How to Perform an Exorcism - The Exorcist and True Exorcism

"He's a liar. The demon is a liar. He will lie to confuse us. But, he will also mix lies with the truth to attack us. The attack is psychological, Damien, and powerful. So don't listen. Remember that, do not listen."

Exorcism is the practise of casting out an evil spirit from a person, a place or an object. Exorcisms are usually carried out by a member of the clergy or by somebody believed to be in possession of special gifts or powers and commonly they are known as an 'Exorcist'.

But finding an Exorcist and then convincing said Exorcist to pop round to perform the sacred rights at your house when things start to go bump in the night can be easier said then done. So it looks like you're on your own again, so how can YOU get rid of a Demon? The exorcism carried out by a holy man is known as a 'Solemn Exorcism'. There is however another type of exorcism known as the 'Simple Exorcism' which can be carried out by a layman, i.e. you.

The power of prayer, that's right and assuming you've seen some pretty strange things during your period of Poltergeist activity then it's time to put two and two together and become a believer real fast. Virtually every recorded case of Demonix activity has reached its conclusion due to religious intervention. The 'simple' exorcism involves asking for help from above by reciting the prayer of Saint Michael.

Saint Michael's Prayer:

"Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray. And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, thrust into Hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen".

Interestingly it was Saint Michael who is said to have appeared to the boy known as 'Roland Doe' to banish the demon in the notorious exorcism on which the 'Exorcist' movie was based.

Simple exorcisms can be carried out on people, places and objects and it is said that the most important thing to remember when carrying out a simple exorcism is to remember that you are never to address the demon or poltergeist directly i.e. instead of something like, "I rebuke you demon of anger" we must say, rather, something like, "Father in Heaven, please rebuke this demon of anger." thus avoiding the use of 'I', because you yourself have no power.

How to Become an Exorcist:

'Want to become an 'Exorcist?' - The international Association of Exorcists meets only once every two years in secrecy.  In order to join the association you must be a Roman Catholic priest, and you must also have permission from your bishop.

The organisation was formed in 1993 by 'Father Gabriele Amorth', the official exorcist of Vatican city in the Diocese of Rome.  Father Gabriele Amorth became an exorcist in 1986, and since then has carried out more then 30,000 exorcisms, he started the association in order to increase the number of official exorcist’s world-wide.  It is reported that Father Gabriele Amorth believes that the likes of 'Adolf Hitler' and 'Josef Stalin' may have been influenced by demonic spirits.

The 'Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum', a vatican-backed college in Rome now offers courses to Roman Catholic priests - teaching them how to cast out evil spirits from the possessed.  The two-month long course trains the priests in the the 'spiritual, liturgical and pastoral work involved with being an exorcist.'

Pazuzu - Demon from the Exorcist Movies

Pazuzu, King of the Demons, Dark Angel of the four winds, Lord of the South Western winds, the bringer of pestilence and the master of fevers and plagues. Pazuzu is a Demon based in Assyrian and Babylonian mythology and was believed to be a mixture of both man and animal in appearance, with the body of a man, the face of a lion, the taloned feet of an eagle and wings, and a scorpion’s tail.

Pazuzu is often portrayed as having one arm reaching upwards and the other stretching downwards symbolising both life and death, or creation and destruction. Pazuzu was associated with the dry south-western winds that were known to precede famine in dry-seasons and plagues of locusts during the rainy seasons.

Pazuzu's most notorious appearance in recent times was of that as the Demon that possessed the young girl 'Regan MacNeil' in the hit horror movie 'The Exorcist'.

The following is an example of an invocation found engraved in cuneiform characters on a statue of Pazuzu. It is believed to have been used as an amulet to protect people from Pazuzu.

"I am Pazuzu, son of the king of the evil spirits, that one who descends impetuously from the mountains and bring the storms. That is the one I am."

The Saint Benedict Exorcism Medal
The Saint Benedict medal also known as ‘the cross of eternal salvation’ is worn or used in order to call down God’s blessing and protection upon the wearer or user. The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be the physical embodiment of a prayer of exorcism against Satan.

Saint Benedict (c. 480 - c. 547) was the son of a Roman noble of Nursia, a small town near Spoleto. Saint Benedict founded twelve communities for monks, the best known of which is his first monastery at Monte Cassino in the mountains of southern Italy.

The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be a valuable aid with regard to performing an exorcism, and the video below demonstrates a Saint Benedict exorcism prayer that can be used to remove bad spirits and negative entities from your home or life.

The Saint Benedict Exorcism Prayer Translated

CRUX SACRA SIT MIHI LUX: May the Holy Cross be a light unto me,
NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUXAnd may the Dragon never be my guide.
CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICTIThe Cross of the Holy Father Benedict.
VADE RETRO SATANA; NUNQUAM SUADE MIHI VANAGet behind me, Satan; Never suggest vain thoughts to me.
SUNT MALA QUAE LIBAS: The cup you offer is evil;
IPSE VENENA BIBAS!Drink the poison yourself!

