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Arguably the most terrifying weapon of choice for any Hollywood horror villain or crazy suburban psychopath to wield is the ‘Chainsaw’. With a sound that goes right through you just as surely as its hungry mechanical teeth will, the chainsaw has been used to great effect by the likes of ‘Leatherface’ from the ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ to terrify and torture the unsuspecting teenagers, who are unlucky enough to wander too deeply, into this unstable maniacs infamous lair.
Nothing says run, as fast as your little legs can carry you, like some nut-job facing you down with a chainsaw. Because when used for ‘limbing’, ‘bucking’, ‘felling’, or ‘pruning’, anything other than a tree, things are guaranteed to get real messy, real quick.
Bloody Chainsaw

The ultimate addition to any convincing Halloween costume, the bloody chainsaw is incredibly realistic, and with moving chain and teeth coupled with a more than convincing sound, the bloody chainsaw is the very next best thing, to actually decapitating your nearest and dearest, during a full mental breakdown.
‘Freddy’, has his glove. ‘Jason’ his machete, and ‘Leatherface’ is king of the chainsaw. Undisputed royalty of the slasher horror genre, Leatherface, wears a mask made of human skin, Leatherface (along with his inbred family) engages in the brutal torture, murder, and cannibalism, of all who cross his path. A gigantic unhinged mute with a chainsaw, Leatherface, kills at the command of his family, like an attack dog mixed with an overgrown baby, Leatherface, is completely under the control of his crazed and unstable relatives, killing at their request.
In addition to Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, chainsaws have also been used as weapons within the following movies: ‘Dark of the Sun’, ‘The Last House on the Left’, ‘Evil Dead II’, and ‘Scarface’. As well as having made numerous gruesome appearances within television shows and video games.
"I've seen enough horror movies to know any weirdo wearing a mask is never friendly" --Friday the 13th VI

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