The Ouija Board Spirits - Welcome to the Lower Astral Plane

The Ouija board is without doubt the most notorious of all games (if indeed a game is what it is). Generally regarded as the most effective means of communicating with those not of our world the Ouija board is both a source of fear and fascination world-wide, with stories passed down through generations and told around camp fires and at slumber parties, raising the hairs on the back of the necks of all who hear them.

‘My father said him and friends played it once at a party and they asked "Who will die first?" and the Spirits spelt out a girl's name, and then a boy's name and then another name. And sure enough over a few months and years those people died in the exact order.’ - Visitor Comment.
The Ouija Board Spirits

So if the Ouija board has all the answers for those who dare to ask, who exactly is providing these answers? Who is it that sits patiently waiting on the other end of the board, just waiting for you to call?

Ghosts? Demons? Angels?
The Lower Astral Plane

It is generally believed that the Ouija board operates in a manner not dissimilar to a telephone, but a telephone that reaches directly into the ‘Lower Astral Plane’.

The lower astral plane is an area or ‘plane of existence’ that is not far removed from our own but that acts as a repository for the spirits or souls of those who upon death were full of fear, rage, and other negative states of being.  Creating a ‘plane’ or world that could be considered to be similar in nature to ‘Hell’ or ‘Purgatory’, full with those who passed on with uncontrollable hates and desires filling their hearts.
Why are Ouija Board Spirits (Nearly) Always Evil?
Drawn to the lower astral plane following death the Ouija board spirits that dwell there are often unaware that they have passed on, and still burdened by the negative emotional states that led them there in the first place combined with the extreme confusion they now feel caused by the place in which they now find themselves, these lost souls will often strike out in anger and frustration at anybody who is brave enough or foolish enough to make contact with them.


  1. Be careful my friend, These spirits are decievers, I know, I followed after them and by God's mercy was saved out of that mess!

  2. Rev. E.M. Camarena, PhD28 March 2012 at 07:06

    Nice stuff! I enjoyed reading it.

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  3. good stuff, great knowledge of the planes I see. Makes you wonder... if their was great belief in such a device to power it to communicate with a direct plane... You would think they would somehow fashion and believe in another device to higher planes of existence.