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Some believe the Ouija board to have been in existence since the dawn of man, a dark primitive trickery in the form of a ‘game’, designed only to trap, and torment, the souls of those who dare to cross the line. And whether you believe in such things, or not, I leave to you. But there is no denying the Ouija board games infamy, with tales passed down from generation to generation, of unusual experiences, and terrifying ordeals.
Welcome to the Other Side

Where boundaries blur and the space between our world and theirs shrinks, allowing direct communication with whatever lies beyond. Lost loved ones and the foulest of Demons are said to lurk there, in the lower astral plains, waiting patiently for those with fingers placed lightly upon the Planchette, to call them out.
Known also as 'The Spirit Board', 'The Witches Board', 'The Wigi Board', 'The Talking Board', and 'The Devils Oracle', the Ouija board is a game like no other.
And those who have dared to play before you have such stories to share:
"My sisters and I played this game when my oldest sis got a brand new apartment after leaving the nest. The three of us played for about two-hours, lights off and about four candles flickering. When we asked the spirit to prove he was there, my sisters then neon phone lit up and rang! Wanna hear something even crazier??? She didn't have service yet! The phone wasn't going to be connected until another four days and worst yet, it wasn't even plugged in!"
More Ouija Board Stories:
* "I've been wanting to use one of these things for a while and i spoke to a few people about their experiences, the weirdest was my nans she has worn a crucifix for 55yrs and counting when she used the bored the table shook, spelt her name and when her friends looked at her cross it was tight round her neck in knots, cutting into her flesh. H have seen the scars and photos, it is creepy."
* "When I was a teenager we messed with a Ouija board and it told us that a friend of mine was going to die right after his 18th birthday, it spelled out his name, it was horrific. Needled to say he did died 2 days after his 18th birthday in a motorcycle accident. I will never forget the experience it wasn't my Ouija Board nor are they ever allowed in our home. They are dark and sinister and people are nuts if they own one."


  1. First I want to say thank you, for helping me find a new board. Second this is directed to the last story which is probably a lie, anyway, the board itself is not dangerous or evil, it is a peice of cardboard for Gods sake. All the board did was let you know what was to come, how is that evil? The only problem with these boards is that they dont need credentials to purchase. Any idiot off the street can play in a world they know nothing about then blame the other world for their own ignorance and misfourtunes. I am sick of the bad name this excelent medium is recieving. But, as long as there are people that are willing to blame everything but themselves, there will be scapegoats! Every single storie is the same, some twit was using the board with no knowledge of how to do so, then they call to any spirit in the world and wonder why they get one that wants to scare them. You must know the in's and out's of anything before you do it. If you bought a circular table saw and used it without instruction and cut your hand off, would it make the saw evil? No it made the user the problem. If you don't know what you are doing read up, or have someone that knows what they are doing there with you. It will save a lot of heart ache for everyone involved. Also I can't understand why more people dont share their good experiences, oh yeah thats right because humans are dying to put a stigma on everything that they can! There more successful sessions on these boards than negative results anyway.

  2. r there any local stores that still sell them.