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If, like me, at some point in your life you bought, and were sadly disappointed with ‘Sea Monkeys’, the tiny aquatic ‘brine shrimp’ creatures, that were difficult to see, and seemed to do very little, even when you could see them. ‘Triops’, could be just what you’ve been searching for. Because while (in my opinion), Sea Monkeys weren’t worth even the couple of dollars I paid for them (bought from an advert found in the back of my favorite comic book), Triops, very much were. Offering up everything I’d expected from my Sea Monkeys, and then some.

Because, at up to around four inches in length, these ugly little critters, with a fossil record stretching back 300 million years, are as close to a prehistoric pet as you’re ever likely to own (until scientists start cloning dinosaurs from DNA). And looking a little like aquatic versions of Aliens, mixed with stingray, Triops, are truly fascinating creatures. So that while Space Monkey only deserved the occasional glance, Triops, will hold your gaze glued with genuine interest. From the day they first hatch from their eggs, through their entire life-cycle until the day they die.
Triops Facts:

Triops take their name from the fact that they have three eyes.

Triops eggs when dry enter an extended state of diapause, a physiological state of dormancy (a bit like ‘suspended animation’ from sci-fi movies), that allows them to survive for a long time when environmental conditions are not suitable for their survival. i.e. when there’s no water. In this condition Triops eggs can survive very high temperatures. And will only hatch when they have been fully submerged in water for a period of time.

There are at least five recorded distinct species of Triops.
  • Triops australiensis: an Australian species of Triops.
  • Triops cancriformis,: found in Europe.
  • Triops granarius: found across Africa, The Middle East, China, and Japan.
  • Triops longicaudatus: found in Western North America, South America, Japan and several Pacific Islands
  • Triops newberryi: found in North America, and Mexico.
And an interesting fact that I found out through watching my own Triops, is that when one dies, the others will quickly cannibalise the dead (which while a little morbid, is always interesting to watch).
Usually supplied in kit form, comprising of some kind of Triops aquarium, eggs, and food, etc. And with Triop egg replacements being readily available from sites like eBay, and Amazon. And being both inexpensive to buy, and incredibly easy to hatch, and take care of. Triops, make the perfect ‘pet’ for anybody like me, who’s far too lazy to take a dog for long walks, or empty the cats litter tray. Or, for anybody with an interest in all things creepy crawly (or in this case kind of ‘swimmy’). As an unusual curiosity, in the form of a creature guaranteed to hypnotise, all who come face to face with what is essentially, a direct link back to our beautiful blue planet, in its earliest days.


  1. I had never heard of those before and I thought Sea Monkeys were a hoax!!! I think it will make a great gift for some of the kids on my gift list. Thanks for the informative post!

  2. Ahhh the bitter disappointment when I discovered I would never be able to retire from my "sea monkey circus." Those little guys would NOT learn to jump through hoops. Mine were ten dollars,(nearly a years worth of savings) complete with a fancy aquarium and a book of tricks to teach the stupid nearly invisible water fleas. I would have to agree with you 100 percent that Triops are the way to go. I grew a batch a while back with my kids for school and they were really cool. They hatched right away and grew quickly, to a much bigger size than I had expected. AND they are surprisingly pretty fun to watch. My kids thought they were "cute". HA HA :)

  3. Usually I can see my sea monkeys since my house is filled with dark colored items and I never knew after one dies the others eat the corpse. ew.