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Arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain ever, ‘Chucky’, the deranged killer doll possessed by the spirit of ‘Charles lee Ray’, has earned his place amongst the likes of ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Leatherface’, and ‘Jason Voorhee’s’, as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Also known as ‘The Lakeshore Strangler’, Charles Lee Ray, Possesses a ‘Good Guy Doll’ using voodoo magic, after being chased and shot by ‘Detective Mike Norris’. And in the original movie the possessed Good Guy doll is later found by a homeless man, who sells it to the mother of the young boy known as, ‘Andy’.
It doesn’t take long for Charles Lee Ray, now known by the Good Guy dolls name ‘Chucky’ to continue the murderous rampages that he’d so enjoyed prior to death, and upon learning that he has only a short time to transfer his soul into that of a living host before he is forever trapped inside the body of Chucky, he sets about the task of possessing young Andy, while eagerly dispatching anybody brave enough or foolish enough to get in his way.
Chucky Quotes:
  • Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?
  • Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!
  • Go ahead and shoot! I'll be back! I ALWAYS come back!

This Good Guy doll gone bad, as created by ‘Don Mancini’, has to date starred in five movies: Child’s Play 1-3, Bride of Chucky, and Seed of Chucky, and dressed in his little stripey shirt, cute dungarees, and Good Guy sneakers, this possessed doll embodies the childhood fears of children and adults the world over. Because while for most of us it was our childhood companions that became our nocturnal protectors after lights out, for the unlucky, like Andy, it was their special childhood friend that became the danger posed by the night. The monster under the bed and the monster in the closet combined, to form a heinous nightmare visage, of cold blank dead eyes, and tiny hands reaching for your throat in the darkness...
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Do Ouija Boards Really Work? - Share Your Ouija Board Stories Here

‘Is there life after death?’ has been one of the most important and fiercely debated questions ever asked by mankind. The question of there being life after death ties very neatly into a personal favorite question of my own. ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’

Which is essentially the same question, except that instead of asking ‘is there life after death’ I’m asking ‘is there life after death and do those sort of alive dead people choose to contact the living via a strange little wooden board with letters on it, simples.
The online paranormal forums, the YouTube comments sections, Yahoo answers and all manner of other online meeting places are alive with people offering advice, opinions and evidence to once and for all answer the question ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’
Stories of demonic attacks, eerie predictions, spirit guides and other ghostly happenings are commonplace, and it’s hard to believe that all of these otherwise sane people have imagined or created their Ouija board tales for the sole purpose of misleading others online. The stories of demonic attacks, etc. are balanced out by the staunch and unwavering scientific explanations told with authority by the non-believers in the know, the Ideometer effect and group delusions can all easily explain away the apparent madness of those who have experienced such things.
And then there are those such as myself, who are desperately curious, but too cowardly to ever play ourselves. Do you have an argument for or against the Ouija board? Do you have a Ouija board story to tell? Share your Ouija board stories here and help answer the question once and for all: ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’

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Demonic Ouija Board Attack

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Red means danger, and in nature striped patterns are often a warning sign of things to be wary of, making Freddy Krueger’s sweater an essential part of the terrifying visage that has haunted the dreams of not just the teenagers within the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, but also the dreams of those who’ve watched them.
Arguably the most horrifying movie monster/villain ever created Freddy Krueger was unleashed upon the world in 1984, and has since gone on to star in a total of eleven movies, earning his place amongst the likes of ‘Leatherface’ and ‘Jason Voorhees’ as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Everybody’s favorite child killing maniac, Freddy, stalks the dreams of the children of Elm Street, playing out a twisted revenge against the parents of the town, who burnt him alive. Said to have been partially inspired by ‘Nightmare Death Syndrome’ the phenomenon of seemingly healthy individuals dying within their sleep, and partially inspired by an unusual homeless guy who terrified the creator and director of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, ‘Wes Craven’, Freddy Krueger, viciously tortures his prey, tormenting the troubled teenies like a cat with a mouse, before brutally slaying them, while delivering eerily cheesy catchphrases such as: “Learning is fun......with Freddy.”
Son of 100 maniacs

