Do Ouija Boards Really Work? - Share Your Ouija Board Stories Here

‘Is there life after death?’ has been one of the most important and fiercely debated questions ever asked by mankind. The question of there being life after death ties very neatly into a personal favorite question of my own. ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’

Which is essentially the same question, except that instead of asking ‘is there life after death’ I’m asking ‘is there life after death and do those sort of alive dead people choose to contact the living via a strange little wooden board with letters on it, simples.
The online paranormal forums, the YouTube comments sections, Yahoo answers and all manner of other online meeting places are alive with people offering advice, opinions and evidence to once and for all answer the question ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’
Stories of demonic attacks, eerie predictions, spirit guides and other ghostly happenings are commonplace, and it’s hard to believe that all of these otherwise sane people have imagined or created their Ouija board tales for the sole purpose of misleading others online. The stories of demonic attacks, etc. are balanced out by the staunch and unwavering scientific explanations told with authority by the non-believers in the know, the Ideometer effect and group delusions can all easily explain away the apparent madness of those who have experienced such things.
And then there are those such as myself, who are desperately curious, but too cowardly to ever play ourselves. Do you have an argument for or against the Ouija board? Do you have a Ouija board story to tell? Share your Ouija board stories here and help answer the question once and for all: ‘Do Ouija boards really work?’

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  1. Well as a young kid my friends and I were fascinated by the ouija board. I for sure "played" with it enough to never do it again! I can say that after one of the many outcomes from messing with the board I with no doubt now KNOW that there is somthing after death!! No matter what some might THINK I KNOW that after we die there is conciousness of our being to say the least. I wont even get in to all my experiences with the board mainly because most would never believe the things that happened. Totally unexplainable by scientific means. My best advice if you are going to check it out for yourself is this: NEVER ACT stupid, do it with the utmost respect towards everyone, living and the spirits. Lastly DO NOT ASK TO SEE A SIGN IF YOUR NOT READY TO really see one!! proving the other side to be true. Still I think everybody should "play" cause it is nothing short of a religious experience.

  2. Well, I don't believe this time was real. Boy, did I have an experience though. I was playing with a Ouija board with my best friend (Amelia). We wanted to test out two different possible myths, the myth of the ouija board and the myth of the witching hour, so we played with it at midnight on halloween night this past year ('08). So, we were playing and getting answers. Amelia got bored after some time and said, and I quote. "This is getting boring now, it's just a stupid legend anyhow. Ouija board magic is just some dumb myth that some really bored person came up with to trick people." At that moment the board flew across the room (without any of us pushing it may I mention) and broke. (Since it had been in my family since my grandmother was young.) We went to my parents room to tell them what happened, after all, it was somewhat a piece of family history. My mom played with it when she was young as well. My parents, Amelia and I returned to my room to find the board on my bed where it had been, in the same condition as it was when we were playing with it. You don't need to believe this, but it will be in my memory, I know this for sure!

  3. I was just recently playing with the board with my best friend. It was my first time so I was somewhat scared. But it turned out great. I have a question if you are nice to the spirit will that show you something or not?

  4. Just today,

    we made the ouija board and everyrhing

    but we wasent sure if it would work or not

    we looked up tips and everythin on the computer

    so we tryed it in the funrel home down my road

    we got the sprit to answer some questions,

    We also tryed the museum uptown,

    Which freaked us out,

    and while we were doing it it was going in a figure 8

    so i got scared and said goodbye.

    are parents didnt belive us,

    but we all swore that none of us moved the pointer

  5. alright, i've always been intrigued by the supernatural world, and have had 'experiences' before, including deja vu at least twice a week for all my life, and a ouija board esperience that nearly scared me to death....

    it was last labor day, and relatives were coming over. they've always been infamously late, and i wanted to know when they would arrive. i had recently read a book with a wicca girl as the main character, and was inspired to make a homemade ouija board. i've always wanted to believe that there was another world other than ours, and i got a huge dose of it that day.

    anyways, i made a makeshift ouija board, replacing the salt circle with a hoola hoop, minus the six white candles, and scribbled numbers in red (the spirits like that). i tried it out for the three parties that were to come, and predicted my uncle's EXACT time of arrival. coincidence? the chances were millions to one. it didn't work for the other two parties, but i didn't care. prove was given to me that day that there IS another world, and occassionally sprinkles our world with its grace....i believe. ouija boards work, and they can be upright scary....

  6. last night me and 2 other people were "playing" with the ouija board they had just bought..and we all asked a question that no one else knew the answer too NONE of us moved it and the pointer went on the right answers! and Cristina asked if she took the board game back if the spirit would haunt her and the pointer said why? and then I asked a question what will me and carlos name the baby? (im 31 weeks pregnant) and it spelled out cristina and we asked why and it said sorry! we has been playing since 11pm and didnt have much of anything happen until midnight..we finally started getting answers and it was 12:57am we asked one more question and it said bye so we asked one more time and it said good bye...I KNOW none of us were moving it bc when it was moving we all slowly took our fingers off and it still moved but got lots slower..and when we asked questions no one else knew the pointer got the answer right! its crazy..i have always believed in spirits but now i know for sure! we are doing this again tonight with more people to see what happens

