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Tarot or ‘Tarrochi’ as it was originally known has been around since at least the 15th century, and there is evidence to suggest that it has been around a lot longer. Made up of a set of cards (usually 78 in number) the Tarot was used as a tool traditionally by occultists and mystics within the practise of divination, the practise of gaining knowledge or insights by means outside of the normal senses.
As with Ouija boards it is not believed that the Tarot cards themselves contain magical abilities, but rather that the tarot cards are used as a focusing tool by the card reader, who through interpretation of the images that adorn the tarot cards, is able to glean information, and offer advice regarding the past, present, and future.
Virtual Tarot Cards
It was inevitable that sooner or later Tarot cards would go digital, and free virtual tarot cards online offer a convenient and cheap way for those seeking advice to gain perspective on life events, the understanding of which can often lead to new directions, and breakthroughs that can help to lay past demons to rest. 
In order to play the virtual tarot cards online you must first enter your first name and date of birth, this is to provide the virtual tarot card reader with a small amount of information through which to familiarise itself with you, names and dates of birth have long been used as a point of reference for the prediction of life events via astrology and all manner of metaphysical sciences, and the virtual Tarot cards are no exception.  By referencing your name and date of birth against a comprehensive database of astrological information the Tarot virtual is able to offer, through the dealing of three cards, insights and predictions for your past, present and future.
Perhaps ‘Judgement’ in your past will speak of harboured jealousies, and warn against repeating the same mistakes again, will ‘The wheel of fortune‘card offer encouragement that your attempts to mend broken ties with family is the right thing to do at present, or will ‘The lovers’ card predict romance in your future, if you play your cards right this time.

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