Hideously Burnt, adorned in his dirty brown fedora hat, his red and green striped sweater, and with razor sharp glove on his hand, Freddy Krueger (played by ‘Robert Englund’ in all but the latest of his movies) is said to have been the son of one hundred maniacs. Locked in a mental Asylum with one hundred maniacs over the holidays Freddy's mother ‘Amanda Krueger’ was raped and later found with child, a child which grew up to become the dream Demon himself, Freddy Krueger,
"One, two, Freddy's coming for you, three, four, better lock your door, five, six, grab your crucifix, seven, eight, gonna stay up late, nine, ten, never sleep again..."
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The Saint Benedict medal also known as ‘The Cross of Eternal Salvation’ is worn or used in order to call down God’s blessing and protection upon the wearer or user. The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be the physical embodiment of a prayer of exorcism against Satan.
Saint Benedict (c. 480 - c. 547) was the son of a Roman noble of Nursia, a small town near Spoleto. Saint Benedict founded twelve communities for monks, the best known of which is his first monastery at Monte Cassino in the mountains of southern Italy.
On the face the medal of Saint Benedict features his image holding aloft a cross in his right hand, his rule of monasteries in his left, and in the background lies a poisoned cup that shattered when Saint Benedict blessed it by making the sign of the cross over it, and a poisoned loaf of bread that was sent to Saint Benedict by a jealous enemy being carried away by a raven.
The Saint Benedict Exorcism Prayer:
CRUX SACRA SIT MIHI LUX: May the Holy Cross be a light unto me,
NON DRACO SIT MIHI DUX: And may the Dragon never be my guide.

CRUX SANCTI PATRIS BENEDICTI: The Cross of the Holy Father Benedict.

VADE RETRO SATANA; NUNQUAM SUADE MIHI VANA: Get behind me, Satan; never suggest vain thoughts to me.

SUNT MALA QUAE LIBAS: The cup you offer is evil;

IPSE VENENA BIBAS: Drink the poison yourself!
The back of the Saint Benedict medal features a large cross within which is contained the letters: C, S, S, M, L, N, D, S and D, which stand for the Latin prayer ‘Crux sacra sit mihi lux! Nunquam draco sit mihi dux!’ which translates as ‘May the holy cross be my light! May the dragon never be my guide!’ Around the margin of the cross are featured the letters: V, R, S, N, S, M, V – S, M, Q, L, I, V, B which is the abbreviation of the prayer ‘ Vade retro satana! Nunquam suade mihi vana! Sunt mala quae libas, Ipse venena bibas! Which translates as ‘Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer me is vile, drink the poison yourself!’
The Saint Benedict medal is considered to be a valuable aid with regard to performing an exorcism and/or warding off evil, and (see right) demonstrates a Saint Benedict exorcism prayer that can be used to remove bad spirits and negative entities from your home or life.

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The Ouija Board Spirits - Welcome to the Lower Astral Plane

The Ouija board is without doubt the most notorious of all games (if indeed a game is what it is). Generally regarded as the most effective means of communicating with those not of our world the Ouija board is both a source of fear and fascination world-wide, with stories passed down through generations and told around camp fires and at slumber parties, raising the hairs on the back of the necks of all who hear them.

‘My father said him and friends played it once at a party and they asked "Who will die first?" and the Spirits spelt out a girl's name, and then a boy's name and then another name. And sure enough over a few months and years those people died in the exact order.’ - Visitor Comment.
The Ouija Board Spirits

So if the Ouija board has all the answers for those who dare to ask, who exactly is providing these answers? Who is it that sits patiently waiting on the other end of the board, just waiting for you to call?

Ghosts? Demons? Angels?
The Lower Astral Plane

It is generally believed that the Ouija board operates in a manner not dissimilar to a telephone, but a telephone that reaches directly into the ‘Lower Astral Plane’.

The lower astral plane is an area or ‘plane of existence’ that is not far removed from our own but that acts as a repository for the spirits or souls of those who upon death were full of fear, rage, and other negative states of being.  Creating a ‘plane’ or world that could be considered to be similar in nature to ‘Hell’ or ‘Purgatory’, full with those who passed on with uncontrollable hates and desires filling their hearts.
Why are Ouija Board Spirits (Nearly) Always Evil?
Drawn to the lower astral plane following death the Ouija board spirits that dwell there are often unaware that they have passed on, and still burdened by the negative emotional states that led them there in the first place combined with the extreme confusion they now feel caused by the place in which they now find themselves, these lost souls will often strike out in anger and frustration at anybody who is brave enough or foolish enough to make contact with them.

