Doll Vampire – The Best Vampire Dolls

Those of you who like your dolls a little on the dark side need look no further as we explore the best of the best, in vampire dolls.
Fantasy dolls with a vampiric twist this selection of vampire dolls are often based around dark gothic imagery that vampire fans will adore. Each doll vampire inspired by the old legends of vampires stalking sleeping maidens, of painted harlequins licking blood from razors, with fangs hidden and bared vampire dolls are not for the faint of heart.
Not for the traditionalist doll collector vampire dolls are great fun and symbolise the powerful life-force of these un-dead creatures. Perfect for both lovers of vampires and those with more Gothic tastes; vampire dolls make a quirky alternative gift, either for a friend, or for yourself.

Vampire Knight Dolls

Probably the cutest of the latest wave of vampire dolls are the vampire knight plush. Manga style doll vampires based upon the cutesy characters of ‘vampire knight’ an anime series created by ‘Matsuri Hino’. Ten series strong (2009) vampire knight follows the story of ‘Yuki Cross’ and an eclectic mix of supporting characters both vampire and human alike who co-exist within ‘Cross Academy’.
Vampire Knight dolls and plush include such characters as ‘Zero Kiryu’ a prefect at Cross Academy with an intense hatred of vampires, ‘Kaname Kuran’ a pureblood vampire who saved Yuki from an attack by another vampire whilst younger and ‘Shizuka Hio’ the pureblood vampire who killed Zero’s parents.
Twilight Vampire Dolls
Also very popular at the moment are these vampire dolls from what could arguably be the most distinctive vampire movie of our age ‘Twilight’. The Twilight series of books and movies are based mainly around the life and vampiric romances of ‘Bella’ a young girl who becomes involved with the ‘Cullens’ a family of vampires.
Twilight vampire dolls are available for all the major characters within the series, such as ‘Edward Cullen’ Bellas love interest and ‘James’ the nomadic vampire.
OOAK Vampire Dolls
But perhaps the best vampire dolls available to the collector are those created by fellow fans and fanatics alike. OOAK (one-of-a-kind) doll vampire often have a lot of love and effort invested in them, making them the most enchanting and unique of all the vampire dolls.
From incredibly creepy reborn style vampire baby dolls to finely detailed fantasy style porcelain dolls with an un-dead twist these one-of-a-kind beauties stand apart from their more mainstream competitors. Dead eyed vampire Siamese twins and custom converted vampire Barbie’s show off the inspired talents of their creators in dark Gothic fashion.

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