  7. Me and freinds had a creppy experiance with an ouija board

    it was bout 9 30 atnight and we wanted to make an ouija board. we sat down on the kithchen floor andwe started. We asked simple yes or no questions and nothing happened. We started to think that this wasnt working. The my friend asked" Are you burried under this house?" and it went to no. Me and one of

    my friends screamed and ran away. So we put away the ouija board and went to sleep. In the morning we wanted to try it again. So we went back to the kithcen with our ouija board and did again. And this time we got answers to every single question. I t would only answer yes or questions though. Then we went to my friends bedroom and tried it there. we also got answers there. after a while we got board and we put it away. we ate lunch and wanted to play again. so this time we went into the living room and did it. So we asked questions and again only yes or no. then we asked for a signed and 3 seconds l8r we heard 4 knocks on the table. We asked for the spirit to day it again. and then we heard 1 knock. It was so cool

  8. My cousin Liana asked it when she'd die and it said she would die when she was 18 in a car wreck and about a week after she turned 18 her and a friend where killed in a car accident so i believe that its real

  9. About a month ago my friend tamar had a free house so me and about 11 other people decided to sleep at hers. At 11 me lewis and Paul and tamar went to Ali babas to get a pizza abd we thought about using it do the ouija board. At 2:30 we decided that we would do it. Altogether only 5 of us were willing to play me tamar grant thompsey and lewis. Thompsey was the only one who had done it before. as all of us are smokers we lit fags and laid them down for light. We all sat the five of us with our hands on the glass. At first grant and lewis joked about moving the glass themselves to say that codie (another friend that was with us) would die alone with 14 cats. So we didn't really expect it to work. From that night I remember every single word that was said and spelled out abd every action that happened and what time they happened. But here's how it went;

    Thompsey: are there spirits here tonight

    Board: yes

    Thompsey: do you mean us any harm

    Board: no

    Thomspey: what's your name

    Board: Twiz

    we all looked at each other. I remember thinking what kind of person called there child twiz

    Thompsey: are you a girl

    Board: yes

    Thompsey: when were you born

    Board: 1933

    Thompsey: when did you die

    Board: 1938 I am five

    the poor girl- she died when she was five. She then told us she died of cancer in the breast. I remember feeling sick. Not like throwing up sick- more of a guilty lump-in-throat kind of sick.

    Thompsey: do you have the ability to talk through someone

    Board: yes

    Thompsey: move the glass to who you want to talk through

    my friend olly who hadn't touched the board at all, was sat on my right and the glass noved till it was sat in front of him- I read somewhere that the glass should not be allowed to come off the board. And it did. Then it happened. Olly smacked his head against the table pulled straight back up and had blue eyes; he had brown eyes before. He looked around at everyone- the way his head moved was scaring me but none the less we carried on watching him - he got up and shouted 16-4 16-4 16-4 over and over all the while pointing at me. I then felt a stabbing pain in my neck and leaned forward. I saw this horrible image of my friend dab maynard torturing people laughing. Dan was red all over and he shouted at the people I am budfaster- say it and die with the word on your tounge. I woke up with grant sat on top of me pinning me down jade holding my legs. I had been fitting and screaming get away from me and crying. I had black eyes all over. I then saw dan and screamed at him to get out. It was snowing outside and dan was out there for 3 hours and 4 mins. I had a wave of sickness and the same images cropped up in my head again- this happened every 2mins and 10secs. Abd as for olly he fainted every 2 mins and 10secs .

    We agreed to stop playing the board and grant said- twiz, our friends are in pain and we are scared please leave our house and this board. It went to yes then to goodbye. But it kept happeneing. Neither me nor olly could go near daniels room. So me and Paul went up to bed. And olly touched the window in daniels room and at the exact moment he did I fainted and he fitted. Almost five mins later I cheaked the tome 5:52am then it switched to 5:55 and I saw the face again and all I could say was 5:55 it's the cyle , never to be broken, never changed it's always the same. Over and over then at 6am everything stopped.

    Ever since I have felt like someone is sitting on my shoulder. Watching me. I have become obsessed with wigi boards. When spirits ask my name I tell them twiz

  10. Me and my friends decided to try the Ouija board. I wanted to do it alone to make sure it really works. I immediately felt someone pulling the planchif on the side no was there. I am completely convinced this board is real. Just make sure you're with people who take this seriously. Also make sure not to mock the ghosts.

  11. Mt first Ouija experience was my 16th birthday on March 12th of 2010, this year. We stayed at a hotel for the night as part of my party plans. Some of the girls were bored so I told them which game I brought. Immediately, 2 of my friends went downstairs and stayed down there because, there were afraid of it.

    At first, we started playing it just like the instructions say. On the floor, knees together, 2 people, board balancing on laps. We tried it over and over trying to ask easier questions. We even kept switching people around to see if it was just one of us it wouldn't work for.

    Well, then my mom said "Whenever I was in 8th grade, all 4 or 5 of us girls put our hands on it.. not just two, and it really worked then. We asked who was going to die the youngest in our class.. it spelled out "Tammy"."