Keen Psychic - Online Psychic Readings and Psychic Employment

Psychic Employment – How to Become a Keen Psychic
A few months back I set out to determine whether the psychic powers that supposedly ran in my family lay dormant within me or not by taking some online psychic tests, the results were conclusive, they didn’t, I possess no psychic powers what-so-ever, but I wasn’t about to let a little thing like that stop me from gaining paid employment as an online psychic.
‘Get paid for the advice you give’ read the header on the ‘Keen psychic’ website, ‘set your own hours and your price per minute’, ‘make a difference to peoples lives’, which all sounded very promising, taking up psychic employment as a Keen psychic appealed to the side of me that would be more than happy to laze around in bed all day, wearing a hankie on my head, and getting paid between $3-6 a minute for predicting the unknown quantity.
‘It’s free and easy to sign up’ it proclaimed, ‘start now!’ I didn’t hesitate.
I had to create my username first, which for me came easy, because obviously it would have to be something ‘mystic’ in nature like ‘The Great Keeper of Secrets’ or ‘Master of the Third Eye’ but already having the username ‘MrVoodoo’ right here I decided to stick with that, it already has a little mystic to it, and it would save me trying to remember yet another online username, and having to send off an e-mail every time I forgot it.
The next step on my path to gainful psychic employment as a Keen psychic involved entering all the usual, email address, password, and of course for an online phone psychic the most important, my telephone number, the one via which I would be dishing out future visions, and tantric advice.
After being told several hundred times that my telephone number was invalid I finally got it sussed, getting the system to accept my number was almost a psychic test in itself, but one I eventually passed.
Online Psychic Readings
Online Psychic Readings
Choose a topic:
Step two on my path to successful psychic employment as a Keen psychic meant choosing my topic, it seemed that through Keen I wasn’t limited to offering only my powerful psychic advice, but could also advise others (for a fee) on topics such as: accounting, careers and education, diet and fitness, life-coaching, and relationship advice. I decided to stick with the psychic path for now, mainly due to the fact that I knew little about any of the others, and that I could plausibly pass myself of as gifted by speaking in husky tones whilst trying to sound wise to the ways of other-worldly knowledge.
So psychic advice it was.
But that wasn’t the end of it, next I was forced to choose by speciality, my area of psychic expertise. As a Keen psychic in the making, what area of online psychic employment defined me: ‘love and relationships, astrology and horoscopes, tarot reading?’ I didn’t own a deck of tarot cards, but as I would be selling my advice solely over the telephone that hardly mattered, I could just pretend that I did.
I chose straightforward psychic readings, and proceeded along the path.
I ate sausages off of sticks as I pondered my next choice, ‘life questions, financial outlook, otherworld connections, voices from beyond or pet psychics.’ The fact that I was faking it meant that if I so chose I had the freedom to work within any and all of these areas of psychic expertise, but the path to psychic employment was no easy one, and once again I was forced to narrow my options down by choosing, I chose ‘voices from beyond’ because it sounded the most fun.

Would you let this man tell your fortune?

  •  I Surely Would
  •  Hell No!
See results without voting
The rest was mere formalities, the uploading of a picture of a voodoo priest that I stole from Google images, and the writing of a handful of words for a profile intended to convince the seekers that I did indeed possess great powers, and that the bargain price of just $3 a minute was peanuts in relation to the untold secrets I could and would share with them.
Did I feel guilty for this fallacy? After all, as I’ve said from the start my psychic powers are nil, but did that mean I had little to offer, or less than the others who’d found paid psychic employment as a Keen psychic without references or test? In the time I’ve spent online lurking in chat-rooms and debating in forums I’ve learned that some people just want to be heard, and understood, and have nobody else or don't care who by. And who knows, by some miracle it’s possible that my advice could bestow untold benefits upon its recipient, and change their lives for the better.
Is it wrong for me to charge $3 a minute to help the needy, the lost and the lonely?  Perhaps, it would certainly be kinder if I did it for free, but the truth of the matter is, I’m just not that nice.
So that’s it, I’m now a bona-fide online paid Keen psychic, and what do I see in your future? A tall dark stranger of course…

Need To Make A Wish? - The Things That People Wish Upon

Wishing on a shooting star
Wishing on a shooting star

Whether your wish is selfish or altruistic all of us at times feel the need to cast out our nets and ask for our dreams to be fulfilled by the magic contained within a chicken-bone or a falling star. It's like praying but without resorting to begging favours from the big guy(s) upstairs.

