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Whether for fighting Vampires, banishing Demons, destroying a Ouija board, cleansing a home, or blessing a person, ‘Holy Water’, has been considered a prized weapon in the war against darkness, for as long as man has had faith in the greater good, and the light that shines down upon us.

Sources of Holy water can include specific religious sites such as the ‘Ganges’ and the ‘River Jordan’, from which the water is revered for its divine qualities. Water blessed by a Bishop or priest, either for religious rites such as baptism, or for use as ‘sacramentals’, designed to increase devotion and repel evil. Or even in the form of what is sometimes called ‘Laymans Holy Water’ which is essentially homemade Holy water, created by filling a receptacle such as a glass full with water, and then covering the mouth of the receptacle with the hand, while praying.
However, not all Holy water is created equal. Because acting like it does as a sponge soaking up divine intention, the strength of Holy water very much depends on either the source, or the devotion of the Priest/person blessing the water. Holy water from a site such as the River Jordan, the site where John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ, and the location from which the ministry of Jesus was started, is extremely powerful, not just because of this history, but also because the water of the river absorbs the daily prayer of all who flock there to worship. Next (at least in theory) comes water blessed by a Bishop or other Holy person, due to their life-long dedication to the light. While the strength of layman’s Holy water will depend very much on the intensity of their faith, a quality that will be reflected in the potency of the Holy water that they are able to create, and in its ability to repel evil.

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