    Then there were three of us, we sat the board on an otiman in our hotel room. It was going on midnight if not already passed that. We asked some mediocre stupid questions that were either yes or no questions.

    After that, I told them I wanted to see if it worked. My mother went to a psychic just last month and the woman told her that'd she'd be getting some news in may about a grandbaby of hers being here. I know that it is not going to be pregnant, so it's my brother's girlfriend, Amber. I asked the ouija board, quote: "Will Crews and Amber ever get married?" It slid to yes. In astonishment, I asked the board, quote: "When will Amber be pregnant?" It replied NO JOKE: Aug 08 2010. So, I found it kind of cool! Then, we all started thinking.. If she got pregnant on Aug 08 2010, that means she would be having the baby in MAY. The psychic was right? But, there is more.

    Then us being girls, asked who were going to marry. One of my friends asked and the board spelled out Z, A, then she stopped because ZACK was her ex boyfriend... haha. Believe it or not.

    Before I tell you about me asking the board about my marriage, the girls were teasing me over this guy(Matt) that I like and that I have been talking to for a while. They are ALWAYS telling me how cute we'd be together and it'd be perfect since all their boyfriends are friends with each other. I just smile and go on.

    Now, back to the story. I ask the ouija board, and quote: "Who will I marry?" It started to move slowly, then it sped across the board spelling THREE letters: "MWM".

    We didn't know who it was at first, until I texted Matt and asked him what his middle name was. WENDELL.

    MATTHEW WENDEL MC----- (I won't put last name on here for privacy reasons.)

    The game in my eyes, is harmless. Entertaining and keeps you curious the whole time. I really enjoyed it.

  12. I once tried it, and i made it homemade on a piece of wood... though i dont know if it was actual wood. Haha.. Anyway, me and my friend, April, did it. It would not work. That's all to my story. I just want to know if i can post something without signing in ;D

  13. The ouiji board is real. I used to play with it when I was little with my two best friends and it worked. We had fun with it and asked it funny questions like who I was going to marry and live. It said I was going to marry Sage, live in Bolivia and have 12 kids. I am pretty sure it was lying because I know sage and I would never have anything to do with him, or ever have that many children. We also asked it what we were in our past lives, it said things like a cow.

    Well its ten years later now and we started talking about it. I called out my two friends saying that I knew they were the ones that were moving it. and they almost started crying because they thought it was me. We all swore to God that it was not us, and that's when I relized that it was possibly real.

    Last night for the first time it ten years us three got together to play on a board that we bought from toy's R us.

    To our surprize it worked. We were so scared that we didn't play long. Just long enough for it to spell out its name "O. G. 4. V" then when we started talking about God it said good bye. We did it again, we asked if it wanted to talk to us and it said "n.o."

    I'm afraid OG4V means Olivia (my name) Gone 4 Ever....

    Tonight we are taking the board, and the homemade one we made out to 17mile cave to burn them.

    I hope I never play again.

  14. Im 14 now, when i was 12 me and my best mate Adam(also 12 at the time) decided o make a Ouija board at his house. We asked if anyone was with us and we got no response, after about 30mins of trying to contact somone we got a response, it just spelt "S.A.M.M.E.A.L" and "L.I.L.I.T.H", we asked it what this ment and it replied "lords servents" so we said by lord you mean god? and it said "f**k god" and then went to goodbye. Later that night, about 3am we heard a noise coming from the table where we used the board, we went down to find the glass and board(that we put away), the glass was wildly circling the board until adam said "get out" then it stopped on "z". I approached the glass and it moved to "a" then to "9" and it counted down to "0". Once it got there it flew towards the wall and smashed. Adams parents came down and asked what was going on and we told them the ouija board was "going mental". We all went to bed and when we woke up later in the morning we found adams fish and guinea pig dead and one half of the board in the fish tank and one half in the guinea pig cage. I always belived in the after life and have never feared death, but now i wont touch a ouija board and i am scared sh*tless of what might be waiting for me one the other side. also i have began praying to god to keep that spirit away from me, im not religious but if there is a chance of it keeping me safe i will do it.

    P.S. i researched those names we got at the beginning, Sammeal is the angle of death and Lilith is his wife, also a demon that devours children. They are the servants of Satan...

  15. Last weekend me and my 3 friends went camping in some cabins and we decided to make a Ouija Board because we had never played before. Well we ended up finding a square slab of old wood in a shed and I wrote in everything with permanent marker. We made the panchlette thing out of some cardboard and once we even tried using a shot glass. We went outside on a picnic table late at night to play and lit three candles. We did exactly what you would do and say with a regular board but nothing happened... :,( What should we do to get it to work???

  16. People, stop playing with these demonic boards because spirits are real and evil spirits can haunt you for the rest of your life. Give your life to God so that he can protect you from evil and so that you can spend eternity in heaven not hell.

  17. I made an Ouija board out of a piece of cardboard once. My friend came over and we tried everything we could think of for an hour, but nothing happened..

  18. stop freaking messing with the boards. the spirits are playing you, you guys seriously don't know what you're messing with.

  19. Using a ouija board can be some harmless fun, but always start with a request to speak to good spirits and never ever invite a spirit into our world. Just don't. They are truly remarkable though. We were able to speak to family and friends who have passed away. I would never use a board again, it became too much to handle.