There are many things upon which mankind has deemed value as a wish-conductor, of which no doubt these are just a few:
* Wish upon: Acorns - If whilst stood under an oak tree an acorn falls, pick it up, turn around three times and then make your wish. It is said that placing the acorn on your windowsill for a further three days increases still the likelihood of your wish being granted.
* Wish upon: Birthday Candles - The wish that comes once a year, once lit take a deep breathe and hold it in, then blow. If all the candles are extinguished with just one breathe then the birthday boy/girl is granted their annual wish.
* Wish upon: Books - If you drop a book then step on it with one foot and make your wish. However you must remember to pick it up with the hand opposite the foot you used, or your wish will not be granted.
* Wish upon: Coins (and wells) - Throw your coin into the well and make your wish. It is said that the larger the value of the coin thrown in the stronger the wish may be.
* Wish upon: Eyelashes - When you find an eye-lash that has fallen out, place it upon your fingertip and blow it away whilst making your wish.
* Wish upon: Falling Stars - If you're lucky enough to witness a shooting star the rules are simple, you see a star you make a wish.
* Wish upon: Jockeys - If you happen to see a jockey wearing his racing silks whilst away from the racing track you are entitled to make one wish.
* Wish upon: The Moon - Yet another birthday wish, so on the evening of your birthday look towards the full-moon and make a wish. It is said that if the moon crescent points up your wish will go unfulfilled, whilst if the crescent points down your wish will be granted, whilst a full-moon will provide the wisher with a full year of good-luck.
* Wish upon: Rainbows - When you see a rainbow, draw or make a small cross on the ground, after doing this you may then make your wish.
* Wish upon: White Horses - Upon seeing a white horse you are entitled to make a wish, but for your wish to come true you must make it before you see the horses tail.
* Wish upon: Yawning - If you can refrain from yawning upon witnessing another person yawn then reward yourself by making one wish.
* Wish upon: Zoos - When visiting a zoo you may make a wish whilst walking through the entrance backwards. You must however for your wish to come true remember to walk backwards also whilst leaving.


Ouija Boards and Suicide (Ouija Boards Gone Wrong) – Dark Ouija Board Stories

The Ouija board is without doubt the most notorious of all games. Thought by many to be a means of communication with the spirit realms, the devils oracle is mocked by some, revered by others, and is a constant source of fascination, fear and curiosity.
The internet is overflowing with tales of the misery caused by those who dared to dabble with this, the un-holiest of games. There are rules passed down through the generations that if observed correctly are believed to protect the Ouija board player from contact with negative entities and possible possession, but for those who play uninformed, or for those unlucky enough to contact something powerful enough that normal rules no longer apply, the Ouija board is a game that can push people close to the edge, and occasionally over it.
Girl Possessed from Playing Ouija Board
Girl Possessed from Playing Ouija Board
Ouija Boards Gone Wrong – Dark Ouija Board Stories
With regards to playing the Ouija board and it’s ability to destroy people it’s not always the ‘Demons’ that get to you, at least not in terms of physical attacks, etc. but the effects of playing the game itself on your emotional well being, caused by addiction to playing the Ouija board, or stress caused by messages received via the board.
Haley a 13 year old girl I came across on the internet told of ‘getting hooked’ on the Ouija board, of turning her back on all her friends, and closing off to everybody around her having started to dabble with the Ouija board. She formed a relationship with an entity through the talking board called ‘Stu’ who she would speak to everyday, Stu told Haley many things, some true, some not.
Haley eventually asked the question of ‘Stu’ that so many do, ‘when will I die?’ to which Stu replied ‘14’. Being as Haley was already 13 and only 3 months short of her 14th birthday this obviously caused Haley a huge amount of concern, and shortly after she attempted to commit suicide. Luckily thanks to friends of Haley’s finding her and getting help (not least of which was when they later destroyed her Ouija board) Haley was taken care of, and never played with the Ouija board again.
Haley’s Story of a Ouija board gone wrong demonstrates the trouble with knowing too much, the power of self-fulfilling prophecies, and the dangers of playing with the Ouija board.

