Captain Howdy, The Exorcist, Pazuzu and the Ouija Board

Anybody who has either read the novel or watched the film ‘The Exorcist’ should be familiar with the name ‘Captain Howdy’. Captain Howdy is the name given to the Demon contacted via the Ouija board by ‘Regan MacNeil’ the young girl who suffers demonic possession in this tale supposedly based upon the real exorcism of ‘Roland Doe’.
First thought to be an imaginary friend Captain Howdy initially makes his presence known via the Ouija board, and Regan whilst teaching her mother how to play the Ouija board explains "I (Regan) make the questions and he (Captain Howdy) does the answers."
Who is Captain Howdy?
Captain Howdy is actually ‘Pazuzu’, a Demon of Babylonian legend. Pazuzu within the Exorcist book/movie is thought to have taken the name Captain Howdy in order to gain the trust of Regan due to its similarities with her late fathers name ‘Howard’.
Pazuzu is known as the ‘King of Demons’, ‘Dark Angel of the four winds’, ‘The bringer of pestilence’ and ‘The master of fevers and plagues’. Believed to be of mixed form, part man and part animal, Pazuzu is sometimes depicted as having the body of a man, the feet and wings of an eagle, the face of a lion and a scorpion’s tail.Considered to be the vilest of all Demons Pazuzu rides the winds bringing with him famine and plague, in the Old Testament Pazuzu is described as being ‘a hairy black creature’ and ‘a haunter of the desert wastelands’.
"I am Pazuzu, son of the king of the evil spirits, that one who descends impetuously from the mountains and bring the storms. That is the one I am."


  1. Very bad things happend during the making of the exorsist, the directors wife got trampled by elephants in kenya, the girl got a curse of bad luck and many other things that i cant rember, they got involved in some spiritisum to make this film accurate [who i dont know] and you can feel it when you watch it thats what made the film number 1 in horror, im sure if you do some research you'll find out more about what happend, same thing happend to the first people to enter tuting karmoons piramid, all had troble after.

  2. Speaking as a witch, NEVER work with this entity.