  20. i want to try it

  21. me and my friends talked about using a Ouija board so one night we finally made one on a white poster board. me and one of my friends started to use it and we asked the spirit if anyone was there and it started to move to no. it was really scary even though it said no because once it started moving we took our hands off of it really slowly. then my other friend came in and we tried it again but i dont think it was really working that time and if it was it was just moving so slow. i believe that it really worked that one time and want to try again...

  22. I honestly think the boards are harmless! If you don't believe me, try it and ask for a good spirit. Ask some questions, i almost guarentee it will work, but only with 2 or more people. Once, me and a friend of mine asked some questions on how it worked. If you ask the spirits these questions I guarentee you will get the same answers:

    Q: How do you move the planchette? (It might take a while to get a good answer from this question)

    A: With my mind.

    Q: Why does it only work with 2 or more people?

    A: There isn't enough energy with only 1 person.

    Q: Do spirits lie on the Ouija board? (This is why you should ask for a good spirit)

    A: Only if the one you're talking to is a bad spirit.

    Most spirits are either nice enough or cooaporative enough to give you a sign and/or posess you. I wouldn't ask them to, though. My friend asked a good spirit to, but I just yelled "NO!" before she had the chance to finish the question. That's the worst thing that could go wrong. Just use common sense! ;)

  23. red,pink and green are angel,black did something bad in there life,blue are going to die,they know when u die,u can help them going ''into light'',if u killed someone before,ul be killed now,most of them lie,red is everything and god doesnt exist,ur soul inst in you but beside you

  24. I believe they work. Today, my friend and I decided to use my old one. This is how it went

    Me: Are you ready to answers questions?

    Board: Yes

    Me: Will it rain tomorrow

    Board: Yes

    Amber: Should I wear sweats to school on Monday

    Board: Yes

    Me: Is this a good spirit or bad spirit

    Board: Good

    Then it went to good bye

  25. Me and two other friends used it once and asked if their was someone there and it started moving in a circle and then all of a sudden it started spelling hey over and over and over again hey hey hey and then suddenly it stopped and spelled MOE! Then all of a sudden we all started slapping each other in the face and poking each others eyes and pulling each others hair. Afterwards we found out that were possessed by the three stooges! I know its hard to beleive but it really happened!

  26. Dont play with this shit, its real. A friend of mine played with it, she asked if she would ever grow up to be rich and the board said yes. 3 months later her Mom and Dad died in a car accident and she got all their savings totalling up to 3.2 million dollars. Dont be stupid. It works, just leave the spirits be

  27. Hello I would like to share my own story and experience I had with Online ouija board:Dare You Play,so judge for yourselves:It was only four or five days ago(I think it was Saturday,not sure).I made two contact,one was with a six year old girl named Gertrude,when I asked her"you are really six years old?" she went to goodbye.Second contact was far more sinister and scarier:She said her name is Helen,that she is 51 years old,that she died in World War II,she was a miner and-she is in Hell! She went to goodbye to.Later that night at 3:17 am I heard to taps on a closet in the room.One gentle(fits with a six year old girl)and IMMEDIATELY a second one more stronger and powerful.Fits that of Helen.That was really creepy...Scary huh?

  28. are the online ouija boards real?

  29. Hello, all!

    My mom and I have been playing off and on, the past few days, with my "psychic circle" board.

    I bought it in June, and we just started using it... for the past 3 or 4 days, in September, October. : )

    It's really cool and neat!

    It actually works! : )

    I got a spirit on the board, and it always tells me its name is "Qet" (for short) and It's a spirit guide, but not mine or my mom's.

    It told me it drinks water too :P

    I don't believe in demons or anything.

    Sure, sometimes I get spooks, but I'm not religious by any means. But, I believe in the astral and all that.

    It gives us accurate answers...

    and knows the past, present, and future.

    I actually tested it with the future, on what time my dad would come home.

    It was only a few seconds off. 0.0

    It was wicked!

    My mom won't let me bring a ouija board into the house, but she bought me the Psychic Circle. :D

    I've yet to see if the rest happens......

    And, I'm REAAAALLY hoping it does. : )

    I actually asked it for a famous person's Skype....

    *sigh* it didn't give me a straight answer....

    but, I'll still try. lol...

    by asking different questions. XD

    It says it enjoys my company lol :D :D

  30. I noticed a guy talk about a "Online Ouija Board". If you believe that is actually real, you're retarded. They set it all up but with an actuall ouija board. They can't set it up, it's just a board. The whole scientific explanation behind it is just to keep people so extremely scared therefore avoiding possible suicides from too much fear. I really want to try it out and plan to.... alone. This may turn out really negative for me but I don't care. I just have a huge fasination with the paranormal and would be truly honoured to talk to a spirit, even a demon.