Real Demonic Possession from Ouija Board

Ouija Boards Gone Wrong – Murder and Attempted Suicide
15 February 2001
Controlled by Demons unleashed through use of the Ouija board ‘Carol Sue Elvaker’ of Minco killed her son-in-law then herded her grandchildren into her car and attempted to kill them all by driving head on into a road sign at speed. After her failure to complete this Carol Sue vaulted a barrier, tore of her clothes and despite having two broken ankles ran off into the forest. She was later caught and charged with first-degree murder.*
Relatives told police that Elvaker did not have a history of mental illness or odd behavior.
A stark reminder of the possible outcome when playing with a Ouija board goes wrong.
Ouija Boards Gone Wrong - William Fuld - Suicide?
The most notorious suicide story associated with the Ouija board has to be that of ‘William Fuld’, whilst not the inventor of the Oujia board William Fuld was the man responsible for thrusting the Ouija board out of relative obscurity and turning it into the household name it is today.
Having re-invented the Ouija board and successfully marketed and sold it in greater numbers than ever before some people believe that the Ouija board was responsible for his untimely demise.  During his career William Fuld often claimed that it was the Ouija board itself that had guided his business decisions and that it had been at least partly responsible for his achievements and successes, but in 1927 William Fuld ‘fell’ from the roof of the factory in which his Ouija boards were produced, with many suggesting that it had been no accident, but suicide, and perhaps another decision guided by the forces harnessed within the devils oracle.
Should I play with the Ouija board?
To sum up here's part of a message I received from a doctor the other day:
'Ouija boards may be marketed and sold for toys, but they are not. Spirits are summoned by dabblers that should never be summoned. I have heard stories of people who were so freaked out by what happened with a ouija board they went insane. And then committed suicide. Ouija board can be very powerful ju ju depending on whose hands are touching the planchette. I don't know of a single good thing ever coming from a Ouija Board. I don't advise using them following any set of rules'.
But ultimately the decision to play or not, can only be yours.

Buy Freddy Krueger's Glove - Freddy Kruegers Glove for Sale

As a weapon of choice 'Freddy Krueger's' Glove is up there with the likes of 'Jason Voorhee's' Machete and 'Leather Face's' Chainsaw, amongst the great death dealing devices of classic horror cinema. And everybody's favorite child-killing psychopath knows just how to use it.
Burned alive by the parents of Springwood Freddy Krueger stalks the children of Elm Street tormenting them in their dreams, carrying out a brutal revenge upon the offspring of those who thought they'd seen the last of Freddy. In dirty brown fedora hat, and red and green striped sweater, Freddy Krueger has played villain in eleven movies and counting, terrifying generation after generation as the Demonic dream weaver who utilizes his razor tipped glove to cut through flesh and bone alike, relieving his troubled teen prey of their lives.
Partially inspired by the 'Nightmare Death Syndrome' cases reported to have occurred in the Philippines during the 1960s, where seemingly healthy individuals began to die during their sleep while groaning about Demonic entities, and partially inspired by an unusual homeless man who terrified 'Wes Craven' the director of the Nightmare on Elm Street series, Freddy Krueger remains as popular as he ever was, with the 2010 remake bringing Freddy back up to date, and with a taste for fresh blood.
"One, two, Freddy's coming for you, three, four, better lock your door, five, six, grab your crucifix, seven, eight, gonna stay up late, nine, ten, never sleep again..."
Wes Craven claims that Freddy Kruegers glove was inspired by his cat as he watched it clawing the side of his couch one evening, and by mankind's primal fear of the tooth and claw of his predators. And the gloves designer was told to make it 'like really long fingernails, I want the glove to look like something that someone could make in their basement'.  And so Freddy Kruegers glove was born.
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