Psychic Ball – The Use of Crystal Balls and Shew-Stones by Fortune Tellers

The psychic ball, otherwise known as a crystal ball or shew-stone is a tool used as an aid in the practice of clairvoyance, fortune telling or psychic prediction. A psychic ball is usually made of crystal or glass and its use dates back to 2,000 BC when Druids in Britain are known to have used crystals in the practise of divination.
During Europe’s medieval period (between 500-1500 AD) crystal was used as a method of predicting the future by all manner of ‘mystical’ workers, including: seers, wizards, psychics and gypsy fortune tellers, the most commonly used crystal for the practice of divination during this period due to its transparent nature was ‘Beryllium Aluminum Silicate.’
In Scotland these crystals became known as ‘stones of power’, which ultimately evolved in to what we now know today as ‘psychic balls, crystal balls and shew stones.’
Psychic Ball - Shew Stone
Psychic Ball - Shew Stone
Psychic Balls – The Art of Scrying
The practise of using a psychic ball, crystal ball or shew-stone to predict the future is known as ‘scrying’, scrying is the process of analyzing images seen within the crystal and interpreting them in a meaningful way. The images seen within the psychic ball and the information gained from them are used to predict future events or to help make informed decisions regarding current events within the life of those seeking answers. The psychic balls and the fortune tellers that wield their power are often sought out by those wishing to gleam insights regarding issues such as: love, marriage, finance, travel and business.
The art of scrying can also be performed within a body of water contained within a bowl, etc. these are known as ‘scrying pools.’ Scrying with regards to the specific use of crystals or psychic balls as the medium for divination is known as ‘crystallomancy’ or ‘crystal gazing.’
Scrying – How to use a Psychic Ball, Crystal Ball or Shew-Stone.
Prepare your psychic ball; place it somewhere where it is set stable and where you have easy and comfortable access to get up close to it. Lay your hands gently upon the psychic ball and concentrate for a few minutes upon energizing the ball and connecting with it. Now energized start to visualize within the crystal ball your purpose of the scrying session, if you seek answers about a specific person, place, etc. try to visualize that within the balls crystal.
Now you should have established a psychic rapport with the crystal ball, remove your hands and stare deeply into the crystal, relax your eyes and allow them to become slightly out-of-focus. At this point you should visualise a mist growing within your psychic ball, concentrate on this mist and help it to grow until it has filled the entire crystal ball.
If you have now fully established a psychic connection with the psychic ball you have established a gateway through which glimpses of the future may be seen, allow the mist to part revealing images that you will need to interpret in order to understand and predict the best course of actions for the future.

The Psychic Ball - David Bowie Juggles Crystal Balls

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