  31. Don't do it Ben! God know what you can invoke! What if something goes wrong(God forbid),what will you do then? Stay away from it.I know you act really brave now but...don't do it.Think about this,please

  32. a few years ago i was at my best friends house and we were "playing" the Ouija board. Her uncle has passed and this is the spirit we were talking to. We asked him questions like can you read our said yes...then we asked what am i guessed my friends thoughts, but when it came to me it started to spell out what i was thinking but then messed up and stopped. We also asked it when my best friends grandparents would die and said that they were going to die in a car crash in 2012...obviously that hasnt happened yet but we'll seeeee....these things freak me out so much

  33. Me and my friends tried once, i messed it up on purpose and pushed it in directions noticably so we would stop playing, these kind of things scare me to much.

  34. i brought the "game when i was 12.

    i was scared shitless when i first started playing. then i was used to it, and it was addicting. i had the basement room, so it was dark down there and i would have a few friends over, and we'd ask questions. and we'd look at the time right as it changes, ask the board "what time is it?" it would tell us the time, but it was 2 minutes ahead, we'd look at the was 2 minutes ahead, but only 30 seconds elapsed. i just took the board out of my closet today for a friend, i'm 17 now. i'm kinda spooked by it. it was telling us truthful things, but spelling them wrong. i think its cuz my sister is in the room, shes not a believer, and shes an atheist. so i feel she shouldnt be around things like that, i wouldnt want stuff to go wrong.

    but... when i was 12, me and my sister sat on my bed. we bombarded the board with questions, we found out the boards name was jimmy. the spirit told me to answer the phone (it didnt ring) so i did it. i walked off my bed, and i picked the phone up off the wall, i put the phone to my ear, dial tone. then (my sister was still on my bed, looking at me) i felt (not kidding) a hand touch me buy my side/hip. i was freaked. i screamed, jumped on my bed and was laughing, but had goose bumps.

    i believe in it. its spooky

  35. I was at a party at a friends house a few years ago and we were in the basement with about 10 people crowded around the table with the board on it. At first it wouldn't do anything so we switched 2 of the 4 people who had their hands on the board out for two others. After a while it started moving slowly. When we asked the spirit it's name it spelled out "ZALALAD". After asking it more questions we realized the spirit was joking with us. After asking it about it's name again it spelled out the name of a guy who killed himself that we had gone to school with. He said he regretted doing it. At one point it started moving without hands on it. No Joke. Eventually he asked that only certain people in the room remain. Those people were the ones that had actually known him well. I was not one of them. When some of us left and went back upstairs, we told the other people what had just happened and one dipshit insisted on going down there. When he got near, the board stopped and that was the end of it. When I was in the basement I experienced a drop in temperature around 20 degrees. Before this happened I didn't believe that Ouija boards actually worked but know I am 100% certain they do. I personally will never use one again or go into a room where people are using one of these. I saw a show about real hauntings on discovery channel where these people used a board and their daughter was possessed by a demon. They brought in people to investigate that supposedly know how to handle this type of thing, and they told the family they needed an exorcism. It didn't work. They burned the board cuz they thought it would help but later found out that burning the board after letting in a demonic spirit is the worst thing they could have done. You're supposed to bury it. I bring this up because someone that posted up above said they planned on burning the board. DON'T BURN IT!

  36. I don't believe they are ghosts but rather satan's demons messing with you. They love this board cause they get to mess around with your heads. Don't play with this thing AT ALL.

  37. i have been wanting to try this "game". my mom warns me never to do it either cuz its a door to bad spirits. but there are also good spirits. the chance of either is 50/50 apparently. but i want to try it anyway. does it really work? like no joke hand to god? if it dosent then i dont wanna waste my time. iv recently picked up on christianity. im 16 and iv been agnostic since as far back as i can remember. i was never raised religious. but i do beleive in good and evil entities.. i just really want to know if theres any true danger wirh a demon.. or a gpod spirit. my mom says theres an elder lady's spirit residing in our house and my mom has seen her walk by and disapear as a dark figure or a shadow. there and noises in the kitchen and the restroom flushes itself and the tv turns itself on/off, but my mom says shes a good spirit who just hasent passed on. my mom also told me that she felt my dad's father slap her the night he had died, she hadent known of his death until my dad told her two days later! sooo i do believe in spirits. but what i really want is contact with one. good or evil.

  38. these stories are all scaring the shite out of me but they are TOP

  39. hey my name is josie and me and my mum and my gran were doin the ouja board and when we done it we have been haunted ever since that things go flyin and things move about and scrapein noises and scratching once my light even turned on and off it scared the shit out of me i couldent stop screamin i almost fainted that night and my mum decided to do it again so i went outside leavin her in the house with the dog the next thing i know i hear a scream comein from the house i sprung back in and on the wall it said"death" my mum was liein on the floor so i dragged her out of the house and my dog started barkin at my bedroom door and the door handle started to move as fast as it could at that verry minute i was running out side tralin my mum when we got out she woke up and started speakin jibberish and then her eyes turned green and her eyes are brown it scared the livin shit out of me and then i went back in the house scared to death and took the board and put holy water over it the board steamed up lettin smoke out of it and i dropped it and left the place leavin my mum there i ran to my friends house and got her dad to to come and see he could sort everythin but it was not a demon we were workin with it was satan YES satan but in the end everythin got a little bit better

  40. YES! the ouija board does work but WARNING:never make a fool of it or it will seek revenge so please dont go sayin u dont work ouija board u dont work cuz then bad things will happen in ur life so keep safe with it and be the one to survive the terrifyiness

  41. i read one of you guys were gonna burn the boards!! dont burn it!! theres a supersition that if you burn it and hear the scream emenating from the burning board, youll die in 36 hrs! to dispose of it, cut it into 7 pieces douse it in holy water, and i forgot i think u had to bury it? u can find out how on google or whatever..