Using 'Sage' to Banish Evil Spirits

The herb ‘Sage’ is often promoted as having properties that enable it to assist with the banishing of evil spirits or forces. Sage can be used to protect specific items by storing them with bundles or boughs of Sage, or the herb may be burnt through the practise of ‘Smudging’ in order to rid an area or home of the influences of evil spirits and demons.

The practise of smudging can be carried out using ‘smudge-sticks’, similar to joss-sticks smudge-sticks are purpose made from the herb Sage and may be lit with a candle to create a purifying smoke bath.  Alternatively loose dry herbs may be sprinkled over a burning log or indoor fireplace, etc. to achieve the same effect.



  2. dear mr voodoo, this is interesting and i believed it. I've seen my aunt once being possessed. It was scary and we didn't know what to do, we don't have sage at the time so we used crushed garlic instead (someone suggested it) and rub it into her palms. She slowly calms down and and says that she was feeling very hot indeed as if she'd run a marathon. I don't know if applying crushed garlic is part of exorcism or a tool against demonic possession but it certainly works to calm her down. Just for a time being...

    Still, all we really need is a big F.

    F A I T H

    Faith in God.

  3. i hope this works if not the demon in my love will kill me

  4. It is easy to get confused because Satan, as well as his demons, trick us around every corner. The thing that matters most is strength and faith, not a ritual that men made.

  5. well, no, you see because you need to command the demon to leave in order for the exorcism to technically work. but the authority to do this comes from God, which is where Faith enters the equation. what can you tell me about the use of pentacles in exorcism? do they still do this in modern times?

  6. I have a friend who has demons taking over her body, thy do not fear me, but thy shall fear God and his powers.

  7. Satan is very powerful these days. That is why Saint Faustina through Jesus spread the word about Mercy Sunday which ensures forgiveness of all sin AND punishment due if you sttend church , confession, and receive The Holy Eucharist on the Sunday after Easter. It is a day just for this period in the end times.

  8. I was once possessed years ago, my mother was crying and my father was startled out of his mind. It is not fun and hell those satanic demons are strong.

  9. I was possessed lastnight, i was suppossidly texting a friend for almost an hour, and she called me and the next thing i knew was i called her back and asked her if she was ok, and all she could say was yeah.... and dont remember texting her, but thank god she called me, all i remember is feeling numb, and a heavyness lifting.

  10. For a regular human to preform an exorcism you have to somehow hold the demon down because if not the can just leave the one they are possessing. In my experience I have had to use holy water and or salt to hold down the demon and complete the exorcism.

  11. wow. i didnt know this until i read this.

  12. need a exorcism for my sister, i live in toronto anyone know how i can find someone. All my local priest don't believe in and tell me to take her to the hospital for meds.

  13. Me and another Capricorn named Jesse Lee are going to rid a lost soul from his gf body I thought we'd need a ouiji board but looks like verbal is the herbal medicine after reading this page

  14. i jus resentally used one and idk what to do my skin is getting pale, i used a wigi bord like 5 days ago, i feal see and here things, i used it lastnite and i wasent in my room anymore, i was somewhere dark, i felt things chioking me, and scraching, and cutting me, my bak has huge burns on it, i uploaded piks on google, but is there any way i can upload em on her, im Morgan im 15 years old

  15. Please help Toronto Ontario Canada we need excorsisum my family and building are being affected I have seen the demons PLEASE HELP I am at 101 Kendleton Dr Etobicoke Ontario Canada M9V 1V1 #630 please help asap there is no time some are already walking dead!!!

  16. I hope the person who administrates this is savvy and experienced enough to know the reality of the demonic world. It takes understanding in all levels of life. The poor soul who gave the first response on top of the page, already displayed the lack of understanding, because you don't see demons in a person's face. You may see the result of what a demon did to a person, but not the demon. I've found that when someone displays "out of control" attributes, it isn't that person who has the demon, but someone affecting that person. People are innocent victims, not demons. And each time we accidentally curse someone, even subconsciously, we are out of control to a demon, not in control. I doubt that anyone but Jesus has total control. That's why exorcists don't do it on their own authority, as I understand it. I've witnessed a few demons. Even worse are the evil angels yet to be judged. I believe another third of angels are such evil entities, who act upon sadistic cruelty worse than the demons who defied God, because these angels act only against the helpless souls who never had gifts or talents to work with. I've been to places totally controlled by demons. There is a road in Louisville, Kentucky, Poplar Level Road, where only demonic beings rule, and where it meets Gardiner Lane is the most dangerous place. I was sent to an elementary school there called Martin Luther School in the fourth grade, in 1965, and the teacher Mrs. Maas, and her son, David, led other students in Satan worship, actually trying to make me a human sacrifice. I'm quite sure this is where the demonic activity stems from. At least three attempts against my life have been tried on that small stretch of land near Gardiner Lane and Poplar Level Road. That place definitely needs an exorcism. I'm sure the mortals who worshipped Satan there don't know what they're dealing with, and they're out of control. I don't trust them, but the demons are spiritual beings affecting them.

    1. Those aren't demons, that's just called living in Louisville.

      That might could be considered the same thing, to a way of thinking?