because some things are more fun than hard facts, and long may this small red plastic fish amaze, confuse and entertain, all who come into contact with her.


  1. Cool, I personally think this trumps any deep philosophical/scientific/psychological thing I've ever written. Nice one.

  2. You know, the Science of it kinda makes it more believable. Like..if your hand is all sweaty and hot, it would say "passion" like mood rings rely on temperature and that could be affected by how you really do feel..maybe? I have seen tons of these fish in gift shops around here, but they have always been weather predicting fish. I still like to rely on fourtune cookies. My most recent one said that I will succeed in all my endeavours. YAY!! ;)

  3. Never heard of fortune teller fish, before you. Great article. Metaphysics trumps science in my book.


  4. Ironically I have had a fish still in its packet for many years. We have brought it out, in the packet, and used it many times. It works inside the packet. I thought it worked off of heat. My son is a natural prevaricator, and the fish always calls him one, and for me, it rolls up and turns over on it's side. Very rarely are our readings different, although it did once predict my son would fall in love a few years ago.

  5. I just have to try this

  6. not what i was looking for but cool!

  7. Thank you for the information on the fortune teller fish. :)