  42. okay people it can be potentinally dangerous if u ask 4 physical proof (move that cup slam the door) DONT always say that only good spirits r welcome and if u want 2 contact a certain purrsun think about them while sayin ouija r u there?

  43. Last night me and my friends contacted a spirit named zaza who is a rapest it was so scary he was evil and we couldnt hang up the spirit got in my friends body and then we could feel it trying to raoe us it was the coolest experience ever

  44. Okay.. @tamara.. what the heck? "it tried to rape us; it was the coolest experience ever."

    anyway, I've never tried a ouija board because I'm terrified of it, but fascinated at the same time. I'd love to talk to a good spirit, but I don't want to be scarred for like or anything.

  45. it knows everything abnout me.... really. :}

  46. ast friday the guy had a heartattack and we thought he commited suicide, so he was sent for otopsey and they said he died of a heartattack and hit his head and if he didnt hit his head then he wouldve lived BUT he wouldve have been recovering for a long time and wouldnt be able to drive ever again.. THIS MORNING the door was open , to go outside but the other doors to lead out were locked and the dogs wouldnt even go outside , and they love outside and the snow , last night i heard people walking around when everyone is sleeping.... i did a fuckin ouiji board and it was so fucked some dude died in my house last friday he lived with us and we were talking to the persona dn we were like whats your name and hes like Kev, and i was like okay is there anymore spirits in this room and hes like yes im like how many and hes like 5 so we asked what the names of the other people were and it spelled T-O-N and were liek :O TONNNY and thats the guys name and we said is he here and it said yes and i asked if he crossed over and it said no so then i asked so hes still in the house and hes not going to leave until his dog goes with him is that right and it went to yes , it made my friend cryy cause it said shit about his dead grandma , and a whole bunchaaa shit it was so fuckked upp , and then after my boyfriend tried it and it kept saying I H U ( i hate you ) and FU to every question he asked it was so fuckeddd UPPPPPP like omfggg, i cant even explain it i was so scared and it just kept on bringing up people we knew and we asked it questions like where is his grandma and its like shes gone and we asked was she beside kory or with kory and it said no and then it said then where was she and it said LS means left side and it said yes , so we put together that in ovies when the angel is on the left side and the devil is on the right side or w.e and we were so scared, and then we asked why kory couldnt talk to her and it said trust u , becouse i didnt trust any of us and then we asked what she wanted to tell kory and it said love you, and we were like omfg and then my other friends grandpa tried getting in contact with him like , im so scared to walk around my house or go anywhere or even walk past the room where it happened i get so scared and freeeze and get an eerrie feeling and we asked how he knew kory cause he said he knew him really good and we asked how it knew his grandma and it said they crossed over together , like honestly this shit is so fucked up

  47. is it ok to do a ouija board with people watchin ? xx

  48. I've always had a love and passion for the spirit world and ghosts eversince i was just a kid, i think its very interesting. Now, im 16 and recently got to use an Ouija board for the first time.

    When I was at a new years party at my friends house, i walked into the living room around 4:30am, to see my friends using a Ouija board that they made themselves. I sat and watched them then soon joined in.

    We talked to a spirit in the room named Diana, and i asked her if there were other spirits in the room. She replied "yes", so i asked if we could talk to one of them and she let us.

    Immediately after, we were talking to a 20 year old man named Anderson, but he likes to be called Andy. I asked Andy why he was here, and he said he was following my friend sitting right next to me. I asked him if I had a spirit following me and he said yes.

    We moved the board into my friends kitchen and i got to talk to my spirit, Corbin. He's an 18 year old teenager who accidently shot himself. I dont know where or why he did though.

    After i finished talking to Corbin, i ended up talking to 4 more spirits; Tobi, Yak, John, and Poppy. They all cooperated with me and my friends and were very friendly. Although, while talking to Tobi, he told us there were more than 20 bad spirits in the basement. It gave me the chills, but im suprised none of them came up to talk and harm us.

    Ouija boards really do work, especially when theres more than one person with you and talking to the spirits. I havent tried store bought ones, yet i plan on getting one very soon. Theres actually a lot more that happened when i used the Ouija board, but nothing bad and creepy. We all just talked to the spirits and they replied back with Yes and No answers and spelling out sentences and words. I thought it was a very interesting experience, one that i will never forget.

    and to Sophsta, i think its perfectly fine to use an Ouija board while people are watching. I watched my friends at the beginning as they used the board. I even asked questions without even having my hand on it and the spirits answered them all.

  49. im going to try it, once i find out how to make or buy one. hahha

  50. I have been curious about these things for a long time so I decided to give it ago by making one out of a wooden bored by drawing the numbers, letters and yes and no on it.

