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Welcome to the Inbetween
If you're not a fan of haunted dolls and the like, then look away now. Because if there was ever a likely candidate for a doll almost guaranteed to suffocate you whilst you sleep, then 'Little Apple' dolls are it. The striking resemblance of Little Apple dolls to the terrifying female Demons of Asian horror will not be lost upon fans of Japanese horror movie classics, such as 'The Ring.'
Dressed in a mix of traditional Japanese outfits blended with a modern Lolita twist, Little apple dolls are pale in complexion and are vague in facial detail. Created by artist 'Ufuoma Urie' each character comes with its own strange (and occasionally disturbing) back story, from the world of the inbetween, where Little Apple dolls with deathly white faces and black piercing eyes lurk waiting, for the chance to crossover and snatch easy prey.
Little Apple Dolls - The World of the Inbetween
Behind every door lies another door in the world of the inbetween, which Little Apple dolls call home. With souls faded from the land of the living these Gothic Lolita inspired effigy's dwell in lands removed from any map, and deep within the rabbit hole. Some eat candle-light and some hunt Demons, in a twisted realm not dis-similar from (but darker) than the Anime-inspired worlds of 'Miyazaki' animation.
The Little Apple Dolls

Carrying small pin-spiked red apples the Little Apple dolls capture perfectly the terrifying visage of villains from Japenese horror, mixing the innocence of Kawaii with malice and grudge. Strangely disturbing to the eye, yet beautiful also, Little Apple dolls include such unusual characters as 'Animula', who dressed in bright red refused to part with her soul upon death, leaving her stranded in the world of the inbetween.
Currently into their fourth series other Little Apple doll characters include: 'Vates', 'Irae', 'Circe' and 'Mentis'. And each comes complete with its own multi-layered costume, apple and pin accessories (amongst others such as masks) and their own personal story in book-form.
But beware, for Little Apple dolls are unsound of mind, and dubious of nature. And should your new found friend from the world of the inbetween get a taste for your friendship, and a grip on your soul.  It may never wish to let go again.


  1. I don't think I'd sleep one wink with that thing watching me! Yikes! Even without looking at her right now, I can still picture her so vividly. What an imagination, huh? As always, I enjoyed your descriptions, my man.

  2. Im kind of frighteningly fascinated. I MUST read the stories....

  3. I've seen ugly sweaters at sale online, but it is my first time to see this horror doll. Enjoy reading your hub but no thank on buying. Great to share!

  4. You know, it's been a few years since I saw the original Ring series, but I swear I've never felt more haunted by anything more than that bloody 'sadako' woman! (And I'm not even getting started on Grudge). Anyway, these dolls are a nightmare replica of her and who in their right minds would EVER buy a doll like that?!

    Still, just reading your writing (I so love it) made this hub worth every minute of that shivery feeling I got looking at that bank while face.... I sound crazy? well, you just hit on one of my biggest paranoia: japanese horror!

  5. I own ten of these dolls, going on eleven as soon as I get Elysia in the mail. I want to collect all of them, but they are getting increasingly hard to find these days. I love the ones I have and I think they're adorable! ^_^

  6. My sister got me one of these dolls, Erro. It's been in a box sitting atop a shelf above the living room. I took her down yesterday to clean the dust off the box and reposition her. Oddly, I started getting strange stabbing pains in my ovaries and when I looked closer at the doll, it looked as if the appearance of an eyeball was now present behind the empty eye sockets. Very strange. I don't know if haunted dolls are real, but my sister believed that the doll has a spirit. Not sure. I've had it sitting above my living room for 10 years. I just moved her to a display case, but have not removed her from the box. I probably never will.

  7. I had one of the Little Apple Dolls from series 1. It was Umbrae. Let me tell you, every night from the first day of purchase her little apple with the pins would fall out of her hand and roll across my vanity table! Even when I secured it with scotch tape! No explanation for this whatsoever! I finally had to do away with her because she was creeping my children out. The apple would fall out to the floor of my bedroom and hit one of my boys if they were playing in there. My kids were convinced I mistakenly bought a "haunted" doll into our home and demanded I remove it! After holding out for 3 months of strange activity, I finally did.