Can You Play the Ouija Board Alone? - Answered

While the Ouija board is generally perceived as being a ‘Game’ that requires a group of, or at least two participants, this is not in fact, a strict requirement. And while we don’t necessarily encourage the use of Ouija boards, but instead believe that the decision to play or not, can only ever be yours, many who desire to ‘play’ the Ouija board, have trouble convincing another to join them in the experience, forcing those seeking to play, to ask themselves the question, “Can I play the Ouija board alone?”

And the answer to this is “Yes!”

But should you do so, you may well wish that you hadn’t.

In every aspect playing the Ouija board alone is done in the same way as playing within a group (accept that you alone must place your fingers upon the planchette). However, with that said, the main reason we would discourage the use of solitary Ouija board use comes down to that old saying of there being ‘Safety in Numbers’. Both during, and after the Ouija board session. Because while physical attacks by negative entities, can occur (though rarely), during ‘play’. It is often the psychological trauma that follows a Ouija board session turned nasty, that can leave players suffering, in very real ways. From paranoia, anxiety, and depression. Through to suicidal thoughts. And it is at this point, that having a friend, or accomplice who understands the cause of what you’re going through, and who shared in the experience. Becomes essential. If only to prevent you from feeling like you’re losing your mind.  So it’s certainly worth being patient, until you can find a willing Ouija board partner in crime.

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