    Amazingly, yes it worked and Im still shucken. I asked if they where a friendly spirit and the cup went to YES so then I asked them its name, and she said Katy. I asked her how did she die and she said that she died of a heart attack at age 7. I was about to ask it another question but then the cup moved to BYE.

    I dont suggest doing these, its an experiance you can never imagion. I distroyed the bored and will never do this again. DONT DO IT!

  51. Me and my cousin are about to play with a ouija board and i wanted to hear some stories to see what could happen. and if you think ouija boards are stupid or bad and you disagree get off the site! how hard is that?

  52. I just played it with my parents...I asked the first initial of the guy I would marry and it said Z. Then I asked what state he lives in said MO. First slowly...then it repeated MO quickly. I asked if his name was said yes...then I asked what sport he said football. I lookd up colleges in missouri...there is a football player on the team named zack....

  53. What is the difference between a Ouija Board and a Psychic Circle? Is there really no difference or is there a large difference?

  54. beelzebub is my friend30 March 2012 at 13:01

    you guys who acually believe that jesus christ is real are real dumbasses Satan is the true god and i used a ouija board and when i did i felt this tingly feeling and i asked what its name was and it said baal which i searched up and it is beelzebub one of the princes of darkness and i

    asked if he was my guardian and he said yes and he was here to show me the truth and i have become a satanist ever since 3 weeks and my life is much better than my life ever was with the false god and his false son. HAIL SATAN!!!

  55. My friends and I once played with a Ouija board. We asked if any spirits were there and after awhile the pointer moved to yes. We asked what the spirit's name was and the board spelt out Ben. We started asking questions about him and we found out that he died at 17 years old in the 1800's from yellow fever. We also found out that he died before he could tell his girlfriend Dana that he loved her. We asked him if he wanted us to contact Dana and tell him that he loves her. He said yes. After we said we would the pointer moved to goodbye. After that we contacted Dana. We told her what Ben had wanted us to tell her and the pointer moved to thank you and then it moved to goodbye. It was a very weird, exciting and freaky experience. I still don't know if I believe in Ouija boards but i do know that it was a very weird experience.

  56. first i belived in it but then i saw my sister pushing it pless my mom said that it is just your hand moving it they just want monny lolbut i think no one was there lol

  57. beelzebub is my friend you are a moron

  58. Belzeebub. I am a Christian. Satan has corrupted you. Dont you see? Followers of satan wind up dead by their own hand. They do not want to help you. The lake of fire aka hell wyere satan and his angels are destined to burn in forever only want other souls with them. You may think your life has gotten better from your change, but you are only endagnering your soul for eternity. Please, I may not know you but I do not wish for you to burn for eternity, I can not make up your mind, but please, the price is so small for eternal life, and the price is huge for eternal damnation. Open your eyes! Beleive in christ and you are saved. Sell your soul for happiness on earth, and youwill be dead within the year, you may have a good time now, but what happens when you kill yourself in the name of satan? You get punished for eternity. Save yourself, beleive in christ. Those effects are like drugs, maybe a half year high before you need more, once you cant get more, there is no help, save your self. On judgement day would you rather have eternal life? Or burnt in the Lake of Fire? I'm going to heaven, I hope you do too. I will not hate you for religion. But PLEASE turn back, satan only wants to use you. The world truly is coming to an end. The unholy trinity is forming, more and more people are worahipping satan just like the bible predicts. I will be saved, will you? One world government is coming, the signs. Jesus is coming again. lONG LiVE CHRIST!

  59. I myself will never play conjured up demons such as Beelzebub how I know that my niece n her mates have done it and now they are suffering...if you want to speak to the dead go get a reading done...this board game don't bring good spirits it brings niece mate broke his toe and my niece picture in her house keeps flying across the me don't play it my niece has the demon around her now so now the priest is getting involed...remember bad things can Lead to death becarefull

  60. Please be careful guys.

    My older sister and I once made a home made ouija board when we were both in our teens. I was skeptical but went along with it for a laugh. We made letters and numbers from paper using a marker pen and put them on a tabletop in my parents bedroom (they were out). We used an upturned drinking glass and started off by asking if anyone was there. Nothing happened for a while but then the glass began to move and went to yes. It went around the table spelling out what we thought was gibberish and it was so fast that we couldn't get time to write it down. I asked the spirit its name and the glass went wild and spelled out "go to hell" then flew off the table.

    Needless to say we were scared and never tried it again. i know that I was not moving the glass because I only had a fingertip on it and it would have been impossible to move it at that speed . My sister has always sworn that she didn't move it. i have asked her many times over the years and she has always said that she didn't move it and I believe her.

    I might have been a skeptic then but I am a believer now. I know that there are "spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places" Ephesians 6:12.

    By the way that happened to me over 50 years ago and the memory of it is as strong today as it was the day that it happened.

    Put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ

  61. someonewhocares4you30 March 2012 at 13:04

    These ouija boards that you are using are not a way to contact the dead, it's a way for demons to torture you and posses you. They are not people died at a certain age, they are demons who trick you. Once you use the ouija board a demon is now entered in your body. My friends used a ouija board. They asked me if I wanted to join them and I said no. I tried to warn them but they wouldn't listen. They now have demons inside them, because I am a Christian they no longer want to be friends with me because demons hate Christians. I advise you to not use these boards, it is the work of the devil, and if you regret using one and want the demons out of you, you should contact a Christian friend or a preacher so they can help you to get rid of those demons. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!!!

