Ask the Glass - Homemade Ouija Boards

Homemade Ouija Boards
'Ask the glass' is the name given to an easily improvised version of the Ouija board game. Whilst many modern Ouija boards may be beautifully crafted and highly ornate, this is simply to make them pleasing to the eye, and to add to the atmosphere that surrounds any Ouija board session.
But in truth a simple homemade Ouija board such a that used in the game 'Ask the glass' is incredibly easy to make and use, and in addition, many claim that homemade Ouija boards are even more effective than the store bought versions, due the fact that whilst making anything, a certain amount of your own Soul becomes embedded within.
Ask the Glass
In its most basic form the 'Ask the glass' version of the Ouija board can be made using nothing more than a sheet of paper, a pen/pencil, and a shot or wine glass. The letters from A to Z and the numbers from 0 to 9 should be written upon the sheet of paper (with a decent amount of space between each letter/number). In addition to the numbers and letters you will also need to write the three main spirit answers upon your homemade Ouija board, these are:
'Yes' This allows the spirits to answer to the affirimitive when asked 'yes/no' question by the Ouija board user.
'No' for the same reason given above, but to allow for negative answers to questions asked.
'Goodbye' Said to be perhaps the most important part of 'Ask the glass' or any other Ouija board, this "Goodbye" is essential for the closing of a Ouija board session, failure to include this element within your homemade Ouija board and to use it may result in whatever spirits have been contacted by 'Ask the Glass' sticking around and causing mischief.
Ask the Glass Ouija Boards
Variations on the Ask the glass type homemade Ouija board include using cards with letters printed on them spaced out around the table in place of written letters, another variant uses 'Scrabble' letters to achieve the same purpose.
As with bought Ouija boards the only effect of this additional window dressing is to add to the atmosphere, but there's no harm in this, it is said that the Ouija board and Ask the glass only work for those who believe they will, with the Ouija board itself being little more than a focusing tool for the untapped part of the human psyche, so if a little additional atmosphere helps you to focus, then go ahead.
With the Ouija board you can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

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  1. Do NOT play with a Ouija board. I did had no response. Months later I felt a negative presence. Malevolent spirits were harassing me no sleep. I woke up with bruises on the inside of my thighs.Do not use drugs and alcohol. Only Jesus Christ can help, pray stop sinful behavior. These unclean spirits only respond to Jesus. Don't take a chance.