The Four Signs of Demonic Possession - The Devil Inside

According to the documentary style horror movie ‘The Devil Inside’, there are four signs of (or factors used to determine) Demonic possession:

(1) Unnatural Strength

While there are other known instances in which people have exhibited strength far beyond that which would normally be considered normal (such as the cases you may well have heard of of accident victims, etc. lifting objects far heavier than they normally could in crisis situations, in order to save the lives of trapped loved ones), exhibiting strength far beyond that normal for size, and build, can be a tell-tale sign of possible Demonic possession.

(2) An aversion to Holy objects

An aversion to Holy objects has been attributed to almost every ‘evil’ entity since way-back-when. From Vampires, to Troll, to Demon. Symbols of faith in Gods, and deities of all religions (depending upon your beliefs) are often considered to be powerful tools in the ‘fight’ against malicious entities. And as such, an aversion to Holy objects such as crucifixes, and other religious medallions, could be seen as signalling Demonic possession within a subject.

(3) Knowing that which is thought to be unknown to the subject

One example of this factor, as suggested within the movie The Devil Inside, is the subject speaking in languages unknown to the possibly possessed (sometimes referred to as ‘speaking in tongues’). Old-World, and biblical languages are particularly suggestive of possible Demonic possession. While another example of this particular signal is the potentially possessed being aware of events that could not be known to the subject via means other than those considered to be paranormal (the taunting of those close to the subject with unrevealed secrets, etc.).

(4) Preternatural Movement

‘Preternatural’, is defined as being, ‘Out of or being beyond the normal course of nature; i.e. Surpassing the normal or usual. And The Devil Inside describes this attribute as being akin to the Psychokinetic ability of ‘Telekinesis’. Or in other words, the ability to move,around, or in other ways manipulate objects (be they animal, mineral, or vegetable) without any form of physical contact. An ability that presumably many within the psychic community would argue is not necessarily caused by Demonic possession. But in this context, is considered to be another of the signalling factors used to ‘diagnose’ possession. And separate them from those suffering from mental illness, etc.


The more signalling factors (according to The Devil Inside) the subject displays, the more likely the chances of possession by a Demonic entity.  Though, please be aware, that while this movie is said to be based upon real events, it is, at the end of the day, just a movie.  Should you believe yourself, or somebody close to you to be suffering from Demonic possession, your first port of call should ALWAYS be your Doctor.

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