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Arguably the most terrifying movie monster/villain ever, ‘Chucky’, the deranged killer doll possessed by the spirit of ‘Charles lee Ray’, has earned his place amongst the likes of ‘Freddy Krueger’, ‘Leatherface’, and ‘Jason Voorhee’s’, as a legend of classic horror cinema.
Also known as ‘The Lakeshore Strangler’, Charles Lee Ray, Possesses a ‘Good Guy Doll’ using voodoo magic, after being chased and shot by ‘Detective Mike Norris’. And in the original movie the possessed Good Guy doll is later found by a homeless man, who sells it to the mother of the young boy known as, ‘Andy’.
It doesn’t take long for Charles Lee Ray, now known by the Good Guy dolls name ‘Chucky’ to continue the murderous rampages that he’d so enjoyed prior to death, and upon learning that he has only a short time to transfer his soul into that of a living host before he is forever trapped inside the body of Chucky, he sets about the task of possessing young Andy, while eagerly dispatching anybody brave enough or foolish enough to get in his way.
Chucky Quotes:
  • Hi, I'm Chucky. Wanna play?
  • Hi, I'm Chucky, and I'm your friend till the end. Hidey-ho!
  • Go ahead and shoot! I'll be back! I ALWAYS come back!

This Good Guy doll gone bad, as created by ‘Don Mancini’, has to date starred in five movies: Child’s Play 1-3, Bride of Chucky, and Seed of Chucky, and dressed in his little stripey shirt, cute dungarees, and Good Guy sneakers, this possessed doll embodies the childhood fears of children and adults the world over. Because while for most of us it was our childhood companions that became our nocturnal protectors after lights out, for the unlucky, like Andy, it was their special childhood friend that became the danger posed by the night. The monster under the bed and the monster in the closet combined, to form a heinous nightmare visage, of cold blank dead eyes, and tiny hands reaching for your throat in the darkness...
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