  62. I am going to make one and buy one to see if one works better and also I have never used one but I'm a huge believer of sports and ghosts and stuff like that and also I have done lots of research on stuff like this and DON'T BURN THE OUIJA BOARD

  63. I made multiple ouija boards, and ive done them with my friends.

    dont sleep with the board near your head. spirits can seep into your dreams. I know because they told me this.

    (I hid the board behind my head board)

    We talked to a guy named shane who was 17. but he wouldn't tell us how he died. he just kept saying he died in 1927.

    Anyone able to tell me what this meant?

  64. This does not work.

    I have used it 5 times now, nothing happened.


  65. These things are not a joke. They're as real as it can get. The only issue is that only some people have a natural talent for speaking through it and most who don't have that natural talent don't bother to try more than once and think it's a bunch of baloney. My friend Jessica and I have this natural talent, or at least one of us does anyway. We're not sure. We've met many different ghosts through it, most of whom just seemed to like talking to us. Most were our age or younger. We did meet a few that were older but they didn't talk much. The most frightening spirit we met scared me, big time. She could read our minds. We would think of words, names, places, and anything else, and she would guess it in one try. I always felt uncomfortable around her, she seemed to just give off a very negative energy. DO NOT MESS WITH THESE THINGS UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO BE VERY, VERY SCARED AND POSSIBLY GET HURT.

  66. My partner took his own life so. I decided 2 make my own they r really an no lie I spoke 2him saying he was sorry. I would defiantly do 1again

  67. in the next week Im going to a store where I found a Ouija board being sold and purchase it. for some reason we do not sell them in Australia anymore. accept the underground witch stores or places like where I found it "Spell Box" and only for 30$, the only other place is owned by A Satanist and he is selling his for 180$ which i think is a complete rip off. In conclusion after I have purchased it and used it. I'll let you know if it worked or not. (I personally think it will be a waist of 30$)

  68. last night me and my older sister kristen decided that we wanted to try the ouija board. we didn't have one so we made one out of a piece of cardboard and a drinking glass. we sat on the kitchen floor and told the board that it was a positive session and that no negative energies were allowed and then we asked if it was a good spirit and it said yes. then we asked it's name and it spelled out olic. we asked it how long it had been dead and it said 12 years. we asked it if there were any other spirits trying to cummunicate through our board and it said yes. we asked what their names were and it started to spell out JA... but then it said goodbye so my sister said GOODBYE THE SESSION HAS NOW ENDED and we took our fingers off the glass and then said a prayer to god just to make sure and we put the board away and went to bed. it was creepy but everything was completely fine after that and i think that ouija boards are really fun to play with as long as you are talking to a nice spirit :)

  69. I recently made a ouija board with my friend. We wrote out all the stuff on paper and used a clear plastic cup. At first it didn't work when we had a really heavy cup but when we changed it to the lighter one it worked well. We got 2 different spirits. The first ones name was Debra and she was 5 years old when she died. We asked her if she died of a disease and she replied no so we got scared and said goodbye. The second spirit had the exact same name as me, she died when she was 64 in the 1700's, she was involved in a war at that time but died of a disease. Both spirits were good spirits. We asked that right away. Don't play around if it says it's a bad spirit, just say

    goodbye. I think the ouija board was a fun experience. I've always believed in spirits, there's no harm in the game as long as your taking it seriously. Respect the spirits, and they'll respect you.

  70. i did it once with a friend of mine. it took awhile but eventually we contacted a spirit. his name was connor. he seemed like a good spirit so we didnt ask. after a couple of questions he got real nasty. he started to threaten us. my friend laughed and started yelling at the ghost to go away or he would f**k him up. then it just left. connor was such a pussy hahaha. oh but then my friend died so....

  71. i was with some people using the pyhchic circle and it was crazy. it spelled out the word sad. we asked who was sad. it spelled w a y n e. wayne is my friends dad. then it pelled a n x i e t y. and he had been in the hospital recently for anxiety. then i asked about my future and it spelled out m a r i n e s. and i am actually going into the marines. and i asked if i would ever have kids some day and it said yes, then spelled out f r a t e r n a l t w i n s. crazy stuff.

  72. I suffer from PTSD (thos who dont know what it is google is your friend) and i have done for the past 4 years. one of my mates brought round one of those stupid boards and i tryed it after theyd been at it for a hour. i dont remember what happened next but i saw every single one of my horrifc nightmares repeated over and over. Imagine having a night mare for almost every other night for 4 years repeated.

    apparently i was just having fitts.

    Psychology and that ideomotor could explain it but im not going near one of those things again.

    sure give it a go if your curiouse but i wouldnt do it. and like someone said before, dont be stupid with it and start inviting things over and stuff like that.

  73. I played when I was 13. I asked who would I marry. the board spelled "john". the only John I knew was my cousin and that was not happening. I never played since then. at age 29 I got engaged to a "john". that is when I remembered the board. I told him of my experience and may have jinxed myself, since he called off the engagement last month. =(